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"Beauty School" Episode Talkback

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    [1]Nov 15, 2011
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    Daffy learns to cut hair and finds his calling in life. Elsewhere, Porky tries his hooves at dance lessons.

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    Tonight's episode feature Daffy's antics in the cosmetic variation.

    *Well, it looks like Daffy and Porky have completely gotten over the French Fry incident from the previous episode...and Porky is single again too. Ouch Speedy, you could've let him down gently.

    *Porky talking to his reflection was pretty funny.

    *Daffy and Tina are on another date and she considers going to beauty school. Daffy makes a big heart-filled speech...and (expectedly) doesn't quite live up to it.

    *Speedy isn't just a pizza maker, he is also a dance instructor! This might just be where Porky meets a certain someone...

    *Daffy thinking Tina killed his boss and then being disappointed that that wasn't the case was pretty funny.

    *Tina isn't doing to well on her practice head...but Daffy shows tremendous talent!

    *Lola constantly asking Bugs while he was on the phone then not having anything to say when he was done was a Crowning Moment of Funny!

    *Daffy makes a callback to Members Only by calling Bugs "an ugly woman"! Bugs also remembers he needs to meet Porky!

    *Uh Lola, boyfriends would find that pretty creepy...

    *Lola thinks Bugs is cheating on her with "an ugly woman"! Uh oh!

    *Oh snap! Lola shows her impressive driving skills again just like in The DMV!

    *Lola vows to hunt down this "ugly woman" to the ends of the Earth...and (expectedly) doesn't live up to it.

    *Porky has joined the "Bugs looks like an ugly woman club" and Bugs disagrees, just as he did in Members Only.

    *Speedy actually thinks "Girl Bugs" (who decides to use the name "Kathy") is attractive, didn't see that coming!

    *Daffy is becoming quite excited about the beauty school, more so then Tina!

    *Bugs falls victim to the "Cassandra Truth" as Lola doesn't believe him! Her vowing to watch him and tripping over everything was a Crowning Moment of Funny!

    *Speedy has really taking a liking to "Kathy". This could be trouble...

    *Tina ended up getting her promotion, after all! But Daffy still wants that cosmetology license...and will "become" his girlfriend to get it!

    *Daffy and Porky's music video was really funny! The tune reminded me of Stu's "What Do Tigers Dream Of?" Song from The Hangover!

    *Wow, Granny's hair bun fell off like old concrete!

    *Speedy continues to flirt with "Kathy" and Lola decides to spy on the class through the window.

    *Daffy acquires the cosmetologist license...and the real Tina shows up seconds later! Daffy's dramatic speech about who he is was hilarious!

    *Bugs finally reveals that he and Kathy are one and the same! Lola realizes that Bugs was telling the truth in a hilarious manner!

    *Speedy claims he was only trying to be nice to "Kathy"...but we soon find out he is truly devastated!

    *Only in the Cartoon World can a cupcake break one's fall!

    *Porky talks to his reflection again...this time with a wig.

    *Ah, so Daffy still got to keep his license even though he disguised himself. Well, that means the status quo as changed.

    *Speedy tries to mock Bugs, but he still misses "Kathy".

    *Porky has a new girlfriend now! Huh, when's Petunia going to show up? Daffy giving her his card was pretty funny.

    I rather liked this episode, mostly from the handy work of Lola, Porky and Speedy. Bring on the next one!

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    Once again Lola, Daffy and Speedy stole the show

    Daffy offering to help Tina get rid of her bosses body was hilarious, now that's a true friend right there

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