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"Casa de Calma" Episode Talkback

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    [1]Jun 12, 2011
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    Bugs and Daffy go to a spa but spend little time relaxing as they fight over a famous actress.

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    [2]Jun 14, 2011
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    Bugs and Daffy are going on a vacation trip in tonight's episode!

    *Bugs and Daffy tunneling together, just like some of Chuck Jones' shorts! We meet another Looney Tune relative, Daffy's uncle!

    *A spa, huh? That sounds like a relaxing place! Scarlet Johansen, huh? That name sounds very familiar. Which Looney Tune shorts did she appear in?

    *Bugs and Daffy fighting over a girl? Daffy's "mine, mine, mine!" rant reminded me of his "Chuck Jones Era Persona"!

    *A pool diving board that goes up to space? Ah, good ol' fashion cartoon pools.

    *You know Daffy, you may be on to something! I've never heard anyone (in real life) say "poe-tah-toe" either!

    *The golf scene was hilarious. I especially liked how Daffy didn't realize water is suppose to be a golf hazard.

    *Daffy's water skiing trouble was a real riot as I recall a friend of mine having tubing troubles.

    *The security guard defying the laws of gravity and pwning Daffy was comedy gold!

    *The impressive sand castle reminded me of King Sandy's from Kids Next Door.

    *Seems like Chuck Jones' "philosophy" of Bugs being the "Straw Winner" and Daffy being the "Straw Loser" is in full effect in this episode!

    *Speedy's music video was quite catchy.

    *Daffy, doing nothing is the best part of a vacation.

    *Who else figured Leslie was a guy before he came in *raises hand*? Thought so. I have Drake & Josh to thank for the guess.

    *Bugs' "cute face" was far more funnier then I thought it would!

    *Daffy's a baby, Scarlet talks a little and her security guard gives Daffy a bottle. Priceless.

    *I liked the "sail wagon" in The Road Runner & Coyote short.

    *Daffy is in the hands of his uncle and Bugs is off to have more fun!

    Lot's of nods and tributes to Chuck Jones in tonight's episode!

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    [3]Jun 17, 2011
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    Been watching this latest edition of Looney Tunes, and overall I like it. My only problem was: Bugs was a little bland. He seemed to lack the feistiness of his earlier incarnations.

    But after seeing "Casa de Calma", I'll happily accept the blander Bugs. And that's because of the constant, ultimately-unfunny Daffy abuse that characterizes this episode. At first, it WAS funny - Bugs got even with Daffy for pushing him into the swimming pool. But the abuse escalated to the point that I started feeling sorry for the duck, and disliking the bunny.

    Some are saying about this episode: "Now THIS is Looney Tunes". Well, no, it isn't. In the old toons, Bugs gave back to the antagonist measure for measure. Just enough to teach the guy a lesson. But in this ep, when Daffy got eaten by the alligator and Bugs strolled away uncaring...that was it for me. THAT was not Bugs Bunny. Bugs has a heart. He has compassion. He's a tough guy with a heart of gold. This episode nearly killed my affection for the Bunny for good. If future episodes continue in this way, I'm out.

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    I know it seems strange with the premise of bugs and daffy being best friends. But in Looney tunes classic Bugs gave a pack of Lions saws so as to cut Yosemite Sam down and brutally abuse him. He lead Daffy into a cave with bears in it so they could maul him. I'm certain there are other examples with Bugs showing little compassion as to the fate of his adversary at the hands of another.
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