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"French Fries" Episode Talkback

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    [1]Nov 3, 2011
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    A fight over french fries causes a rift between Daffy and Porky.

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    [2]Nov 8, 2011
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    Tonight's episode is about a "battle" of the disproportionate retribution kind.

    *Bugs and Daffy have an argument on whether to watch a football game or an Off Duty Cop marathon. "Coffee Kick" and Daffy's failed attempt at it was hilarious!

    *Yosemite Sam wants to kick a field goal and is practicing for it, sort of reminds me of a similar episode from King of the Hill. Well, he broke some glass, alright.

    *Despite what Daffy initially thought, Porky does not have a girlfriend. Porky with a beard? I can't imagine that looking right. It will certainly be interesting to see when Petunia will finally make her debut.

    *Porky has connections on the inside for the football game and got tickets for the 3 of them; funny how Daffy doesn't know how to say "thank you"! He also eats French Fries, which kicks off tonight's episode's conflict.

    *Well what do you know, Daffy has sunglasses and a scarf specifically for being dramatic! Definitely a Crowning Moment of Funny!

    *The window repairman has fixed Sam's window...only for his car window to be broken by Sam! The music that played when Sam tried to run away was pretty funny!

    *Porky calls about the tickets and Daffy takes the opportunity to rant at him. Bugs is not to thrilled about this.

    *Geez Porky, I think you're overreacting too by accusing Bugs of taking sides! Sam finally broke Bug's window, there's the funny music again!

    *Daffy is ripping pictures up now. He sure is saying "garbage" a lot. Sam broke another window.

    *Bugs does the ol' "pretend to be both sides and apologize to the opposing side" trick to get the tickets. How long will it last?

    *They are now waiting in line and Daffy & Porky decide to bring up the gift baskets. I loved how Bugs kept trying to get them off the subject, reminds me of a few friends I know.

    *No, so close! The "battle" continues and Bugs is left with no way in!

    *Lola's President's Day Song was one big Crowning Moment of Funny! I admit, I fell for the "curveball".

    *Looks like Sam did manage to win that opportunity, after all! Bugs demonstrates to us his clever side we all know and love to sneak in and watch the game.

    *Daffy and Porky each decide to go to Speedy's Pizzeria to watch the game and unintentionally run into each other. This isn't going to end pretty...

    *As Bugs warned, Sam's boots don't fair well on the football field. What's he going to do with that nail file?

    *Sam created "cowboy cleat-boots"? Well, that certainly is creative!

    *Woah, Sam broke his leg! As expected, Bugs successfully scores a touchdown; he isn't the ace for no reason, after all.

    *Speedy reveals that the fries were for the table, Porky was right! Daffy goes right ahead and does what he accused Porky of doing, what a hypocrite!

    *Woah, Porky did grow a beard! He also has a girlfriend (still no Petunia yet)! Uh Speedy, how can you grow a beard if your face is covered in fur?

    I rather liked this episode, courtesy of Yosemite Sam's antics. Bring on the next one!

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