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"Point, Laser Point" Episode Talkback

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    Bugs and Daffy entertain Granny as Sylvester becomes obsessed with a Laser Toy.

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    Tonight gives us the Season 1 Finale of The Looney Tunes Show (although the previous episode was intended to be so)!

    *Daffy helps Porky with online dating...but not without mocking him in the process!

    *Bugs show up just in time to find someone is interested in Porky and it's...Granny?!

    *Bugs and Daffy show concern for Granny's loneliness...all while ignoring Porky. No doubt a jab at the double standard.

    *Sylvester and Tweety are doing their regular thing until Granny decides the former should play with cat toys. He's unimpressed with all of them...

    *...except for a laser pen! I really got a kick out of his obsession with it! Reminds me of when Mandy had Billy try to catch the "fairy"!

    *Bugs feels as though him and Daffy should spend time with Granny instead of her pets. Daffy hangs a lamp shade on how she's still hanging out with animals, priceless!

    *Granny hangs the same lamp shade Daffy just did! She decides to go sailing with them.

    *Sylvester continues to search for the red dot while Tweety plays a video game.

    *Tweety uses the laser pen on Sylvester which ends up driving him crazy! He eventually finds a sign for help and displays great vocabulary...which he previously got help on!

    *Granny drives slowly and reaches their destination...she was talking about a yard sale!

    *Sylvester waits in the lobby next to Wile E. Coyote, who makes his 1st "official" (non-Merrie Melody) traditional animated appearance on the show! The "interaction" between them was a Crowning Moment of Funny! We also know what Witch Lezah does for a living!

    *Speedy's Merrie Melody was quite catchy, but poor Porky!

    *Daffy acts like a hypocrite regarding what Granny is doing, hilarious! I thought for sure they'd hang a lamp shade on how ducks normally don't have teeth, but no matter.

    *Bugs, Daffy and Granny go on all sorts of extreme sports! Who knew she'd still be so spry in her 90s?

    *Witch Lezah helps Sylvester learn why he obsesses over the red dot...it reminds him of his mother! We also learn he has a brother! Witch Lezah even warps him to Florida!

    *Sylvester is reunited with his mother...who sounds like she's the voice of Mrs. Potato Head from the Toy Story Trilogy! His brother also stops by for a visit!

    *Bugs and Daffy offer to do something with Granny, only to learn that she is content with how she's going about her life.

    *Tweety also visits Witch Lezah and learns he enjoys being chased by Sylvester and gets warped to Florida.

    *After being criticized by his mother and brother, Sylvester just decides he's happy chasing Tweety. The red light from his mother's necklace also fades away...

    *Bugs and Daffy decided to take up yoga and end up as pretzels!

    *The Road Runner & Wile E. Coyote Short was quite interesting.

    *Porky decides to get a snake for a pet and ends up as its snack much to his dismay! I guess Petunia is being saved for next season.

    I found it to be a good episode, it was nice to see Sylvester and Tweety get more focus! After seeing the whole the 1st Season, I can definitely say that I enjoy The Looney Tunes Show a lot! They decided to try something different from the classics and I say it works! Here's looking forward to Season 2!

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