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"That's My Baby" Episode Talkback

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    [1]Sep 5, 2011
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    Tina enlists Daffy to babysit her nephew.

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    [2]Sep 6, 2011
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    We get to see more of Tina in tonight's episode.

    *The episode starts with Daffy "door bell spamming" Tina's apartment. She appears to have forgiven him for his actions from the previous episode.

    *Tina is taking care of her nephew, Daffy proceeds to blow things out of proportions (while also confusing yet another baby boy for a girl).

    *Daffy admits to Bugs that he finds Porky to be "a downer". I always find the "your a ___" comeback to be weak. Seeing Bugs and Porky interact some more, like in the previous episode, is always a good thing.

    *Tina "door bell spams" Daffy, just as he did to her earlier. Looks they have something in common after allTongue out. Tina, I wouldn't trust Daffy with your nephew, if I were you.

    *Despite Bugs' warnings, Porky falls for that "extended warranty scam". Those guys really are aggressive in real life, but you gotta stay strong, you know?

    *Daffy's lack of understanding of the baby's crying was funny. Interestingly enough, one of my classes today actually told us how babies (new borns to 3 months old) actually have their own "language" with "words" for certain things.

    *That commercial for the whale movie was pretty funny. I get the feeling Daffy isn't going to take him to that one...

    *Yep, he takes him to a PG-13 (maybe R) rated movie! You'd think the ushers would have stopped him from taking the little guy in there.

    *Porky falls for yet another "payment scam"...

    *Pepe's music video was pretty funny.

    *Daffy can't even sing "Ittsy-Bittsy Spider"Laughing? The day care scene was pretty humorous.

    *Tina's shift has ended and Daffy has grown quite fond of the little guy.

    *The one time Bugs suggests to get something, Porky doesn't get it. Bugs, I to am all too familiar with the face palm.

    *Uh oh, the baby is in danger! We also find out his name is "Zachary".

    *I think it's safe to say we all saw Porky and Bugs getting into a car crash, it was cool how it connected with Daffy and Tina saving Zachary. This time, Bugs face palms PorkyLaughing.

    *We actually get to meet Tina's sister...and Daffy keeps changing his mind about what his dream is.

    *The Road Runner & Wile E. Coyote short was really funny with "Disguise Fail" popping up on screen.

    *Speedy, don't tell me you pull those "payment scams" too! Bugs, of all people, fell for it! Who knew?

    I liked this episode better then last week's. The pizza episode next week looks interesting.

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    [3]Sep 7, 2011
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    I love this episode... it was cute and funny. Although, I can go without the scene with Daffy and the baby watching a WWII movie... creators should know that kids watch this show too.
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