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"The DMV" Episode Talkback

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    [1]Sep 18, 2011
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    Daffy must take a driving test in order to get his license.

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    [2]Sep 20, 2011
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    Just as the episode title says, tonight's episode is about the DMV. This version of the plot focuses on the screwball fowl.

    *The main duo is off to the movies with Daffy coming up with another scheme to get in cheap. I got a laugh out of the opening scene.

    *Daffy trying to get Bugs to wear a diaper? Why am I not surprised? Watch out for that old lady!

    *Uh Daffy, that's not the best way to talk to a cop, especially if a ticket could happen.

    *Daffy doesn't have a driver's license? Why am I not surprised? I am surprised he's managed to avoid getting caught until now though.

    *Oh yeah, Lola's back! This is going to be an awesome episode!

    *That same cop is back, as is Lola's "bag of holding"! A basketball card of a player with the initials "M.J."? Hmm, I wonder...

    *So Lola doesn't have a driver's license either, eh? The DMV is gonna be chaotic with those 2 around!

    *If Daffy thought the application form was hard, then what chance does he stand on the actual test?

    *Application tests don't see eye-to-eye with Lola, either. That poor DMV worker...

    *They give you a 2nd chance on the same day, huh? Then again, it is a cartoon.

    *Bugs learns something about road rules he should have known and (accidentally) helps Daffy cheat.

    *Oh no, Porky's been caught too and has an expired license! Three's the charm, I guess...

    *Ah, so that's how Daffy passed. Poor, Porky.

    *So Yosemite Sam is a (road) instructor, eh? Never thought I'd see him act so noble.

    *Lola and Porky run into each other, oh no. Porky can't catch a break, can he?

    *Speedy actually does show up...but Bugs can't get in.

    *Thanks to Sam's height, Daffy manages to pass.

    *Woah, Lola's an extreme/intense driver! You got to admit though, she would've been great in Rush Hour!

    *Uh Bugs, you can't drive Porky. You don't have your-ah, I see what they did there...

    *Poor Porky. They just love to make him into the "butt monkey"...err..."butt pig", don't they?

    *Now you decide to walk, Bugs? You could have saved a lot of trouble if you just did that to begin with.

    *The Wile E. Coyote & Road Runner short (appropriately) features cars.

    *Daffy, apparently, hasn't given up on his inital scheme this episode.

    Another great episode! I got a lot of laughs out of this one!

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    [3]Sep 24, 2011
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    I watched a bit of this episode, and realized, 'didn't "Sym-bionic Titan do an episode about this as well, with a main character needing to get a driver's license?' And after this episode, I do hope that like 'Titan," this is a one-and-done series as well.

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