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"The Float" Episode Talkback

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    [1]Nov 21, 2011
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    Daffy swindles Porky out of all his savings and splurges mercilessly.

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    [2]Nov 22, 2011
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    Just as the title suggests, Daffy's parade float is going to play a significant part in tonight's episode.

    *Bugs and Daffy on the road with Daffy driving? That's not a good idea...case in point.

    *The "Daffy Mobile" doesn't look like it'll fit...yet somehow it does! A random mother points out what happens when paper gets wet...

    *Daffy's "fight" with the car wash was a Crowning Moment of Funny! Looks like the "Daffy Mobile" is just "the Mobile" now!

    *Daffy's "MY EYE!" line was funny for the audience and misleading for Bugs!

    *Woah, Daffy sure has powerful lungs...and a complex plan!

    *Bugs did his trademark smirk when he said he didn't make Daffy a parade float! That should please several viewers!

    *Daffy doing a "face desk" was another Crowning Moment of Funny!

    *Daffy wants a yacht now? Uh oh, he's planning to terrorize the lakes and seas now! Good news its too expensive!

    *Bugs refuses to loan Daffy money while referencing Space Jam.

    *Porky, you should no better then to trust Daffy, especially when it comes to money...and your clothes!

    *Daffy now has his yacht, though he hasn't taken it out of the docks yet. That's good news for the other boaters!

    *This is the 2nd time Porky got a "chin curtain", though it's noticeably different. Bugs puts the pieces together and does his signature smirk again.

    *Bugs tricks Daffy into coming clean...leading to the attack of an enraged Porky!

    *The Gophers' music video was quite catchy, if I do say so myself!

    *Porky laying the smack down on Daffy with Bugs watching while eating shrimp was a Crowning Moment of Funny!

    *Ah, so Daffy got distracted by a hotdog cart and forgot to tie it to the docks. That makes sense.

    *Daffy sure loves his Jacuzzis!

    *Hold the phone, when did Porky get his shirt back?

    *Leave it to Daffy to not get the essentials for a yacht!

    *Hold the phone, when did Porky get the time to shave?

    *Porky, your not seriously going to fall for Daffy's lies a second time, are you?

    *Oh, it was just a dream...but not really! That was pretty funny!

    *Daffy, himself, points out the irony of the situation as he now, truly, needs a kidney transplant!

    *Daffy's life was spared as Bugs paid for the operation and Porky gave him one of his kidneys (something I know most people wouldn't do for him).

    *The "Daffy Mobile" is being restored and will be all done by the next episode and Porky hangs a lampshade on just how much of a "poisonous friend" Daffy is.

    I found tonight's episode to be an enjoyable one. Porky has been getting a lot of screen time, which is good. Bring on the next one!

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    [3]Nov 22, 2011
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    This was definitely the best TLTS episode except for Daffy leaving Porky broke, not realizing that he really caused one problem after another, and no Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote short. I bet the crew was like "Let's leave out the Road Runner shorts so Road Runner fans can be disappointed!".

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