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"The Muh-Muh-Muh-Murder" Episode Talkback

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    Daffy misinterprets Porky's mysterious actions as possible murder, and becomes understandably paranoid around his friend afterwards. Meanwhile, Speedy experiments with changes to Pizzaribba.

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    It seems as though the second-to-last episode of Season 1 of The Looney Tunes Showwill be a mystery of sorts...

    *We start off with the main trio eating at Speedy's Pizzaria with Daffy monologuing.

    *Looks like Porky got a new job after loosing his previous one thanks to Bugs (who still feels bad about it). Lola calls Bugs about breaking her leg!

    *Lola's story was one big Crowning Moment of Funny! Although expected, it was still funny when it was revealed how she really broke her leg!

    *Daffy insists going with Porky back to his house and Porky is hiding something. I think I have an idea of what it is...

    *The news details about a murderer who seems to have a similar resemblance to Porky. Of course, it's safe to say our favorite pig isn't the murderer, so who could it really be?

    *Daffy's paranoia is confusing Porky and hurting his feelings! How far will the duck go?

    *Bugs helping Lola out with her injury is a real laugh riot!

    *Daffy thinking the "old lady bedroom" could also be a murder's room and saying Porky's smile is "the face of a killer" were both Crowning Moments of Funnys!

    *Porky makes a phone call while Daffy hides. Yeah, I have a really good feeling about what Porky's plans really are about...

    *Daffy's paranoid rants and thinking he has certain diseases gave me a good laugh! He's not acting real jerky as he did in the previous episode (and The Float), which is quite refreshing!

    *Porky's "Don't go in there..." line was surprisingly creepy, which was made all the more hilarious since we know he's not really the murderer!

    *I wonder what that silhouette really is.

    *Lola's "elevator chair" reminds me of the one Carl Fredrickson used in Up.

    *Daffy enters the room only to find it has many pictures of him!

    *Porky reveals what he's been hiding...a collage of Daffy for his birthday! I admit, I thought this would be the episode where Petunia would finally show up.

    *Daffy still thinks Porky is the murderer and tries to "escape" and "help" Speedy!

    *Poor Porky! He sure can take a lot of punishment!

    *After Porky revealed Daffy's present, I expected Speedy's Pizzeria to have a surprise party.

    *Porky reveals what his actions really were in preparing the party and clearing his name, though Daffy still isn't convinced...

    *...that is until the news shows the real murderer has been captured and is a grotesque-looking human. Ouch Daffy, that was harsh to say!

    *Bugs and Daffy are back home and Lola ordered pizza (thinking it's Chinese food) anyway! Daffy takes a real fondness to Lola's "elevator chair"!

    *Interestingly, this is the first episode to not have either a Merrie Melody or a Wile E. Coyote & Road Runner Short accompanying it.

    A very well done episode! I would definitely put in my Top 5 at least (it may even be my favorite)! That just leaves one more episode left for Season 1.

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    Lola and the "chinese" food equals unrivaled funny and when she said "you can really taste the Kong Pao" I laughed until it hurt

    Gotta say kudos to the writers and the actress on Lola, she is extremely well done from the dialogue to the deliverance

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