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    When Bugs received a Nobel Prize, he tries to find a shelf for it. But the simple task of finding one becomes very complicated.

    Airdate: January 24, 2012

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    After a 2 month break, The Looney Tunes Show resumes new episodes with the 3rd to last episode of Season 1!

    *Daffy carelessly erasing the phone messages certainly is in character for him. Poor Porky, what trouble is he...oh, he's going to fall off a roof.

    *Fortunately, Bugs still got his prize. Daffy's remark about being the "world's greatest daughter" cracked me up, I must admit.

    *Bugs, $20 for shelf installment sounds like a pretty good deal. Looks like his pride will be his undoing.

    *Bugs returns to the hardware store, but still doesn't swallow his pride...

    *Tina shows up and offers to lend Bugs a hand. The house's water has now been shot.

    *Daffy's conversation with Tina was quite funny, I must admit.

    *So Daffy is going to stay with Porky for the episode...and steels his room in the process.

    *Bugs disguising himself was a nice call back to the classics. What did he win the Noble Prize for anyway?

    *Lola shows up to congratulate her boyfriend! Of course, she doesn't quite understand what "Nobel" really refers to.

    *Speedy appears and gives a snarky answer to the question I asked earlier.

    *Lola criticizes Speedy for not living alone...only to then tell him she still lives with her parents. Priceless.

    *Daffy is starting to slave drive poor Porky in his own home. Porky also hangs a lampshade on Daffy's lack of clothes.

    *Bugs makes a reference to the game show Hole in the Wall and proceeds to destroy his house further.

    *Daffy & Porky's music video was kinda trippy, I must admit.

    *Lola helps Speedy find an apartment and claims to have x-ray vision. Speedy said the same thing Daffy said earlier!

    *Bugs dons another disguise, this time the one from Members Only. Yep, that's a pretty steep price.

    *Lola pays Mac & Tosh's antique store a visit. Her talking to the furniture was a Crowning Moment of Funny! I wonder if her interest in bells will continue in future episodes...

    *Daffy and Tina's dinner date doesn't go to well. Good thing Tina convinced Porky to grow a spine. Admittedly, I really cracked up when the only difference between Porky's bow ties was color. Looks like Daffy was wearing something after all!

    *Uh Lola, that looks more like an apartment to your liking. Speedy hangs a lamp shade on this and decides to just stay with Bugs. I laughed hard when Lola said she'd have to remove the "Speedy influence"!

    *Daffy and Speedy return home...only to find it in ruins and Bugs sporting a "slasher" smile! Priceless!

    *The Wile E. Coyote & Road Runner Short was pretty cool, the wind machines were a nice touch.

    *The house is back in living conditions...courtesy of Tina! Bugs still couldn't get the shelf together after all that trouble!

    A very funny episode, if you ask me! Gotta give the writers props for balancing 3 story lines in 1 episode! Based on the title, the next episode sounds like an interesting one!

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    That Daffy is a class act all the way, this episode was hilarious beginning to end

    Daffy worlds greatest daughter, I can totally see it

    There's no reason a Nobel prize winner can't hang a shelf, I came in second place at a boy scout Olympics when I was 9 so of course I can put Orpheus to shame when playing a guitar

    Daffy likes having the option to where clothes, I'm with him on that

    The armoire hitting on Lola, for me it was a crowning moment of funny

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