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"Working Duck" Episode Talkback

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    After Bugs becomes fed up with Daffy and kicks him out of the house, Daffy tries to get off the streets by getting a solid job.

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    Tonight's episode gives us the 2nd ("official") appearance of another feathered Looney Tune.

    *The very beginning with the robbers heading towards the bank sort of reminded me of the opening for Batman: The Animated Series.

    *What's this? Daffy's a security officer? Well, he's incompetent at it as expected.

    *Elmer reports the incident on TV. I'm curious as to when he'll make his "formal"/"in-person" appearance...

    *Uh Daffy, Elementary, Middle and High School would count as "education" (even if you only graduated by the feather of your beak).

    *Bugs seems, oddly, not used to Daffy's laziness, why is that? In any case, Daffy is getting kicked out.

    *Not too long after leaving, Daffy expectedly returns begging to be taking care of. The commercials were quite misleading by making this part seem like it would be a bigger part of the episode.

    *So Daffy is now a muffin caterer at "Enormocorp", eh? Looks like the employees there aren't muffin fans. Then again, I've always been a cupcake guy, myself.

    *Foghorn Leghorn is the CEO of Enormocorp! Hold the phone, why doesn't Daffy recognize him? Wait, didn't Carol mention in the previous Foghorn episode that Daffy "ruined his company"? Ah, so this must be a "Prequel"/Flashback" episode; looks like that isn't a "noodle incident" anymore!

    *I admit, I cracked up when Daffy called himself "the Muffin Man". Foghorn takes a liking to him and is "brutally honest". Hey look, there's Carol!

    *Speedy's music video was incredibly catchy! I was sort of expecting his cousin, "Slowpoke Rodriguez" to show up.

    *Well how about that, Daffy is making decisions for Foghorn!

    *Foghorn has now giving Daffy the reigns to Enormocop, his helicopter exit was really cool, by the way. As we all know, this won't end well; although he was a successful CEO in Bah, Humduck, even though he started off as a "Scrooge archtype/expy".

    *I had a feeling Daffy was going to enjoy saying "Hold my calls". Bugs also stops by for a visit.

    *Uh Daffy, if the guy says it's a wise decision to hold off on the merger, then you should take his word for it and not 2nd guess it.

    *Foghorn's "words of wisdom" had me rolling on the floor with laughter!

    *Pete Puma is the "Muffin Man" now? I really wouldn't take his word for it, Daffy.

    *Ah, so Pete was merely watching the muffin cart for the real "Muffin Man". Looks like Foghorn's words of wisdom were right, all along!

    *The Road Runner & Wile E. Coyote short was awesome thanks to the Batman aspect! This is probably tied as my favorite, alongside the ninja showdown one. Now Wile E. has payed homage to Marvel and DC!

    *Yep, this was indeed a "prequel"/"flashback" episode, although the episode, itself, didn't acknowledge it at all. Now we see why Bugs just rolls with the punches and enables Daffy, as well.

    I rather liked this episode, probably because Foghorn is one of my favorite Looney Tunes. I look forward to next week's episode, as always!

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    While i've always thought the series was so-so,I really wish they would stop showing episodes out of order,they were hanging out at Speedy's pizzeria before the episode where Bugs gave it to him and in 'The Foghorn Leghorn Story' the assistant mentioned to Foghorn that it was a bad idea to cast Daffy seeing as he was the guy who ruined his company

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