The Looney Tunes Show

Season 1 Episode 14

Newspaper Thief

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Aug 23, 2011 on Cartoon Network



  • Quotes

    • Sam: What do you want, rabbit?
      Bugs: Just wanting to remind you about tonight's dinner party.
      Sam: You mean the "let's all forget about the horrible things Daffy Duck has done party"? Yeah, I'll be there... Unless I get a better offer.
      Daffy: I've got an offer for you. Gimme back my paper!
      Sam: Yosemite Sam is a lot of things; a liar, a cheater, a false witness, a sore loser, a bad friend, a shaded businessman, a blamer, a flimflamer, a hornswaggler, I'm cheap and I steal things, but I am no thief!