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  • A new spin to an old classic

    Well, the old Looney Tunes only show the misadventures between themselves, and some parts just kinda get old already Duck vs. Rabbit season). This one, however, gives the characters a modern "kick" to the classic. They don't chase each other for death anymore (which hurts me a little), but shows that the main characters graduated from high school and are tying to live it through college and get a job (which I don't see).
  • Sheesh

    I kinda like the show, but I don't like how they make Daffy a freakin moron! I use to love Daffy in the old Looney tunes.
  • Haters gonna hate

    It's different from the classics, but it's funny in its own right. There is less comedy? Have you watched the show? Even the first episode is chock full of comedy. For example, Daffy has to guess Bugs' catch phrase and he shows how he says it eating a carrot. Guess what Daffy says? I don't do Mondays! Classic... In another one, Daffy, Porky and Lola lose their driver's licenses. After they do their written tests, Daffy bumps into Porky and their tests switch. Porky fails and Daffy passes. The same happens with Lola, but when the invigilator checks Porky's test it says "I LOVE BUGS". This show really has its moments thanks to Daffy's cluelessness. It's hilarious. I've watched the original ones and this new series and I can honestly say this has more humor. The original one had mainly slapstick humor, like Tom and Jerry. I word based humor. Please name the episodes without humor and explain how it has been derived of humor before randomly hating on a show because you don't like the changes.
  • Worst Looney Tunes Show Ever

    This show might be good for other people but I think it is the worst. One reason is that there is less comedy than the original Looney Tunes. Secondly, why are the characters showing love relationships ( like boyfriend and girlfriend) for like 7 year old kids. This show should be gone.
  • Decent, but the original Looney Tunes cartoons will always be better

    The Looney Tunes are back, but are they better than ever? Maybe, maybe not. The Looney Tunes Show revolves around Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck living together as roommates in the suburbs in modern times along with all the Looney Tunes characters you love.

    The episodes are beautifully animated (the season 2 episodes have WAY to bright colors though) and the character designs look nice and fresh. The most of the episode's stories are good (I REALLY HATED Gribbler's Quest though). The Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote CGI shorts are nicely animated, but why are they in CGI?

    A couple of things in this show really bothered me though, mostly how certain characters are in the show. Of all the characters, I am wondering why is Daffy a complete butthead? Why is Gossamer a child instead of just being a scary adult monster? And most of all, why is Taz a PET!? I also can't help but feel this show is sadistic due to the way Daffy treats Porky Pig and other characters.

    Overall, despite a couple things that bothered me, The Looney Tunes Show is I guess, decent.
  • Should be called "Calm Tunes Sitcom"

    There's nothing Looney about it. It's just the characters solving personal problems. That's all there is to it, no further review needed.

    I'm sorry that so many people think this isn't a smart show, but I grew up watching the old shorts and never was drawn to how smart the comedy was. This show, like those shorts, makes me laugh. I haven't counted but I'd guess I've seen all of the shorts, in fact I have over 100 on my computer. My son loves the show too, he calls it the "house bugs bunny" and our DVR is jammed with all the episodes. I love the format, I laugh through each episode, and I look forward to each new one. I don't think CN pumps this show enough. This is the only show other than Game of Thrones I follow regularly. I wish there was more involvement of Elmer Fudd and Sylvester and Tweety, but other than that I think this show is great. The problem is it's fighting its own past. Disney has managed to keep Mickey Mouse relevant, but the original WB shorts were never really made for children so trying to change these characters would have been difficult. I'm hoping they get 4 or 5 seasons out of it. It will NEVER be iconic like the old ones, but it's funny as hell and you should watch it, you'll laugh, a lot.
  • This is an abomination

    Don't even know what to say
  • A slightly less good spin-off of those classic Looney Tunes shorts.

    I will be completely honest, I do not quite like this as much as the original classic Looney Tunes shorts. It focuses too much on Lola Bunny. She isn't terrible, but I don't really like her. Nowadays, Bugs Bunny lives in a house. A house? What happened to the happy hole? Daffy is his "housemate" and Porky Pig is their good friend. Every other classic character is usually just filler. Except for probably Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote. Where they star in their own CGI shorts. The Merrie Melodies are now less than just cartoons, they're songs. Bugs and Daffy have gotten less funny and more boring. This show is actually really good, but not as good as the classic Looney Tunes shorts that we know and love. I am going to give it an 8, for Great, but not perfect.
  • I hate this show with all of my heart.

    The most complaint about the this show is that it's not like the old one, the biggest counter is.. "it's like Seinfeld" the boring kind of humor. I think the show is either very lazy, or fundamentally the staff decided to try a new way of comedy that's horrible. It's stupid humor that's trying to be clever.. by beating old jokes and stretching it for 30 minutes.

    I don't hate it because it's a new theme, but because the jokes are very mediocre and they treat the audiences as if they're stupid.. then treat their own characters as if they're idiots... It's as if they're giving us the first draft of the screen of fine tuning the jokes to make them enjoyable..

    I'm not comparing this show with the classic looney tune.. I'm comparing this with the better shows from Cartoon Network..

    This show could be better if they decide to work on the jokes and stage better delivers. Or define bugs and daffy better..
  • Liberalism took over our television networks and ruined the Looney Tunes

    There's a reason why Looney Tunes is called The word implies slapstick, how crazy things can get. I don't like the episode where Porky is trying to change the nature of the Chicken Hawk. You cannot change another individual it is not possible because you are creating another version of you. A Chicken Hawk eats chickens just like Mosquito Hawks eat Mosquito's. The term used in the animal, insect, and in the human kingdom means Just like a human would eat another human, so he would be called a Human Hawk. The joke of the Chicken Hawk being the way he is, he gets punished by Foghorn Leghorn for being the way he is. Foghorn outsmarts him all the time.

    Daffy has been turned into a butthole and Bugs is just downright completely dull. First he was a pink bunny and now they've restored his original color. The reason they might end up continuing with the series is because children can't tell the difference between the original series and the new. So as an excuse this new sitcom is viewed as the Looney characters "Day off from being Which doesn't make any sense at all and is highly contradictory to the title Looney Tunes.

    "Looney" meaning crazy and "Tunes" means with music added to it.

    Witch Hazel needs another actress to voice similar to the original. The Liberal idea about the hairy monster(I forget his name) they turned him into a child as an insult to his original character nature just to get children not to be afraid. The monster got punished in a very humorous way back in the old days.

    This new Looney Tunes is really horrible. You all can thumb me down all you want but it's my Constitution. Just think about it and compare the two shows back to back. It doesn't bring back no old memories.

  • What happened to the slapstick comedy?

    Back in the 1940s, the Looney Tunes shorts were pretty awesome. They had all these cool and crazy adventures, all fast-paced, with lots of slapstick humor. But years went by and up to this point, WB decided to put the "Looney Tunes Show" on CN. I just don't get why they would go another route: from being excellent slapstick cartoon shorts to being cartoons in the form of a sitcom? To me, it feels like WB's toned down version of 20th Century Fox Television's "The Simpsons" just terribly done.
  • It's pretty funny, but not perfect.

    It's funny and its humor is clever. The animation is smooth, the colors make it attract the eye.

    Now here's the reason why I won't give it 10.

    The characters!

    Bugs: He used to be the funny main character that makes fun of the bad guys. He used to be carefree and hilarious, his craziness used to be the heart of Looney tunes. In the spin off he's just that normal guy over there, who is constantly annoyed by the antics of the other characters.

    Lola: No. Just... no. Childhood ruined. She was my favorite character from Space Jam and I admired her personality and basketball skills. What happened to the strong woman, who hated being called "doll"? Now she's just the crazy girlfriend. I really hate that. Because of Lola from Space Jam I longed to learn how to spin a ball on my finger. I eventually did. If they REALLY had to make her crazier, making her aggressive, or a stunt maniac would be much better. I sometimes imagine that Lola in LTS isn't the real one. The original Lola is just late and she'll come with a skateboard... or a tank... while juggling with chainsaws...

    And everyone behave like "Space Jam" has never happened! Like Lola has never helped them win a basketball game! They just meet her again!

    Daffy: His selfish and irresponsible personality is the heart of the show, but I miss his grumpy attitude. Sometimes he was also like Bugs' old version - all cheerful and making fun of the bad guys. I also miss how he jumped everywhere, laughing.

    Elmer: He doesn't hunt for wabbits that much any more...

    Emma(the Granny): I want to see more of that woman.

    Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote - Their series are still awesome, but... WHY... ARE THEY... IN 3D?

    Taz: Why... is he... A PET?

    Pepe Le Pew: What happened to the cat he always mistook for a skunk?

  • There are a few Bugs with this new cartoon, but it is still enjoyable.

    I was always a fan of the classic Looney Tunes cartoons and characters (especially Bugs, Daffy and Porky). Although, this version is nothing like the classic cartoons.

    I think the suburban setting is great and having Bugs and Daffy share the same household is ideal, since their different personalities and perspectives have always clashed.

    I even like the improvements they have made to some of the supporting cast (with the most notable of them being Lola Bunny). At first, she comes off as a pale imitation to her classic "girl-powered" character seen in the movie 'Space Jam'. However, after a while, you realize that this is the Looney Tunes we are talking about here and now the new Lola certainly has been given that certain kind of Looney-tic personality and charm.

    This is a funny and great show, but like most people are saying (and I happen to agree), it just cannot be compared to the classic Looney Tunes cartoons of yesteryear. Nothing can ever touch those classics.
  • Enjoyable, but nothing like the original.

    Now the Looney Tunes show stars the Looney Tunes in a suburban neighborhood. Bugs and Daffy apparently live together. The first part of this review is easy, the animation is crisp and clean, It has some great tinting and it's not hard to deal with like The Problem Solverz. The CG Road Runner is so so. It has great visuals but I wonder why they couldn't have done it traditionally. I still find the roadrunner shorts enjoyable though.

    I have a few issues with it though. The main issue is the shows' sitcom style. The writers decided to make it fell like "Seinfeld" I mean come on, It's animated. Despite this the show is really witty writing. If only they animated i the main meat of the show in a more carrtoony style ,more like the episode "Casa de Calma" or the Marrie Melodies.

    The characters of the show are not so good either. Bugs is turned into a rather boring and lifeless compared to how he was in the original Looney Tunes shorts. Bugs appears like he just functions as the authority figure over Daffy, but he does get his moments from time to time. Daffy on the other hand is probably one of the most colorful personalities on the show. He is lazy, grumpy, goofy and mean. However he is the main source of comedic relief. I dislike the changes they did to characters like Yosemite Sam. Sam is this sensitive weirdo compared to the angry shoot-em hunter guy in the original. Taz is a pet where we rarely see his spin action. The show is visually appealing and witty enough to enjoy, but there are many weak points in the shows organization. I'd surely recommend a more energetic slapstick spin-off better than a witty sitcom that can drag on at times.
  • It's not good, but it's not bad either.

    This is meh show. It has a lot of good episodes, but a lot of boring episodes including Devil Dog, The Foghorn Leghorn Story, and Fish and Visitors. It's still a great show and I tune in every Tuesday. Season 1 is 26 episodes and began on May 3, 2011. I can't really say anything else about it. My favorite character is Speedy Gonzales. It's an okay show and I guess you should watch it if you want to. But some episodes are so bad I can't even finish them. The Merry Melodies are good, but sometimes are so cheesy. The Will E. Coyote and Road Runner shorts are annoying and creepy.

    UPDATE: After rewatching several episode, I bumped up my rating. It actually is really funny. So what if it's not like the original, your childhood is over deal with it.
  • Jolly Good Show

    This is very funny but very different from the other bugs bunny lives in a house with a bum Daffy Duck because he can't afford his real house almost this show has adult humor.
  • Less Normal, More Looney; That's what made the Original Looney Tunes!! (Mine as well call this Spinoff "The Normal Show"!)

    A lot of problems have been happening with Cartoon Network over the years, such as Chowder, Flapjack, CN Real, and more! It seems like CN is really losing its edge! Then when I heard of "The Looney Tunes Show" I said to myself yeah that sounds about right! But then when I saw 3 episodes, man was I disappointed. Not only was the Show not looney, It also had really bad Character Designs that looked nothing like the originals... Sure It's not Abysmal like Adventure Time, but it is still a pretty bad show for what I got out of it. Yes... The designs don't have to be as good as the originals cause they were definitely hard to draw, but at least put a bit more effort with the new designs. The reason why this show is not a complete piece of shit is because sometimes I get a giggle out of the jokes and the stories are somewhat original, but the plots in this show seriously don't belong in a looney tunes series. Also it is quite Disgraceful how they made some of the characters change such as Lola, Speedy Gonzales and Elmer Fudd. These Characters are supposed to be looney not freaking Normal, that's why they call it looney tunes. I hate this Show so much. Then again it's not as bad as Adventure Time, Marvin Marvin and the New Spongebob episodes, but for what it is it really sucks! If you like Looney Tunes don't watch this train wreck. It's not only bad but it's also a Disgrace.
  • It Hurt To Watch This

    I was almost physically ill watching this, they are the same characters in name only, the "humor" is idiotic at best, and none of what was supposed to be idiotic slapstick humor is even there any more. if I were to rate this based on individual pieces, plot 2/10 characters 1/10 humor 1/10, offensiveness 8/10 (and I am not even in the offended demographics they are specifically mocking) overall, it was just terrible. it's bad enough looney tunes is more or less dead, did you have to dance on their graves too? also, I have seen written here that anyone who doesn't like this is too old to matter? I am 22 for crying out loud! I grew up with the looney tunes just as thoroughly as the generation before me, it was classic well thought out and most of all it made me laugh, this is just pathetic as was that excuse.
  • ya bro

    ya see that ya this show get's a 10/10 i like the new cartoon network and you guys should too ya forget looney toons this show is the best always will be ya
  • 2nd Season is better

    When I watch that show in the 1st season of the Looney Tunes Show, it has funny moments, but it had a bad start and I hate CGI of Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote. Thank God they got rid of it. When I was watching the 2nd season, that was better than I thought. So, despite of not being original, it's really a funny show.
  • offensive to some people

    the looney tunes show new episode that i just saw about a minute ago was offensive to me. Albania is very good friends with America and has their smarts,but, someone had to make a episode which was about Albanians trying to kill their own friends, lie about us (Albanians) being dumb and thinking that we are spies,and finally, locking up insentient people for life. I am very offended by these people and think we deserve an apology.
  • Step in the right direction Cartoon Network.

    if you took all of Cartoon Networks new shows and put them in a list and asked me to pick out my top 3 my list would be this:

    1.Adventure Time

    2.Regular Show

    3.The Looney Tunes Show

    This show to me is basically what if we gave a 3-act structure to the old Friz Freleng and chuck jones cartoons and its done REALLY well. The plot of the show is bugs and daffy live together as roomies in a neighborhood with the other characters and hi-jinks ensue. the basic plot alone of bugs and daffy as roomies itself is so good, its one of those plots that can have so many ideas spring from itself and flow as you think it would, like one episode daffy gets a letter for his high school reunion daffy realizes that hes done nothing with his life and goes to bugs for advice bugs tells him he never went but instead done tons of things with his life, like became batman and it happens just as you thing daffy tells a bunch of different lies and eventually it crashes on him like you would expect. now am i saying this series is perfect? no its far from it. Where this series fails is in its character choices, its not that they're just "interesting". For instance Lola is a quirky airhead, Porky is ..... kinda like Gil from The Simpsons, and taz has become the pet of bugs and daffy. Another problem i have with this series is its cast of characters they chose to downplay a lot of the main cast form the old cartoons for more obscure characters like the witch and gossimer are mother and son who appear every now and then or the two groundhogs that pestered Sylvester on occasion are basically in every episode, and daffys girlfriend( paula?) appears pretty frequently. All in all if you liked the old show you'll probably like this show too give it a shot.
  • The Looney Tunes are back, and better than ever!

    If you have seen my 200th review you know that in my opinion the Looney Tunes is the best show on TV. So when I heard of a reboot of the series, I was ecstatic. The show this time is not really shorts like before, but each one follows Bugs Bunny, and Daffy Duck. The two live as roommates, and have adventures together like going to a game show, or going on a cruise, and even at a country club. Also in between each episode is a musical number done by other members of the Looney Tunes like Elmer Fudd, and Marvin the Martian. They are pretty good, but they are a little bit too cheesy for my tastes. There is also a Roadrunner, and Wile E. Coyote cartoon at the end of an episode, but for some reason it's in CGI. I will admit the CGI looks good, but I wonder why they couldn't keep it in regular 2D like the actual plots with Bugs and Daffy. The plots themselves are good, but are rehashed, but the humor is what keeps it entertaining. The humor sticks true to the Looney Tunes format utilizing gags, and jokes that are hilarious. The characters still stick to their roots as well. Bugs is still clever, Daffy is still arrogant, and those Elmer still pronounces his R's like W's. I have to admit when Lola Bunny appeared in the series, I was happy to see her back, but I wasn't happy with how they made Lola. Of you recall Space Jam that's when Lola bunny made her appearance. She was tough, independent, and awesome. In this series though she is portrayed as more of an airhead, she's clingy, cries a lot, and is not as strong as before. I hope the writers make her like the Space Jam version instead of the one shown here. The artwork is good in this show. Characters look like who they are supposed to be be, the colors are perfect, and the set designs look great. The animation is also good, and flows smoothly in this cartoon. Overall, despite a few issues here and there you will find The Looney Tunes Show to be an amazing show, and is a great reboot to this show. If you haven't seen it yet then check it out ASAP. It's one more step toward CN going back to being who they were, and hopefully this show along with Gumball will can The Problem Solverz.
  • Hit or Miss

    For me it was a hit. I thought putting these characters in every day situations and just making jokes about it was funny. It`s not great but for me it was close. There are really no failed jokes. Just there`s not enough to be a amazing or perfect show. But putting them in these situations are great must of the time they have intresting ones. Like starting a bussiness I thought that was a great idea or going to court that was good one. Problems they have shorts between the episode you think comercial but it`s shorts that are not funny or songs. They are so bad that I just leave during those. If I had seen anymore then the 2 I have I might have drroped this show to a lower rating. Some of you might say you`ve only seen 2 how do you know they don`t get better. When there that bad you have to leave before you grind your teeth for intrupting your show with this.
  • The program is good, but they are in the shadows

    The original looney tunes are (according to most critics) one of the best animated series of all time. They try to resuscitate it with this cheap stuff but, let's face it, you chose the wrong series to try to revive.
  • Nothing like the originals but Awesome!

    I gotta say this show is nothing like the originals but I still watch the originals in the mornings on cn because it comes on in the mornings but anyways this is a good show sense they brought the loony tunes back, now if they only brought back tiny toon adventures.....
  • Compare it to Rocko's Modern Life, This is a modern Looney Tunes Show! So this show is actually not bad at all!

    I see why people like this so much, I know how popular Rocko's Modern Life is. PS I love that show too ;) This show is a modern version of Looney Tunes. But this will never beat the original classic. It has some cartoon violence in it. Just like Rocko's Modern Life. I grew up with Looney Tunes, and I'm still a fan of it! Its a cute story, but It has flaws, It can't have too much dating. Even though Daffy Duck is now a jerk, not hilarious. I'm sorry but I find way better Looney Tunes characters than Daffy Duck. Though he is actually funny. Its animation/CGI is amazing. I'm worried if its canceled. The last episode aired in February of 2012. I'm hoping that was just the season finale of season 1 and we'll give the looney tunes show a 2nd season coming soon. I think the characters have a great altitude. Great sense of humor. Although This sometimes doesn't look like looney tunes. Yes, there are humans in this show. Lots of them! Same with Regular show. Rocko's Modern Life has all animals. But Different to the classic, The original cartoons are sometimes based on characters from the shorts. Such as Porky Pig, Daffy Duck, Tazmanian Devil, Red beard, Fog horn leg horn, Wile E. Coyote, Road Runner, & Much Much More! There's even shorts of Wile E. Coyote trying his best to catch the Road Runner. Each Merrie Melodies/Looney Tunes character is neighbors with another Merrie Melodies/Looney Tunes character. I don't watch this show that much, I just need to be in a certain mood to watch it.

    I will give this "new looney toons" a negative 5 stars.... what were they thinking when they made this??? Bugs no longer eats carrots and antagonizes his adversaries nor is he fun loving and annoying anymore, but is more like Steinfield, Yosemite hug up his guns to become a gentle salesman, daffy is mean and no longer gets his beak blown off, Sylvester no longer slobbers when he talks, Porky Pig no longer studders..... I mean are we REALLY so afraid of offending people.... lol come on now.... these are CARTOONS! It is getting old seeing the same old Japanese Animation and Miley Cirus garbage on TV. Why take a classic and change it.... WB needs to stob catering to the political correct and be bold and dangerous again......
  • An imbarrisment to the originals, and a terrible show in it's own right

    The original Loony Tunes show is a hallmark of intelligent and witty children's programming, containing multiple layers of humor and sophistication. Everything that made the original Loony Tunes so magical, and deservedly considered one of the greatest animated shows of all time, is utterly missing from this show.

    All of the great humor, all of the clever story lines, the beautifully crafted animation - all completely absent from this hallowed out shell of a show. Just the fact that you're ripping off a classic show is already an extreme bout of laziness and unoriginality. This show takes it one step further, however, and makes a terrible show in it's own right.

    Even if the original Loony Tunes never existed, this would be a terrible show. The humor is bland, the characters are uninteresting and the stories are uninvolved. If you're a fan of the original show, you'll cringe at every scene. Even if you've never heard of the Loony Tunes, this show will leave you bored and unamused.

    Do yourself a favor, and just watch the original classics.
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