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  • Very Funny

    Some episodes or jokes in this are really, really, bad. But when this show is at its best it's pretty funny.
  • A Pretty Good Show

    This show was pretty good, and I would have liked to see a season 3 of The Looney Tunes Show. I know some people didn't like it because it wasn't the original, but I still thought it was pretty good. I know a lot of people are going to disagree with me, but I liked it better then The Looney Tunes in some ways, The Looney Tunes was just random humor, but The Looney Tunes Show this was more interesting, and it was well written.
  • Great modern twist on the old Classics

    People all seem to be biased against this because it is not like the old Looney tunes. Hello, it is not meant to be like the old classics, this is bringing all the classic characters and bringing them into the 21st century. You must admit, their people who made this show all got all the characters personalities and designs right.
  • Give the show a chance you numbnuts...

    You people keep saying CHANGE, I DON'T LIKE CHANGE! It's actually a funny show, undeniably flawed, but still pretty funny. If you don't like the show because you don't think the humor is funny, I can respect that. But if you hate it just because it's DIFFERENT, you're being childish..

    First of all being used to watching the original Looney Tunes back in the 70's on, we loved the old cartoons. When we watched the first few new ones we weren't sure what to think. The modernizing of "the times" & the comments change the dynamics but reserve the animation. Now the Characters have cell phones and state of the art technologies. The voices are amazingly accurate to the original Mel Blanc voices. At first we didn't like the new Daffy character but now find him hysterical. The witty snide selfish comments are so funny. The reviewers who dislike the new series should let go of the old originals and chalk it up as a bygone Era. Once you watch a few of these and get aquainted with Daffy's new girlfriend, Lola, Gossamer & the other revitalized characters you will be rolling. If you like South Park you'll love the new Looneys.

    A must see is:

    -Daffys Handbag/Purse

    -Bugs meets Lola. You'll recognize the voice of Lola's Father.

    -Best Friends & many more. Haven't found one we didn't like.
  • One of Cartoon Network's best shows

    This does not deserved to be cancelled. The animation is well done, the characters and props are perfectly drawn and the whole show is just great!
  • Bringing Back the Classics

    Finally Cartoon Network brings back the old times with Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. It's one of the only reasons I watch Cartoon Network with the Terrible World of Gumball.
  • A show that should be kept on for a long period of time!

    This show is amazing! I don't think it should be cancelled, I love it!
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  • Haters gonna hate

    It's different from the classics, but it's funny in its own right. There is less comedy? Have you watched the show? Even the first episode is chock full of comedy. For example, Daffy has to guess Bugs' catch phrase and he shows how he says it eating a carrot. Guess what Daffy says? I don't do Mondays! Classic... In another one, Daffy, Porky and Lola lose their driver's licenses. After they do their written tests, Daffy bumps into Porky and their tests switch. Porky fails and Daffy passes. The same happens with Lola, but when the invigilator checks Porky's test it says "I LOVE BUGS". This show really has its moments thanks to Daffy's cluelessness. It's hilarious. I've watched the original ones and this new series and I can honestly say this has more humor. The original one had mainly slapstick humor, like Tom and Jerry. I word based humor. Please name the episodes without humor and explain how it has been derived of humor before randomly hating on a show because you don't like the changes.

    I'm sorry that so many people think this isn't a smart show, but I grew up watching the old shorts and never was drawn to how smart the comedy was. This show, like those shorts, makes me laugh. I haven't counted but I'd guess I've seen all of the shorts, in fact I have over 100 on my computer. My son loves the show too, he calls it the "house bugs bunny" and our DVR is jammed with all the episodes. I love the format, I laugh through each episode, and I look forward to each new one. I don't think CN pumps this show enough. This is the only show other than Game of Thrones I follow regularly. I wish there was more involvement of Elmer Fudd and Sylvester and Tweety, but other than that I think this show is great. The problem is it's fighting its own past. Disney has managed to keep Mickey Mouse relevant, but the original WB shorts were never really made for children so trying to change these characters would have been difficult. I'm hoping they get 4 or 5 seasons out of it. It will NEVER be iconic like the old ones, but it's funny as hell and you should watch it, you'll laugh, a lot.
  • ya bro

    ya see that ya this show get's a 10/10 i like the new cartoon network and you guys should too ya forget looney toons this show is the best always will be ya
  • The Old Magic In A Modern Setting!

    I've seen almost every episode of The Looney Tunes Show, and although my initial reaction was to be skeptical, I am completely sold! I am a purist and not usually drawn to remakes and reboots, but this show has done extremely well with creating the perfect balance between paying homage to the originals while bringing new and fresh ideas. For fans of the classic shorts, it's great to see our favorite characters again! I love how they are now placed in a sitcom setting, where they know each other and interact as neighbors and friends (or enemies). So much better than if they had tried to just recapture of the magic of the past, because they would have surely failed dismally. Would definitely compare it to how successfully Tiny Toons was done, only this plays even more into underlining adult humor that Looney Tunes is known for.

    Overall I find the show hilarious and worth watching repeatedly! Great job to everyone involved - looking forward to many more episodes to come!
  • If you are complaining, you are too old to matter

    The key demographic in this series is people under40. If they kept it the same as the original, no one would watch it. I for one didn't want to watch the new series because I thought it would be as lame as the old boring episodes my grandparents watched. But when I saw it, I almost died laughing. Daffy is hilarious. This series is genius. The producers saved the looney tunes from becoming irrelevant. So quit crying old people. You can still watch the reruns of the lame old episodes anytime you want.
  • Not what I expected but much better :)

    Although most of the personalities have been changed (along a different setting), its really impressive to place the Looney tunes in the 21'st century. The stories are interesting and its definitively a way to pass a boring afternoon. If they made Ren and Stimpy in the same format like this, then I would be so thrilled :). Bottom Line, it may have some goof y pointless moments, but it's one of the best shows I've seen in the 2010's, easily, and I would recommend it to anyone.
  • Better than the original Looney Tunes


    Better than the original Looney Tunes.The concept of the show revolves aroundBugsandDaffyliving in the suburbs of Los Angeles with "colorful neighbors" includingLola Bunny,Tina Russo Duck,Porky Pig,Foghorn Leghorn,Elmer Fudd,Sylvester,Tweety,Gossamer,Yosemite Sam,Speedy Gonzales,Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner,Marvin the Martian, Pete Puma and more. In the show, Bugs and Daffy are living in the same house. The new Looney Tunes works great in a half an hour format. It has everybody's favorite classic characters.


    Bugs Bunny(voiced byJeff Bergman): Confident, cool-headed and usually three steps ahead of everybody else, Bugs still has a few surprising quirks, not the least of which is having Daffy Duck as his best friend, owning a Tasmanian Devil, and dating his love intrest and girlfriend named Lola Bunny.
    Daffy Duck(voiced byJeff Bergman):Self-absorbedyetinsecure, Daffy has been living with Bugs for several years. Daffy's extreme personality and outrageous behavior always make life more interesting (and complicated). Despite his flaws, he has managed to make a few lasting friends from his eccentricity, which include sweet Porky, spunky Granny, optimistic Foghorn Leghorn, and his no-nonsense girlfriend Tina.
    Porky Pig(voiced byBob Bergen): Porky's wide-eyed, boyish innocence sometimes makes him an easy target, but he is happy just to be included. While usually a confidant of Daffy's, he sometimes asks Bugs for favors.
    Yosemite Sam(voiced byMaurice LaMarche): Short and short-tempered, Yosemite Sam lives next door to Bugs and Daffy, and also works as a Driver' Ed instructor. He's a liar, a cheat and a sore loser, but he is usually consistent.
    Speedy Gonzales(voiced byFred Armisen, singing voice provided by Mike Smith): Quick and quick-witted, Speedy owns the local pizza place, Pizzarriba, one of the most popular hangouts in town. He lives in a mouse hole in Bugs and Daffy's house.
    Tweety(voiced byJeff Bergman): While Tweety appears to be an innocent, vulnerable canary, underneath his delicate, yellow exterior beats a crafty heart.
    Lola Bunny(voiced byKristen Wiig): Bugs' bubbly, kooky romantic interest and girlfriend, Lola talks a mile a minute, whether anybody else is listening or not.
    Tina Russo Duck(voiced byJennifer Esposito): Daffy's tough, street-smart girlfriend. Tina works at Copy Place and is attracted to Daffy because she "loves a project."
    Tasmanian "Taz" Devil(voiced byJim Cummings): While he's capable of becoming an unstoppable, whirling tornado of destruction, the Tasmanian Devil is usually content just being Bugs Bunny's pet dog.
    Elmer Fudd(voiced byBilly West): Elmer is the resident TV newsman. His dry, sluggish delivery can make even bad news seem not-so-bad.
    Foghorn Leghorn(voiced byJeff Bergman, singing voice provided by Damon Jones): Having worked his way up to be a rich entrepreneur and adventurer, Foghorn refuses to see the negative in any situation, no matter how obvious it might be.

    I think this show is great. I will be tuning every week(possibly reviewing the new episodes).:)

  • This is da result if Looney Tunes met Seinfeld or any other funny sitcom.


    At first, I thought that this show was gonna stink like most of the 'shows' on Cartoon Network. But I've decided 'What the heck, I'll give it a try'. Now, I love The Looney Tunes Show. It's funny, it's original and the Merrie Melodies are pretty catchy.

    The show pretty much revolves around the misadventures of our favorite characters, Bugs and Daffy.Apparently, Bugs is the generic 'Straight Guy' (but still has his looney traits) and Daffy is an even more self-centered but still lovable and has been sponging off the bunny for years. Oh yeah and Porky's an unlucky 'Woobie', Lola is a funny but dumb stalker and the newbie is Tina Russo Duck; Daffy's new tough girlfriend.

    It's greatest show on Cartoon Network(mostly because it's one the few good shows it has). I just wish there's more shows like this.

  • Why is it that when Cartoon Network shows a good show... Everyone complains!?

    I don't know what it is with some people here, but most of the reviews for this show are negative, and I seriously don't understand why.

    This show is absolutely hillarious, and I love it to bits. It's not trying to be like the old show, but instead a sitcom-like tribute or maybe a cash-cow, but it's a good cash-cow for once - unlike the failiure that was Tom & Jerry Tales. Seriously though, just get the fact that this isn't the old show out of your heads, because it's been... 40+ years or so since the original series aired anyway. Things change!

    I love the new voices of the characters, because they sound so similar to the original voice actors such as Mel Blanc. I don't notice any differences with Daffy, Pork Pig, and Yosemite Sam's voices, but I do notice a slight difference with Bugs Bunny's voice. He sounds more mature, and I like that. I believe the V/A did the voice of Buster Bunny from Tiny Toons Adventures, so that's why he sounds so much like Mel Blanc and Bugs.

    I just don't get it though... Why complain? Why ruin it for everyone else? At-least this show has what it takes to get rid of a show that's actually bad, and is currently airing on Cartoon Network at the moment - Problem Solverz. You don't care though... You're just selfish, and are probably are bunch of trolls who actually want Cartoon Network to die. You complained about that god-awful live action series, Out of Jimmy's Head, and Cartoon Network listened and took it off the air, but you still continued to complain, and still do. Tower Prep and Unnatural History were attempts to please you with live-action shows that don't suck, but you continued the whole "Cartoon Network is for cartoons, not live action" stuff, and got them both cancelled too; however; you don't just stop at live-action, but every new cartoon that cartoon network airs... The Amazing Adventures of Gumball has a ridiculously low score... It deserves at-least an 8 or 9, but it has a measly 7+. You constantly go on about how it's flash and stuff, but at-least it's a good show. I just wish you'd all shut up for once, and don't tell me I don't know my Cartoon Network, because I grew up with the network in the 90's.

    Overall, this show gets a solid 10/10 from me. It's improved for me since it began and is now my favourite show on the network besides Regular Show.

    Feel free to down-rate my review haters, because those who like it will just up the rating again.

    Just give Cartoon Network a break, ok? Complain about Nick or Disney, because they're the ones who you should blame for the live-action. They force Cartoon Network to make tough decisions, because of their domination of viewers, and without viewers, Cartoon Network would've died long ago...

    I rest my case...
  • The Return of the Looney Tunes!

    All I can say is that I'm really pleased that the Looney Tunes make their comeback in their whole new animated series since forever. The only problem is that each character now differs from their previous, original forms. For instance, Bugs Bunny looks much shorter from before. Lola Bunny's whole new appearance doesn't match with her original version; her blue eyes are replaced with normal-looking eyes like her boyfriends, and she isn't voiced by Kath Soucie as Kristin Wiig takes over. Also, if I'm not mistaken, her personality has changed from being an athletic sportswoman to a very talkative, bubbly, kooky girl. Comparing with the other Looney Tunes, it's been a very long time since Daffy Duck and Speedy Gonzales got to interact, especially when they co-starred together in most of the classic Looney Tunes shorts produced by Frix Freleng and David H. Patie. Their last short together was an Easter special that ended with Daffy becoming a very sweet and appreciative duck after being dipped in chocolate. The egotistic but insecure black duck and the fastest mouse in all of Mexico were also last seen in the duck's first compilation movie, "Daffy Duck's Fantastic Island". Sylvester and Tweety have been together for a very long time to which reflects their first cartoon together that won the Academy Oscar for Friz Freleng. Daffy has a new girlfriend who is somewhat related to Melissa Duck, except her name is Tina Russo. Witch Hazel's supposed twin sister and mother of the big hairy red monster, Gossamer, is Witch Lezah (with is Hazel spelled backwards apparently). Wile E. Coyote continues to try and catch the Road Runner as always, but the fastest desert bird is constantly one step ahead of the dumb coyote. They did star in three very first theatrical computer-animated shorts together with such vivid furry and feathery graphics of their original designs. In this brand new Looney Tunes series, they will continue with their whole new adventures. No matter what Wile E. Coyote does to endeavor his escapade of getting the Road Runner in his belly, he will never succeed EVER!!! What's even more unusual is that Bugs and Porky get to interact more, which they rarely did back during the early 1930s to late 1970s. However, they were in at least two classic cartoons together.

    I've been waiting for so long since Fall of 2010 for this awesome new Looney Tunes series to air on Cartoon Network. While I am a little disappointed about the revamped appearances, I'm just glad they created a new show with the Looney Tunes characters in it. At least it's better to watch than any of the lamest Disney cartoons, including the ones with the pathetic mouse, grouchy duck, and ditzy bucktoothed mutt. I really don't care if this show is rated TV-PG, because I'll always show a lot of respect and passion for the Warner Brothers' greatest cartoons ever made since 1930. This is one of my many reasons why I love the Warner Brothers and hate Disney with every single fiber in my entire being. Believe it or not, Bugs Bunny should be nominated as the number one cartoon character of all times. How I miss seeing them on television!
  • I absolutely love this show. Bugs Bunny has been my favorite since I can remember, and still is!


    I remember watching Looney Tunes when I was three years old. I had seen Bugs Bunny bend a coin with his teeth, so I tried to do the same. I swallowed a penny.

    I think I may view The Looney Tunes Show a bit differently than some people, considering the not so favorable reviews I've seen. To me, this show does an amazing job at poking fun at what society has become. To me, that's what the show is all about.

  • Excellent

    This is the best cartoon I have ever watched.
  • A Great New Addition to Cartoon Network

    PLOT: Most shows on the current CN hold randomness on a higher pedestal than actual plot. Things that happen in one episode are gone the next, no matter how crazy and life-changing said events were. In this way, The Looney Tunes Show is a welcomed change. Though every episode has closure, important tidbits are kept, giving the series a pleasing amount of continuity. It's not enough that one can't understand the show without watching every episode, but it rewards long-time viewers with jokes that would have otherwise gone undetected. It's a perfect balance.

    One of my favorite aspects of the show's storytelling is the way its plot often diverges into two or three different storylines, all coming together at the end. A good example of this is seen in the piano episode: Daffy decides to learn piano, but due to the noise, Bugs starts wearing earplugs. When he learns how great they are, he decides to wear them all the time, instead of just around Daffy. The show features both of their exploits along with a minor plot with Speedy trying to best a rival restaurant. These three plots come together when Bugs, not being able to hear Speedy's pleas, promises to provide live music for his restaurant. Once he learns of his accidental promise, Bugs needs Daffy's help to provide this music. Some episodes are better than others with these diverging plots, but they are always a welcomed change. Kudos to the writers for putting some effort into their stories!


    CHARACTERS: Another high point of the Looney Tunes Show is its characters. While some find fault with them (especially Lola, Daffy Witch Hazel (now Lezah), and Taz), I have no qualms about these changes. Since the story's setting is in a residential area, having a rampant Tazmanian Devil or an evil witch doesn't really fit. The show isn't about besting foes, it's a sitcom. As for Daffy and Lola, I personally find their idiocy amusing; their antics are a joy to watch, especially when one gets to see the more sane characters' reactions. But I do understand where their haters are coming from; if more than a few characters were like this, I would find it annoying.


    SOUND: The voices are great (but again, some may find fault with a few major changes) and the only somewhat negative aspect I can find in the show is the music. While not bad, the soundtrack seems rather limited; if you watch through every episode, you'll notice a few key songs that are used almost all the time.


    CONCLUSION: It's not for everyone, as these wide range of ratings surely show, but for me, it's the only show worth watching on Cartoon Network. I will admit, the first few episodes weren't that spectacular, but once enough characters are introduced, the show starts becoming very fun.
  • 2nd Season is better

    When I watch that show in the 1st season of the Looney Tunes Show, it has funny moments, but it had a bad start and I hate CGI of Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote. Thank God they got rid of it. When I was watching the 2nd season, that was better than I thought. So, despite of not being original, it's really a funny show.
  • The Looney Tunes are back, and better than ever!

    If you have seen my 200th review you know that in my opinion the Looney Tunes is the best show on TV. So when I heard of a reboot of the series, I was ecstatic. The show this time is not really shorts like before, but each one follows Bugs Bunny, and Daffy Duck. The two live as roommates, and have adventures together like going to a game show, or going on a cruise, and even at a country club. Also in between each episode is a musical number done by other members of the Looney Tunes like Elmer Fudd, and Marvin the Martian. They are pretty good, but they are a little bit too cheesy for my tastes. There is also a Roadrunner, and Wile E. Coyote cartoon at the end of an episode, but for some reason it's in CGI. I will admit the CGI looks good, but I wonder why they couldn't keep it in regular 2D like the actual plots with Bugs and Daffy. The plots themselves are good, but are rehashed, but the humor is what keeps it entertaining. The humor sticks true to the Looney Tunes format utilizing gags, and jokes that are hilarious. The characters still stick to their roots as well. Bugs is still clever, Daffy is still arrogant, and those Elmer still pronounces his R's like W's. I have to admit when Lola Bunny appeared in the series, I was happy to see her back, but I wasn't happy with how they made Lola. Of you recall Space Jam that's when Lola bunny made her appearance. She was tough, independent, and awesome. In this series though she is portrayed as more of an airhead, she's clingy, cries a lot, and is not as strong as before. I hope the writers make her like the Space Jam version instead of the one shown here. The artwork is good in this show. Characters look like who they are supposed to be be, the colors are perfect, and the set designs look great. The animation is also good, and flows smoothly in this cartoon. Overall, despite a few issues here and there you will find The Looney Tunes Show to be an amazing show, and is a great reboot to this show. If you haven't seen it yet then check it out ASAP. It's one more step toward CN going back to being who they were, and hopefully this show along with Gumball will can The Problem Solverz.
  • Despite characters not acting like themselves,Bad CGI shorts,rushed music and too many humans,this show is great

    As much as I think the Looney Tunes is the best cartoon ever,this show is great. I don't think it beats the original Looney Tunes,but still,I love it. In this reboot,Bugs and Daffy are room mates living in the suburbs going on crazy adventures. Now,their just 21 minute episodes than 7 minute shorts. And I love it. It's funny and they didn't even add any fart jokes in here. I also love the Merrie Melodies in this show like I'm a Martian or We are in Love. However,Like in every show,there are the problems. My first problem is the fact that some of the characters don't act like their selves. Elmer doesn't constantly try to kill Bugs,he loves grilled cheese sandwiches now. Witch Hazel is now nice and is called Witch Lezah now(witch is Hazel backwards). Gossamer isn't mean now and is a child now. Tweety doesn't even say "I taught I Taw a Puddy Tat" now, and Granny looks different. Lola was the biggest change. In the original,she was like Jessica Rabbit,now she is an idiot,never shuts up and is a stalker to Bugs. Second,the Road Runner shorts are nothing like the original. It's in CGI now,and Wile E. Coyote gets less injured than the original. They even made a short with them as ninjas fighting. Really? Come on,writers,you can do better than that. Third,the music sounds rushed. They tried to bring back the original music,but now it sounds rushed. And Finally,why are there so many humans on this show? Granny and Elmer are acceptable,but really,in the original,their were barely humans in the show,but now it's populated by humans now. But then,they brought back the "That's All Folks" thing,but we can't see it because of stupid CN'S commercials. And this also has funny characters. Bugs is clever,Daffy is still crazy,Marvin still wants to destroy Earth and Porky still speaks gibberish. In my opinion,this is one of the greatest TV reboots of all time,and I hope it lasts longer.
  • The show that saved CN


    The show is flat out amazing! I have watched every episode at least once, and I was not disappointed! The Looney Tunes Show delivers and then some.

    The characters are great, their voice actors do a phenomenal job, and they are very funny! Yes, some changes have been made to a few of them, such as Witch Lezah, Gossamer, and Lola, but I don't mind these changes. I still love them (especially Lola)!

    I also like how the show is formatted. Usually at the middle of an episode, there's a Merrie Melodies song starring one or two characters. I admit, the first one with Elmer Fudd was a bit odd, but all I other ones I pretty much loved, especially We Are In Love and Yellow Bird (those are my favorites!). And at the end of most the episodes, we see a CGI presentation of the Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote. Sure, the CGI made a huge difference, but with that aside, it's pretty much the same classic chases we know and love to death.

    I absolutely LOVE the quality of the animation on this show! All the characters look AMAZING! The show looks very vivid with color and music, and it actually looks normal, compared to the other "animated" shows on CN.

    I like how the creators experimented with the Looney Tunes by a making a sitcom type of a show, and I think it works! Of course the show isn't like the original shows from the 40's to the 60's, but I really don't give a flapping fladoodle about that, to be honest. Yes, we don't quite see a whole lot of slapstick, dynamite, and trapdoors, but the show delivers comedy in other ways. If you can't find anything funny about this show, that's your problem, not the show's. I find this show to be at least a miracle, because I'm kind of fed up with all the junk that CN has shoved our way (especially with the hypocritical CN Reality shows). The Looney Tunes Show at least is turning CN back in the right direction and starting a bit of a renaissance.

    The show is at least worth checking out for 5 or 6 episodes. If you're a hardcore Looney Tunes fan, you might be disappointed, but if you're just trying to find a decent cartoon to watch on CN, prepare to be AMAZED.

  • Underrated

    This show appears to be underrated. It's way better then Baby Looney Tunes, Loonatics Unleashed and Wabbit which all suck. If this show was made in the late 1990's and early 2000's everyone would of liked it.
  • A new spin to an old classic

    Well, the old Looney Tunes only show the misadventures between themselves, and some parts just kinda get old already Duck vs. Rabbit season). This one, however, gives the characters a modern "kick" to the classic. They don't chase each other for death anymore (which hurts me a little), but shows that the main characters graduated from high school and are tying to live it through college and get a job (which I don't see).
  • Nothing like the originals but Awesome!

    I gotta say this show is nothing like the originals but I still watch the originals in the mornings on cn because it comes on in the mornings but anyways this is a good show sense they brought the loony tunes back, now if they only brought back tiny toon adventures.....
  • Amazing


    I love this show, they take the original characters (and their quirky personalities) and put them in a modernized setting. It's great for the whole family: the kids because the characters are in situations they can relate to, the adults because they know the characters from their childhood. And it has humor that everyone will enjoy: mild cartoon violence for the kiddies, while jokes about everyday life (driving tests, running a pizza place, etc) for the grown ups. I would give it a definite 10 if it weren't for the new CGI animation style of the roadrunner and Wil E. Coyote.

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