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  • Bringing Back the Classics

    Finally Cartoon Network brings back the old times with Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. It's one of the only reasons I watch Cartoon Network with the Terrible World of Gumball.
  • Better than the original Looney Tunes


    Better than the original Looney Tunes.The concept of the show revolves aroundBugsandDaffyliving in the suburbs of Los Angeles with "colorful neighbors" includingLola Bunny,Tina Russo Duck,Porky Pig,Foghorn Leghorn,Elmer Fudd,Sylvester,Tweety,Gossamer,Yosemite Sam,Speedy Gonzales,Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner,Marvin the Martian, Pete Puma and more. In the show, Bugs and Daffy are living in the same house. The new Looney Tunes works great in a half an hour format. It has everybody's favorite classic characters.


    Bugs Bunny(voiced byJeff Bergman): Confident, cool-headed and usually three steps ahead of everybody else, Bugs still has a few surprising quirks, not the least of which is having Daffy Duck as his best friend, owning a Tasmanian Devil, and dating his love intrest and girlfriend named Lola Bunny.
    Daffy Duck(voiced byJeff Bergman):Self-absorbedyetinsecure, Daffy has been living with Bugs for several years. Daffy's extreme personality and outrageous behavior always make life more interesting (and complicated). Despite his flaws, he has managed to make a few lasting friends from his eccentricity, which include sweet Porky, spunky Granny, optimistic Foghorn Leghorn, and his no-nonsense girlfriend Tina.
    Porky Pig(voiced byBob Bergen): Porky's wide-eyed, boyish innocence sometimes makes him an easy target, but he is happy just to be included. While usually a confidant of Daffy's, he sometimes asks Bugs for favors.
    Yosemite Sam(voiced byMaurice LaMarche): Short and short-tempered, Yosemite Sam lives next door to Bugs and Daffy, and also works as a Driver' Ed instructor. He's a liar, a cheat and a sore loser, but he is usually consistent.
    Speedy Gonzales(voiced byFred Armisen, singing voice provided by Mike Smith): Quick and quick-witted, Speedy owns the local pizza place, Pizzarriba, one of the most popular hangouts in town. He lives in a mouse hole in Bugs and Daffy's house.
    Tweety(voiced byJeff Bergman): While Tweety appears to be an innocent, vulnerable canary, underneath his delicate, yellow exterior beats a crafty heart.
    Lola Bunny(voiced byKristen Wiig): Bugs' bubbly, kooky romantic interest and girlfriend, Lola talks a mile a minute, whether anybody else is listening or not.
    Tina Russo Duck(voiced byJennifer Esposito): Daffy's tough, street-smart girlfriend. Tina works at Copy Place and is attracted to Daffy because she "loves a project."
    Tasmanian "Taz" Devil(voiced byJim Cummings): While he's capable of becoming an unstoppable, whirling tornado of destruction, the Tasmanian Devil is usually content just being Bugs Bunny's pet dog.
    Elmer Fudd(voiced byBilly West): Elmer is the resident TV newsman. His dry, sluggish delivery can make even bad news seem not-so-bad.
    Foghorn Leghorn(voiced byJeff Bergman, singing voice provided by Damon Jones): Having worked his way up to be a rich entrepreneur and adventurer, Foghorn refuses to see the negative in any situation, no matter how obvious it might be.

    I think this show is great. I will be tuning every week(possibly reviewing the new episodes).:)

  • A show that should be kept on for a long period of time!

    This show is amazing! I don't think it should be cancelled, I love it!
  • Underrated

    I actually enjoy this show. Sure, it isn't the best thing in the world, but hey! It's still a good show, if you ignore it isn't slapstick! Big deal if it isn't! It's still Looney Tunes, with good plotted-stories.
  • Why you guys dismiss this show so much?

    Yeah, I noticed the personalities of the characters were changed. Maybe way too much.

    But that doesn't mean this should be labeled "garbage". I found this way more entertaining than everything else airing in Cartoon Network nowadays. Season 1 was only watchable, boring at times, but Season 2 was such a great evolution in episode scripts and characters' lines. It delivered a lot of funny moments!

    It's a shame the people at CN didn't give this show a couple more seasons, it was definitely going in the right direction. This is one of the reasons I dropped kids' television. I can't stand the nonsense of current animations like Adventure Time.
  • The Old Magic In A Modern Setting!

    I've seen almost every episode of The Looney Tunes Show, and although my initial reaction was to be skeptical, I am completely sold! I am a purist and not usually drawn to remakes and reboots, but this show has done extremely well with creating the perfect balance between paying homage to the originals while bringing new and fresh ideas. For fans of the classic shorts, it's great to see our favorite characters again! I love how they are now placed in a sitcom setting, where they know each other and interact as neighbors and friends (or enemies). So much better than if they had tried to just recapture of the magic of the past, because they would have surely failed dismally. Would definitely compare it to how successfully Tiny Toons was done, only this plays even more into underlining adult humor that Looney Tunes is known for.

    Overall I find the show hilarious and worth watching repeatedly! Great job to everyone involved - looking forward to many more episodes to come!
  • Not what I expected but much better :)

    Although most of the personalities have been changed (along a different setting), its really impressive to place the Looney tunes in the 21'st century. The stories are interesting and its definitively a way to pass a boring afternoon. If they made Ren and Stimpy in the same format like this, then I would be so thrilled :). Bottom Line, it may have some goof y pointless moments, but it's one of the best shows I've seen in the 2010's, easily, and I would recommend it to anyone.
  • Step in the right direction Cartoon Network.

    if you took all of Cartoon Networks new shows and put them in a list and asked me to pick out my top 3 my list would be this:

    1.Adventure Time

    2.Regular Show

    3.The Looney Tunes Show

    This show to me is basically what if we gave a 3-act structure to the old Friz Freleng and chuck jones cartoons and its done REALLY well. The plot of the show is bugs and daffy live together as roomies in a neighborhood with the other characters and hi-jinks ensue. the basic plot alone of bugs and daffy as roomies itself is so good, its one of those plots that can have so many ideas spring from itself and flow as you think it would, like one episode daffy gets a letter for his high school reunion daffy realizes that hes done nothing with his life and goes to bugs for advice bugs tells him he never went but instead done tons of things with his life, like became batman and it happens just as you thing daffy tells a bunch of different lies and eventually it crashes on him like you would expect. now am i saying this series is perfect? no its far from it. Where this series fails is in its character choices, its not that they're just "interesting". For instance Lola is a quirky airhead, Porky is ..... kinda like Gil from The Simpsons, and taz has become the pet of bugs and daffy. Another problem i have with this series is its cast of characters they chose to downplay a lot of the main cast form the old cartoons for more obscure characters like the witch and gossimer are mother and son who appear every now and then or the two groundhogs that pestered Sylvester on occasion are basically in every episode, and daffys girlfriend( paula?) appears pretty frequently. All in all if you liked the old show you'll probably like this show too give it a shot.
  • ya bro

    ya see that ya this show get's a 10/10 i like the new cartoon network and you guys should too ya forget looney toons this show is the best always will be ya
  • I am not comparing this to the originals, they are in a league of their own. But as a sitcom, a show, and a cartoon, this falls flat on it's wabbit foot. Featuring bad animation, unfunny dialogue, and 1 dimensional characters, I don't enjoy watching this.


    This show tries too hard to be a good show. The humor is bland and unoriginal, the characters are too unrealistic, and the animation looks too blocky and stiff. Let me explain.

    The humor/writing: I tried hard to find some humor in this show. Really, really hard. But for me, there was not a lot to be found. The Merrie Melodies are just annoying; I only enjoyed the one with Yosemite Sam blowing his stack. Other than that, I can't find much laughs in this show.

    The animation: the animation looks like it was rushed and aired as fast as possible. The characters are stiff and blocky, and are not appealing to the eye. And what is with the 3D Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote? What is wrong with 2D? The look is just disturbing.

    The characters: The characters are just plain boring and too stereotypical. Bugs whines too much and is lazy, Daffy is a complete idiot, and everyone else just has no personality. Taz is Bugs' dog? Come on, what were they thinking? And what about the situations? Bugs WANTS too stay in jail. Sure, it's somewhat original, but it just gets so annoying! I'm sorry, but this is not what humor is.

    I tried to like this, and I see a lot of positive reviews, but that is just my opinion, take it or leave it.

  • It's not as horrible as some reviewers say, but it's not as great either.


    I LOVE the Looney Tunes. When I was younger, I watched the antics of Bugs Bunny and co. and I grew to love the classic cartoons. While good and bad spin-offs have came and left, I always still preferred the older shorts. Sadly, the Looney Tunes Show still isn't the spin-off I can compare to the "Golden Oldies" favourably.

    The Looney Tunes Show is a reboot of the classic Looney Tunes characters. Instead of the three-shorts format, the show now takes a one-plot episode format, with a musical number and a Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner short to break up the action. But for some reason, the latter shorts are in CGI. To be honest, the stylistic change is quite jarring, considering the rest of the show is in 2D animation, but that isn't the worst of the show's problems.

    First off, the changes in characterization and setting. The characters now live in a surburban setting, and Bugs and Daffy are roommates who have adventures together. The setting change didn't bug me, but when it came to the characterization changes and the humour... hoo boy. Bugs is still the clever rabbit I grew up with, but for some reason, I think he's gotten a bit more smug. Daffy is now a moron. ...OK, so he was kinda dumb in the original shorts, but it was the funny kind of dumb. Now he just irks me.

    Other characters have also been changed. Taz is now Bugs's pet (what?!), the Witch now has the voice of a black woman, and there are not many core antagonists, as the dynamics have been messed with dramatically. However, I do give the writers credit for giving Lola more personality than she had in Space Jam. Lola's a decent character, albeit somewhat-annoying, but at least she has more background than just an "athelete".

    The art style was what impressed me the most - it's nice to look at, and the characters designs stay similar to the originals. However, the animation is only TV-quality (compared to the classic cartoons, which were higher quality). Also, I think it was just an issue with my TV, but... was it me, or did Bugs's fur look kinda pinkish in colour?

    The humour is what annoyed me the most about the show. I grew up with the physical slapstick of the original cartoons. Now it's a dialogue-based sitcom, something that doesn't really work with the Looney Tunes. While I was watching the episodes, I was actually *waiting* for the slapstick to start. That's how unfitting the humour is.

    In a nutshell, I'm just dissapointed in this revival. I'd still rather watch the older cartoons anyday. However, the Looney Tunes Show has gotten a mixed reaction, as the reviews below me have shown. Personally, I'm just underwhelmed.

  • A Great New Addition to Cartoon Network

    PLOT: Most shows on the current CN hold randomness on a higher pedestal than actual plot. Things that happen in one episode are gone the next, no matter how crazy and life-changing said events were. In this way, The Looney Tunes Show is a welcomed change. Though every episode has closure, important tidbits are kept, giving the series a pleasing amount of continuity. It's not enough that one can't understand the show without watching every episode, but it rewards long-time viewers with jokes that would have otherwise gone undetected. It's a perfect balance.

    One of my favorite aspects of the show's storytelling is the way its plot often diverges into two or three different storylines, all coming together at the end. A good example of this is seen in the piano episode: Daffy decides to learn piano, but due to the noise, Bugs starts wearing earplugs. When he learns how great they are, he decides to wear them all the time, instead of just around Daffy. The show features both of their exploits along with a minor plot with Speedy trying to best a rival restaurant. These three plots come together when Bugs, not being able to hear Speedy's pleas, promises to provide live music for his restaurant. Once he learns of his accidental promise, Bugs needs Daffy's help to provide this music. Some episodes are better than others with these diverging plots, but they are always a welcomed change. Kudos to the writers for putting some effort into their stories!


    CHARACTERS: Another high point of the Looney Tunes Show is its characters. While some find fault with them (especially Lola, Daffy Witch Hazel (now Lezah), and Taz), I have no qualms about these changes. Since the story's setting is in a residential area, having a rampant Tazmanian Devil or an evil witch doesn't really fit. The show isn't about besting foes, it's a sitcom. As for Daffy and Lola, I personally find their idiocy amusing; their antics are a joy to watch, especially when one gets to see the more sane characters' reactions. But I do understand where their haters are coming from; if more than a few characters were like this, I would find it annoying.


    SOUND: The voices are great (but again, some may find fault with a few major changes) and the only somewhat negative aspect I can find in the show is the music. While not bad, the soundtrack seems rather limited; if you watch through every episode, you'll notice a few key songs that are used almost all the time.


    CONCLUSION: It's not for everyone, as these wide range of ratings surely show, but for me, it's the only show worth watching on Cartoon Network. I will admit, the first few episodes weren't that spectacular, but once enough characters are introduced, the show starts becoming very fun.
  • One of Cartoon Network's best shows

    This does not deserved to be cancelled. The animation is well done, the characters and props are perfectly drawn and the whole show is just great!
  • If you are complaining, you are too old to matter

    The key demographic in this series is people under40. If they kept it the same as the original, no one would watch it. I for one didn't want to watch the new series because I thought it would be as lame as the old boring episodes my grandparents watched. But when I saw it, I almost died laughing. Daffy is hilarious. This series is genius. The producers saved the looney tunes from becoming irrelevant. So quit crying old people. You can still watch the reruns of the lame old episodes anytime you want.
  • I think it is watchable but it is terrible compared to the originals

    I`d rather be watching the classic Looney Toons show as that one was actually funny and a classic. Plus, there were a few moments that I actually said to myself, "Wait, I thought this was a KIDS show" , after a violent scene got shown.
  • Great reboot of TLS


    I thought this was a great reboot of the Looney Tunes Show. While This is a new series with the original Looney Tunes characters reprising their roles, including Road Runner & Wile E. Coyote as well as Merrie Melodies segments returning. All of the original actors are returning to voice their characters. Bugs and Daffy goes through the suburban living whilesharing the same house and meeting their colorful neighborsit is great to have Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck as main characters, I do wish the other recurring characters are seen often. Anyway, I enjoyed most of everything in this new version. I liked the Merrie Melodies, they're one of the few best part of the show. A few problems on the show is that I don't really enjoy the Road Runner and Wilote Coyote shorts, it is not that great to me and it is very predictable that Wilote Coyote will fails catching the Road Runner. Sorry, I'm not fond of those segments at all. Also, I kinda don't like Lola's fast speaking personality. I can'trememberher own personality. Voices are great and does so the singing in the Merrie Melodies segments. Overall, a superb Looney Tunes show. 9/10

  • The show that saved CN


    The show is flat out amazing! I have watched every episode at least once, and I was not disappointed! The Looney Tunes Show delivers and then some.

    The characters are great, their voice actors do a phenomenal job, and they are very funny! Yes, some changes have been made to a few of them, such as Witch Lezah, Gossamer, and Lola, but I don't mind these changes. I still love them (especially Lola)!

    I also like how the show is formatted. Usually at the middle of an episode, there's a Merrie Melodies song starring one or two characters. I admit, the first one with Elmer Fudd was a bit odd, but all I other ones I pretty much loved, especially We Are In Love and Yellow Bird (those are my favorites!). And at the end of most the episodes, we see a CGI presentation of the Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote. Sure, the CGI made a huge difference, but with that aside, it's pretty much the same classic chases we know and love to death.

    I absolutely LOVE the quality of the animation on this show! All the characters look AMAZING! The show looks very vivid with color and music, and it actually looks normal, compared to the other "animated" shows on CN.

    I like how the creators experimented with the Looney Tunes by a making a sitcom type of a show, and I think it works! Of course the show isn't like the original shows from the 40's to the 60's, but I really don't give a flapping fladoodle about that, to be honest. Yes, we don't quite see a whole lot of slapstick, dynamite, and trapdoors, but the show delivers comedy in other ways. If you can't find anything funny about this show, that's your problem, not the show's. I find this show to be at least a miracle, because I'm kind of fed up with all the junk that CN has shoved our way (especially with the hypocritical CN Reality shows). The Looney Tunes Show at least is turning CN back in the right direction and starting a bit of a renaissance.

    The show is at least worth checking out for 5 or 6 episodes. If you're a hardcore Looney Tunes fan, you might be disappointed, but if you're just trying to find a decent cartoon to watch on CN, prepare to be AMAZED.


    I'm sorry that so many people think this isn't a smart show, but I grew up watching the old shorts and never was drawn to how smart the comedy was. This show, like those shorts, makes me laugh. I haven't counted but I'd guess I've seen all of the shorts, in fact I have over 100 on my computer. My son loves the show too, he calls it the "house bugs bunny" and our DVR is jammed with all the episodes. I love the format, I laugh through each episode, and I look forward to each new one. I don't think CN pumps this show enough. This is the only show other than Game of Thrones I follow regularly. I wish there was more involvement of Elmer Fudd and Sylvester and Tweety, but other than that I think this show is great. The problem is it's fighting its own past. Disney has managed to keep Mickey Mouse relevant, but the original WB shorts were never really made for children so trying to change these characters would have been difficult. I'm hoping they get 4 or 5 seasons out of it. It will NEVER be iconic like the old ones, but it's funny as hell and you should watch it, you'll laugh, a lot.
  • Why is it that when Cartoon Network shows a good show... Everyone complains!?

    I don't know what it is with some people here, but most of the reviews for this show are negative, and I seriously don't understand why.

    This show is absolutely hillarious, and I love it to bits. It's not trying to be like the old show, but instead a sitcom-like tribute or maybe a cash-cow, but it's a good cash-cow for once - unlike the failiure that was Tom & Jerry Tales. Seriously though, just get the fact that this isn't the old show out of your heads, because it's been... 40+ years or so since the original series aired anyway. Things change!

    I love the new voices of the characters, because they sound so similar to the original voice actors such as Mel Blanc. I don't notice any differences with Daffy, Pork Pig, and Yosemite Sam's voices, but I do notice a slight difference with Bugs Bunny's voice. He sounds more mature, and I like that. I believe the V/A did the voice of Buster Bunny from Tiny Toons Adventures, so that's why he sounds so much like Mel Blanc and Bugs.

    I just don't get it though... Why complain? Why ruin it for everyone else? At-least this show has what it takes to get rid of a show that's actually bad, and is currently airing on Cartoon Network at the moment - Problem Solverz. You don't care though... You're just selfish, and are probably are bunch of trolls who actually want Cartoon Network to die. You complained about that god-awful live action series, Out of Jimmy's Head, and Cartoon Network listened and took it off the air, but you still continued to complain, and still do. Tower Prep and Unnatural History were attempts to please you with live-action shows that don't suck, but you continued the whole "Cartoon Network is for cartoons, not live action" stuff, and got them both cancelled too; however; you don't just stop at live-action, but every new cartoon that cartoon network airs... The Amazing Adventures of Gumball has a ridiculously low score... It deserves at-least an 8 or 9, but it has a measly 7+. You constantly go on about how it's flash and stuff, but at-least it's a good show. I just wish you'd all shut up for once, and don't tell me I don't know my Cartoon Network, because I grew up with the network in the 90's.

    Overall, this show gets a solid 10/10 from me. It's improved for me since it began and is now my favourite show on the network besides Regular Show.

    Feel free to down-rate my review haters, because those who like it will just up the rating again.

    Just give Cartoon Network a break, ok? Complain about Nick or Disney, because they're the ones who you should blame for the live-action. They force Cartoon Network to make tough decisions, because of their domination of viewers, and without viewers, Cartoon Network would've died long ago...

    I rest my case...
  • I absolutely love this show. Bugs Bunny has been my favorite since I can remember, and still is!


    I remember watching Looney Tunes when I was three years old. I had seen Bugs Bunny bend a coin with his teeth, so I tried to do the same. I swallowed a penny.

    I think I may view The Looney Tunes Show a bit differently than some people, considering the not so favorable reviews I've seen. To me, this show does an amazing job at poking fun at what society has become. To me, that's what the show is all about.

  • This show is just a DISGRACE to the original!

    Of all the repulsive shit that Warner Bros. has done with the Looney Tunes thus far, this sad-sack excuse for a show has got to be the worst! Frankly the idea that they would even dare to call this show, "The Looney Tunes Show" is not only false advertising, it's fucking blasphemy!

    Let me go down the list of some of the major problems with this horrid show and explain my grievances in spiteful detail (more detailed listings will follow with future pieces).


    Who the FUCK thought that a lame-ass sitcom format was appropriate for a show featuring the goddamn Looney Tunes?! Honestly, this idea reeks of Warner Bros. and Cartoon Network trying to jump on the Family Guy bandwagon (much like how they tried to jump on the Muppet Babies bandwagon when they made Baby Looney Tunes). It's not so much that a sitcom format couldn't have worked, but much like with prior Looney Tune disasters such as Baby Looney Tunes and Loonatics Unleashed, the creators of this show forgot they were dealing with the fuckin' Looney Tunes and that the Looney Tunes are most famous for one particular LOONEY! For a show starring the animated grandfathers of cartoon slapstick, there isn't a damn thing looney, wacky, or even slightly funny about this show! Did the people who wrote this slop somehow manage to grow up having never watched a single Looney Tunes cartoon? I mean, sure, you can have Bugs and Daffy living as roommates and the setting for each episode take place in a suburban town, but that doesn't mean it has to be as boring as life in a fuckin' suburban town! Have them slip on a banana peel, or fall down a flight of stairs accompanied by some smashy-crashy sound effects. Have a scene where Daffy or Bugs tries to bake a cake and fucks it up royally in a highly cartoonish and zany way. I mean some of Mickey Mouse's old cartoons had more wackiness than the episodes of this damn would it have killed them to remember that Bugs and Daffy are bitter rivals? Even at the best of times they're still fickle friends. Have Bugs occasionally pull tricks on Daffy and Daffy get mad and lose his temper thus leading him to do something stupid out of anger which in turn would result in cartoonish hilarity. Seriously, try and remember you're dealing with classic fuckin' cartoon is what happens when you get former SNL writers to try and write something actually funny!


    Perhaps the biggest and most disgusting offense of this damn show is the absolute bastardization of the Looney Tunes characters themselves. The characters in this show are not so much the Looney Tunes as much as they are terrible actors playing bland characters in animal costumes. The characters are so unlike themselves until I fail to see how any true fan of the Looney Tunes would not be utterly disgusted by these pitiful and greatly unreasonable facsimiles. Bugs Bunny, who in near all prior Looney Tunes-related media (excluding Loonatics Unleashed and Baby Looney Tunes) was the slick wiseguy hero who always came out on top, is now a sad pathetic whiny loser who's always letting himself get pushed around! To add insult to injury the writers also felt the need to force Bugs to refrain from uttering his signature line. What kind of fuckin' Looney Tunes cartoon has Bugs Bunny not saying "Eh, What's Up, Doc?" Daffy Duck, who in the classics showed a diverse personality ranging from wild and zany to devious and manipulative to greedy and self-centered is downgraded to the level of a fuckin' moron for what appears to be no other reason than fuckin' morons have somehow become a staple of low-level uncreative lazy comedy these days; for prime examples see Peter Griffin, Philip J. Fry, and Spongebob that I don't enjoy Family Guy and Futurama (FUCK Spongebob), but this is motherfuckin' Looney Tunes! More effort and intelligence needs to go into the comedy than just focusing on a stupid character doing stupid things! They somehow found a way to make Speedy Gonzales an offensive stereotype where he wasn't before, they turned the Goofy Gophers into a borderline gay couple where before they were just insanely polite, Gossamer's a fuckin' child for some reason, and they turned Witch Hazel into goddamn Mammy Two-Shoes! Honestly, for me the straw that broke the camel's back was when I saw the episode where they turned Taz into a motherfuckin' dog, and Bugs' pet no less! WHAT THE FUCK?!

    2.1) LOLA BUNNY

    This show's interpretation of Lola Bunny was so bad it deserves its own separate space on this list so I can berate it specifically! The nimrods will say that Lola Bunny didn't really have a personality in Space Jam, and while that is true IT IS NOT TRUE when they claim this freakin' show gave her a personality! Let's get one goddamn thing clear! This show did not give Lola Bunny a personality! They just turned her into a bland stereotype; the stereotype of dumb blonde to be exact! Dumb and blonde is not a personality! It's a fuckin' stereotype! They made Lola into fuckin' stereotype so they could add another painfully stupid character to the show to try and make it even more like Family Guy and Spongebob, and because its much easier to write material for a dumb witless female character than it is to write for a strong, independent female character; which is what Lola had the makings of in Space Jam. They should have expanded on the personality she started to show in Space Jam instead of taking the path of least originality and making her a fuckin' dumbass! In fact, Lola is so stupid and witless until she's utterly annoying, and while some my say that supposed to be the point, there's an obvious little rule to character development and story-writing that the "writers" of this show and the philistines who defend it apparently never learned; YOU NEVER CREATE A CHARACTER SO FUCKIN' ANNOYING UNTIL THE AUDIENCE CAN'T EVEN STAND THEM!!! One of the first major rules to good story-writing is to never alienate your audience. You should never put a character in a story that is so obnoxious that the story becomes unbearable for your audience to continue showing interest. The key to story-telling is to keep the audience focused on the story by making the story appealing and the characters likable (or at least, tolerable), and if you do put an overly obnoxious character in a story you should have enough courtesy for your audience to give them some form of relief from that character; sort of like how Brainy Smurf would always get tossed out of the smurf village on his head at the end of every cartoon, or how Garfield would always mail Nermal to Abu Dhabi. If they were going to put this repulsive version of Lola in this show, they should have given us the pleasure of seeing something unpleasant befall her before the end of each episode she's having an anvil fall on her or have her get run over by a steam-roller or something. Frankly, ever since the very first episode she was in I wanted to jump in the cartoon myself and light that bitch on fire!


    The so-called "Merrie Melodies" segments are another sin of this show, and I'm not sure what's the greater sin: the fact that the horrible nature of these songs is an insult to the classic Merrie Melodies cartoons or that these songs are so mind-numbingly stupid and badly-written it's like somebody sniffed paint thinner before writing the lyrics. Anytime you got Elmer Fudd singing about grilled damn cheese you are obviously not playing with a full deck! The in-show songs from "Sonic Underground" weren't even this abysmal!


    Now I'm not the kind of superficial guy to get all bent out of shape over appearances, and if this show wasn't so insanely bad in other areas I could have overlooked it, but my freakin' nephew could have drawn more appealing-looking characters and he's barely two years old! If Warner Bros. and Cartoon Network were trying to rip-off shows like Family Guy with this shit they failed in more ways than one 'cause not only is Family Guy funnier than this show (which is a sin all on its own), but Family Guy even looks more visually appealing than this shit (which is also a sin)!

  • Not the worst show on CN, but there's more bad than good


    I'll be honest. I've never been too big a fan of the Looney Tunes. But even so, I decided it wouldn't hurt to give this show a chance. Now...I can safely tell you that you aren't missing too much.

    Quite honestly, the only thing I found funny about the show is Daffy. Sure, he's an idiot, but he thinks he's a genius. The only episode I've found enjoyable is the episode with Daffy and Gossamar ("ONE OF THESE!"), because not only was Daffy funny, but I actually liked Gossamar's little kid voice (he's voiced by the little boy who voices Darwin on "Gumball").

    As for everything and everyone else...well, they suck. Bugs is kind of a jerk, Sam is even more annoying than usual, Taz became a "dog" named "Poochie," and Porky just became...sad.

    But, hands-down, the character this show's creators have mangled the most is Lola Bunny. They turned a strong, independent woman into a bipolar stalker. Is her behavior supposed to be funny? I'm sorry, but she doesn't belong with Bugs in this show; she belongs in an asylum.

    And don't even get me started on those stupid music videos and Coyote/Roadrunner shorts. We don't need to see these (and the show's commercials, for that matter) 100 times a day. One word: UGH.

    My final opinion: don't bother with this show. It doesn't do any of these characters justice.

  • Larry and Balki are back - in cartoon form. It's the return of an animated Perfect Strangers.


    I really tried to give The Looney Tunes Show a chance, but it tries too hard and fails at being a decent show.

    What made the old Looney Tunes shorts from the 30s through the 60s so successful was quality writing with timeless music and gags that are as funny and enjoyable today as they were long ago.

    I'm probably a little too old-school, but I grew up on the old skits. The animated sitcom idea just doesn't go over so well with me and it appears that several other people didn't really care for it, either. The reviews all seem to be a mixed bag here. Many people like it, while only a few do not.

    Some other reviewers used this example and I'm going to use it as well - the Grilled Cheese sketch with Elmer Fudd. When I think of Elmer Fudd, I see someone in hunting gear with a gun going out to hunt for rabbits or in the case of the Bugs and Daffy shorts, hunting for rabbits and ducks. Seeing him working a day job, then coming home and dressing up in a fancy tux to sing a romantic song about grilled cheese sandwiches was not only very out of character and off for Elmer, but very disturbing. I doubt very many children or even adults understood the point of the sketch. I sure didn't.

    Bugs and Daffy are also off. I feel like I'm watching an animated version of Perfect Strangers every time I've tried to watch this show. I envision Bugs as being Larry and Daffy as being Balki. The real Larry and Balki (Mark Linn Baker and Bronson Pinchot) are way funnier than the animated Larry and Balki wannabees, and if I want to watch Perfect Strangers, I'll go grab my seasons 1 and 2 DVD set and watch that.

    I think Mel Blanc would probably be rolling over in his grave if he saw this show. It's nothing like the Looney Tunes we grew up with and with Looney Tunes being the classic that it is, you don't mess with a classic. It's simply not done. I honestly don't know what the writers and producers were thinking here.

    I'm not sure how the ratings have been for this show since I gave up on it after a few episodes, but I was sadly disappointed with The Looney Tunes Show.

    Cartoon Network, like Nickelodeon, used to hold higher standards when it came to what shows they would put on the air and what shows they would not. But it's fallen by the wayside, sadly to say.

    Then again, what good cartoons are even on TV anymore? I haven't seen any in several years now.

    I realize not everyone will agree with this review, but it's really one of those 'to each their own' kind of shows. There are a lot of people who do like this show, but for some like myself, it just isn't my cup of tea.

  • It's ok.

    OK, so it's obviously not the original Looney Tunes. And that's quite a shame, seeing as those cartoons had some of the best animated characters of all time. But is it terrible? Not entirely. Sure, it's cheap, poorly animated and is those beloved characters in name only, but It's quite entertaining and funny. Nowhere near the greatest cartoon of all time, which would be it's namesake... but not quite on my list of shows I hate so bad I wish I could erase from my mind.
  • The program is good, but they are in the shadows

    The original looney tunes are (according to most critics) one of the best animated series of all time. They try to resuscitate it with this cheap stuff but, let's face it, you chose the wrong series to try to revive.
  • A very hit-and-miss show, but still a decent revival of the Looney Tunes.


    What can I say? I like it. I really do. I know it's no where near the caliber of the original classics, but it's still an enjoyable show compared with everything else on Cartoon Network now. They even brought back the originals to air thanks to this show. So some gooddidcome out of it after all.I think I can name some good reasons why this show works. Here we go:

    #1.)The show's creators.

    I've done a little research and figured out that this show has been made by two animators named Spike Brandit and Tony Cervone. These two are animators with a history at Warner Bros, working there since the 1990's according to their IMDB pages. Their credits include directing a fewAnimaniacs!episodes and creatingTom and Jerry Taleswith the help of Joe Barbera. Now they're in charge of everything T & J related. They were also involved in another Looney Tunes show that's been well received by a lot of Tune-heads like me: a little dity calledDuck Dodgers.

    So yeah... these guys have experience with these characters.And that's a good thing. At least WB had the decency to give the show to people who know and care about these characters vs giving them to someone like Seth MacFarlane (thank God he doesn't handle the show!) It shows that the company still does care about the Looney Tunes.

    #2.) The animation

    I know that it's still kinda TV-ish quality, but again, it's still much better than anything else on CN. The show is traditionally animated and colored with computers. I think that's how it's handled, but I'm just guessing here.

    Above is a still from one of the latest episodes. Looking at it alone says (to me, at least)that the quality is still pretty high for a TV cartoon, so give it some slack here. The backgrounds are amazing (I really love the paint-splatter technique for the skies in this show. It's just wonderful to look at.) I'm pretty sure this show has a high budget so it allows for better animation.

    Speaking of which, I forgot to mention the designs by Ms. Jessica Borutski. I defended her a lot in my last post, so I'll cut to the chase here. They do look nice and have a refreshing new look our friends. I still can't figure out why Bugs is purple, though...

    #3) The Looney Tunes are still more or less the same as they were in the Golden Era.

    That is to say without a few adjustments, But very little has changed about they're personalities: Bugs is still a wise-cracking smart-ass, Porky is still a very mild mannered nice guy, Yosemite Sam is still brash and loud, and the gophers are, well, themselves.

    Few have changed kind of drastically since the classics. One is Daffy.

    A few people have described him as a buffoon, even calling him the new Peter Griffin (...that hurt just to say that.) Well, I think Daffy here is more or less based off of his character in theDuck Dodgersshow. Here, he's still narcissistic, zealous, obnoxious, slobbish, and oblivious to everyone else's needs or desires from him. He's also completely in over his head, believing that he's the center of the universe, even though he isn't and sort of has a very high opinion of himself.The persona says Jones-ish, yet the look says Clampett. It's a nice fresh take.

    But that's nowhere near the one character that needed an upgrade and benefited from it: Lola fromSpace Jam.

    If you've seenSpace Jam, then you'll know Lola. In the movie, she was basically a paper cit-out of a female athlete. Harsh but true. She wasn't funny or fun in the movie and I think she hasn't been seen since then. (except for the baby revival show)Spike and Tony took her in and actually made her a fun character, even if she can be kind of annoying. Here, she's the very ditsy, clingy, obsessive semi-girlfriend of Bugs. I say semi because Bugs doesn't feel the same way about Lola, calling her crazy on a few occasions.Then again, can you blame him?

    #4.) The main stories are still kind of fun

    The stories are sort of a hit-and-miss to be honest. But there's more good ones than mediocre, so it's not so bad.

    My favorites, so far are:

    The Jailbird and Jailbunny:Daffy gets arrested for littering the Grand Canyon and drags Bugs along for disrupting the court. It's kind of funny after the two break out. Bugs wants to go back because he can make fun of the other prisoners and get away with it, calling it a smart-alec's paradise (makes sense).

    Casa de Calma: Bugs and Daffy go to a spa. Disaster meets Daffy after trying to impress a starlet. This is so far the most like the original classics out of all the ones that aired.

    Devil Dog: The Tasmanian devil escapes from the zoo and makes it to Bugs' house. Taz is really intimidating at the beginning. He acts more like the real animal he's based on and even has red eyes! He's never been more scary. Bugs eventually tames him thanks to Speedy's advice (I'll admit, that killed the mood for a while) and the two become friends.

    The Foghorn Leghorn Story: Daffy is offered a lead in Foghorn's new biopic. There's a great fight scene in the end.

    Eligible Bachelors: Bugs and Daffy get auctioned at a bachelor auction. Lola gets Bugs on a date in Paris and Daffy gets the day with Granny. (She only wanted him to help out with chores. She's 90. Get your mind out of the gutter!) Granny then engages Daffy and the audience in a very gritty WWII story where she saves the artwork at the Louvre. It's actually really cool.

    So those are my thoughts onThe Looney Tunes Show. It's an ok show. It's fun, neat-looking, and worth the thirty minutes.

    I know I've listed some good qualities about the show, but it's not perfect. For example, I don't care for the CGI Coyote-Roadrunner shorts, which by the way, why didn't just animate them like the rest of the show? It'd look a lot better to me. And why are they only two minutes? That's about the length of onejokein some of the originals.

    But you should check it out. And I'll say it now so it doesn't look like I'm defending the show to death: nothing beats the classics. They brought them back thanks to this show on CN and there's also the DVD's.

    Well, th-th-th-th-that's all folks! Hope you enjoyed!

  • I thought that the remake of the original Looney Tunes was a terrible idea, but I actually like this show.

    The show takes away the "lonney-ness" out of the original characters and, in my opinion, uses a complete different plot. The characters are acting crazy cartoons, they're acting like crazy human-beings. If you forget about the fact that they complete removed the original concept of Looney Tunes, the show isn't too bad.
  • Good and Bad.

    I agree with a few non-haters of this show and yes your right about it still being funny and I love that they go modern, but I also feel that it would be funnier if they tried to keep a few characters personalities in tact, I mean its got its good and bad like any normal show does but I believe that if you give enough time (as in seeing the old personalities of well known characters and putting that in someone of modern time correctly): You will have a well loved show. Bugs is well made except that Bugs shouldn't need Daffy to have wacky adventures or fun like it showed in an episode of LTS and Daffy well we all know Daffy isn't bright but he's not that dumb, He should be able to solve some of his problems by creating problems for others like he used to, But other then Taz and a few other quarks that are normal when trying to make a cartoon as old as time into a modern cartoon. I like it but I don't love it! I think that compared to most garbage on TV it should be made #1 in Cartoon Network (which got bad and fast).

    Last thing, I agree with Lola fans, she is my favorite character too, I used to hate her and say "She's so annoying!!" to saying "Hahaha! What a funny twist on a cool calm smartalic like Bugs !!! " I just like that random twist all though I think that if they make her still hate being called doll and send Bugs on a whole adventure to win back a starker it be so funny! (I know double date showed a weird kinda like that situation for Bugs , but still... It focused on Daffy).

    Its a good show with normal quarks in new writers, animators, and also with time that has to past by it makes for an okay show in a time jump Looney history.

    okay bye. be nice with the writers on this show, I mean come on! you try to bring a loved cartoon from the 1930s back! You can't have the same jokes!! Kids now a days won't like it. I agree with it being good and bad cartoon, I don't love it like the original but I don't hate it(Hey think about it, they could have made Bugs lose his touch and get too old for fun, so yeah) Point is: It could be worse it could be just based on random sexual jokes like AT is.
  • It's not good, but it's not bad either.

    This is meh show. It has a lot of good episodes, but a lot of boring episodes including Devil Dog, The Foghorn Leghorn Story, and Fish and Visitors. It's still a great show and I tune in every Tuesday. Season 1 is 26 episodes and began on May 3, 2011. I can't really say anything else about it. My favorite character is Speedy Gonzales. It's an okay show and I guess you should watch it if you want to. But some episodes are so bad I can't even finish them. The Merry Melodies are good, but sometimes are so cheesy. The Will E. Coyote and Road Runner shorts are annoying and creepy.

    UPDATE: After rewatching several episode, I bumped up my rating. It actually is really funny. So what if it's not like the original, your childhood is over deal with it.
  • Compare it to Rocko's Modern Life, This is a modern Looney Tunes Show! So this show is actually not bad at all!

    I see why people like this so much, I know how popular Rocko's Modern Life is. PS I love that show too ;) This show is a modern version of Looney Tunes. But this will never beat the original classic. It has some cartoon violence in it. Just like Rocko's Modern Life. I grew up with Looney Tunes, and I'm still a fan of it! Its a cute story, but It has flaws, It can't have too much dating. Even though Daffy Duck is now a jerk, not hilarious. I'm sorry but I find way better Looney Tunes characters than Daffy Duck. Though he is actually funny. Its animation/CGI is amazing. I'm worried if its canceled. The last episode aired in February of 2012. I'm hoping that was just the season finale of season 1 and we'll give the looney tunes show a 2nd season coming soon. I think the characters have a great altitude. Great sense of humor. Although This sometimes doesn't look like looney tunes. Yes, there are humans in this show. Lots of them! Same with Regular show. Rocko's Modern Life has all animals. But Different to the classic, The original cartoons are sometimes based on characters from the shorts. Such as Porky Pig, Daffy Duck, Tazmanian Devil, Red beard, Fog horn leg horn, Wile E. Coyote, Road Runner, & Much Much More! There's even shorts of Wile E. Coyote trying his best to catch the Road Runner. Each Merrie Melodies/Looney Tunes character is neighbors with another Merrie Melodies/Looney Tunes character. I don't watch this show that much, I just need to be in a certain mood to watch it.
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