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  • Underrated

    I actually enjoy this show. Sure, it isn't the best thing in the world, but hey! It's still a good show, if you ignore it isn't slapstick! Big deal if it isn't! It's still Looney Tunes, with good plotted-stories.
  • Why you guys dismiss this show so much?

    Yeah, I noticed the personalities of the characters were changed. Maybe way too much.

    But that doesn't mean this should be labeled "garbage". I found this way more entertaining than everything else airing in Cartoon Network nowadays. Season 1 was only watchable, boring at times, but Season 2 was such a great evolution in episode scripts and characters' lines. It delivered a lot of funny moments!

    It's a shame the people at CN didn't give this show a couple more seasons, it was definitely going in the right direction. This is one of the reasons I dropped kids' television. I can't stand the nonsense of current animations like Adventure Time.
  • nothing good

    Looney Tunes was Never meant to be a sitcom, nothing good is in this show everybody got demoted and the humans act annoying with no purpose. otherwise it sucks.
  • Looney Tunes?

    While this show is far better than it could have been, this show fails to offer a significant improvement over the original.
  • Offensive... flat out.

    It is practically unaimous from all the reviews I have read here that, just about everyone who has watched this show feels the same way that I do.

    The deconstruction and deffamation of many characters is extremely uncondusive to the memory of the Looney Tunes.

    I do understand that modernisation of the characters is neccessary, especially since it's no longer presented in shorts, but into an actual episodic format, but the manner in which it has been undertaken is whats bothering me, and obviously every other fan of the original show.

    It's completely clear that the majority of viewers want this show, but feel that it NEEDS a makeover desperately.

    And I completely agree with every ounce of my being.

    My BIGGEST problem and complaint... DAFFY.

    SERIOUSLY?!? Daffy used to be a crazy, bouncing off the wall, sworn rival to bugs... hence his name, meaning silly, wacky and crazy.

    But he's been turned into a complete A-HOLE!

    He's now a narcissistic, sociopathic... just ugliest type of selfishness one could EVER hope to NOT come across in their beloved cartoons of all places!

    Truly... it's offensive it's so bad.

    I really believe, if you at the very least changed Daffy, to at least somewhat resemble his former self, or just drop the new jerk persona that he's adapted, it would ease many peoples view on this attempt of a re-boot.

    Not completely I am sure, but I know that's a huge part of it.

    I have a few nieces and nephews, and one of them in particular is a total sponge... and I tell you what... THAT, (meaning daffy) is one personality that, I DO NOT want her picking up ANY of his nasty traits!

    And because of that, I can't let her watch the program, or any of the other kids for that matter... and, that's pretty lame to think about.

    I really hope the writers get the message that we're ALL trying to put out to them... we really do want the chance to enjoy this show, and it's not too late to fix.

    Just please... don't let us potentially permanant fans down!

    And if you have not seen this show yet, and are looking to the reviews to see if it's something you WOULD like to watch, keep an open mind to it being a once beloved cartoon, that's original was produced some 80 years ago... and the re-boot... is just that... A Re-boot, which needs re-booting.
  • A 7.2 out of 10? Really? This show is mediocre.

    Why, Cartoon Network? Why tone down our favorite slapstick beat-em-up comedy show into a blatant answer to better 2D sitcoms like Family Guy? The jokes aren't that funny to begin with. The plots aren't too surprising, the art design and animation looks okay, but I just kinda don't like this show. To be fair, it's at least worthwhile if there's nothing better on TV, but if there's something better on that you happen to like, go ahead and change the channel.
  • Just when I thought they couldn't ruin the good name of Looney Tunes after Baby Looney Tunes

    If you thought baby looney tunes was bad then wait until you see this. This show is about Bugs and Daffy being roomates, blah blah blah, there's more to this show but I'm pretty sure you guys know it already. It's a disgrace to Looney Tunes. The plots are very plain and simple, it's boring, and there's absolutely no slapstick to this show like the older LT had. The animation and voices are sub-par, but they definitely don't compare to the older Looney Tunes. The characters are way out of character and don't even act like their counterparts in the original series, it's almost as if they're parodies of their original selves which isn't necessary at all. The humor is not even funny and all the jokes are forced. Watch the original Looney Tunes cartoons, they're way better than this junk.
  • They Killed It.

    This show sucks, not because it ruined the good name of Looney Tunes, but because it's annoying, the characters aren't themselves, the jokes are forced, and overuse of pop culture jokes. Please avoid it like the raid.
  • Good and Bad.

    I agree with a few non-haters of this show and yes your right about it still being funny and I love that they go modern, but I also feel that it would be funnier if they tried to keep a few characters personalities in tact, I mean its got its good and bad like any normal show does but I believe that if you give enough time (as in seeing the old personalities of well known characters and putting that in someone of modern time correctly): You will have a well loved show. Bugs is well made except that Bugs shouldn't need Daffy to have wacky adventures or fun like it showed in an episode of LTS and Daffy well we all know Daffy isn't bright but he's not that dumb, He should be able to solve some of his problems by creating problems for others like he used to, But other then Taz and a few other quarks that are normal when trying to make a cartoon as old as time into a modern cartoon. I like it but I don't love it! I think that compared to most garbage on TV it should be made #1 in Cartoon Network (which got bad and fast).

    Last thing, I agree with Lola fans, she is my favorite character too, I used to hate her and say "She's so annoying!!" to saying "Hahaha! What a funny twist on a cool calm smartalic like Bugs !!! " I just like that random twist all though I think that if they make her still hate being called doll and send Bugs on a whole adventure to win back a starker it be so funny! (I know double date showed a weird kinda like that situation for Bugs , but still... It focused on Daffy).

    Its a good show with normal quarks in new writers, animators, and also with time that has to past by it makes for an okay show in a time jump Looney history.

    okay bye. be nice with the writers on this show, I mean come on! you try to bring a loved cartoon from the 1930s back! You can't have the same jokes!! Kids now a days won't like it. I agree with it being good and bad cartoon, I don't love it like the original but I don't hate it(Hey think about it, they could have made Bugs lose his touch and get too old for fun, so yeah) Point is: It could be worse it could be just based on random sexual jokes like AT is.
  • I think it is watchable but it is terrible compared to the originals

    I`d rather be watching the classic Looney Toons show as that one was actually funny and a classic. Plus, there were a few moments that I actually said to myself, "Wait, I thought this was a KIDS show" , after a violent scene got shown.
  • That's not the real Looney Tunes

    Looney Tunes was originally a set of cartoons which the characters were often antagonizing each other.

    For example, Elmer Fudd often tried to hunt ducks or rabbits for pure sport, he is a vegetarian.

    He wasn't a peacefull news reporter since he was always antagonizing characters in a way or another.

    In that show, he had become a out of his character version without pestering other characters.

    Yosemite Sam was quite a villain character who was often attempting robbery and several other crimes, nowadays he is a questionable "good guy".

    If you watch older cartoons of Bugs Bunny you'll see that he wasn't so mature since he would not exitate in punishing those who had being a jerk for him and he would often go overboard even if a enemy was almost giving up.

    He always lived underground and it was pretty common for him dealing with Daffy Duck who at times tried to make Elmer Fudd target Bugs Bunny during the hunting seasons.

    Taz is not a pet in his original nature, he often keep finding a new prey whenever he goes and he often attempted to prey characters as such Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and a couple of few others.

    He is often known for not being that dumb that sometimes he can even outsmart other characters that even Bugs had concluded that just using tricks would not stop him, specially in a episode which Bugs managed to find a wife for Taz who gone back to Tazmania in a plane.

    Marvin is not a good guy, he often attempted to destroy Earth in several ocasions and mostly due the fact Earth was blocking the view of Venus.

    He would also attempt to collect life forms from other planets like Bugs Bunny, Taz and other creatures.

    Marvin would not hesitate at pulverizing his enemies and would even send killers to do his job, as seem in episodes of Duck Dodgers (TV series).

    Nasty Canasta is often a dirty criminal inspired in the old wild west movies who often don't exitated to use his gun in the first opportunity or crushing his enemies with brute force.

    In resume, all characters of "The Looney Tunes Show" are mere out of character versions from what they had once conceived.

    That's mostly the kid's friendly rule which is always messing with the creativity of the those who works with animated works.

    Frankly, it's not because that a cartoon character is aggressive with others that children will act the same way.

    That's a lame excuse censoring television works when the parents never teach their children that they should never repeat what they saw in fiction in real life.

    After all, it's not the parents failure if they don't teach their kids that they don't should put a cape and try go flying by jumping a window?

    Nowadays, even Tom&Jerry are censored for being not appropriate for children.

    But, what's the point of censoring a cartoon just because a cat is antagonizing a mouse?

    It's the cat own nature to prey mice and even play with their corpses and all due their own instincts.

    Really, the censure on cartoons nowadays is rather hypocrite...

    Specially considering that cartoons nowadays are usually forbidden to have "death" or "die" being said.

    Pretending that death doesn't exist is a very stupid idea and specially considering that is better for the children accepting that death exists than living a illusion that nobody dies.

  • Well, it's better than baby looney tunes.

    This show does have a few funny moments, but sometimes it can get really boring. The characters look ugly ( though they look a little better in season 2) and they are all completely different from their original selves, but the art style is pretty cool. The CGI road runner and coyote shorts are also not that impressive. The songs are either catchy or unneeded (most of the time they are unneeded). So overall, not a bad show but not good either. I guess if there is nothing else to watch on tv, I would watch this show.
  • A Great Way to Ruin A Classic

    The original Looney Tunes was great. There was always something funny going on at all times. The plots didn't even need to be well though out because the amount of humor presented was off the charts... Well, when this show came out in 2011, I knew it was going to be terrible. You cannot reincarnate a show by changing the whole way it's played... The Looney Tunes Show does not represent the original characters at all. Those of you saying that this show is "Great" or "good" and are giving it anything higher than a 5 obviously never saw the original Looney Tunes that aired throughout the 1930s all the way through to the 1960s. That was the true Looney Tunes Show.

    Bugs Bunny is not this "mature, responsible guy". Bugs is an immature, clever rabbit who always outsmarts people. He does not own a house nor does he do anything in a responsible, mature manner. Daffy Duck is not a dumb, annoying duck. He is a duck that is crazy and hates Bugs. Seriously, how can you have the two of them living together?

    Porky Pig is not an office worker. He is a pig always trying to do something in everyday life. Yosemite Sam is not a cool-headed guy, he is a hot headed shorty who hates anyone who gets in his way. How can you change Yosemite Sam up that much?

    Those are just a few of the comparisons I can make. You can't change the Looney Tunes and make it a Situation Comedy-like cartoon. It does not work. The makers of this show changed up the way the Looney Tunes was. They completely ruined it. Now every kid who watches this show is not going to know the true genius of the original series.

    This show is definitely a 3.0 out of 10. Only a 3 because I like how the creators actually make decent plots but the show is terrible, seeing the characters portrayed in a way completely opposite of how they were portrayed in the original show.
  • Bringing Back the Classics

    Finally Cartoon Network brings back the old times with Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. It's one of the only reasons I watch Cartoon Network with the Terrible World of Gumball.
  • A show that should be kept on for a long period of time!

    This show is amazing! I don't think it should be cancelled, I love it!
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  • A Great New Addition to Cartoon Network

    PLOT: Most shows on the current CN hold randomness on a higher pedestal than actual plot. Things that happen in one episode are gone the next, no matter how crazy and life-changing said events were. In this way, The Looney Tunes Show is a welcomed change. Though every episode has closure, important tidbits are kept, giving the series a pleasing amount of continuity. It's not enough that one can't understand the show without watching every episode, but it rewards long-time viewers with jokes that would have otherwise gone undetected. It's a perfect balance.

    One of my favorite aspects of the show's storytelling is the way its plot often diverges into two or three different storylines, all coming together at the end. A good example of this is seen in the piano episode: Daffy decides to learn piano, but due to the noise, Bugs starts wearing earplugs. When he learns how great they are, he decides to wear them all the time, instead of just around Daffy. The show features both of their exploits along with a minor plot with Speedy trying to best a rival restaurant. These three plots come together when Bugs, not being able to hear Speedy's pleas, promises to provide live music for his restaurant. Once he learns of his accidental promise, Bugs needs Daffy's help to provide this music. Some episodes are better than others with these diverging plots, but they are always a welcomed change. Kudos to the writers for putting some effort into their stories!


    CHARACTERS: Another high point of the Looney Tunes Show is its characters. While some find fault with them (especially Lola, Daffy Witch Hazel (now Lezah), and Taz), I have no qualms about these changes. Since the story's setting is in a residential area, having a rampant Tazmanian Devil or an evil witch doesn't really fit. The show isn't about besting foes, it's a sitcom. As for Daffy and Lola, I personally find their idiocy amusing; their antics are a joy to watch, especially when one gets to see the more sane characters' reactions. But I do understand where their haters are coming from; if more than a few characters were like this, I would find it annoying.


    SOUND: The voices are great (but again, some may find fault with a few major changes) and the only somewhat negative aspect I can find in the show is the music. While not bad, the soundtrack seems rather limited; if you watch through every episode, you'll notice a few key songs that are used almost all the time.


    CONCLUSION: It's not for everyone, as these wide range of ratings surely show, but for me, it's the only show worth watching on Cartoon Network. I will admit, the first few episodes weren't that spectacular, but once enough characters are introduced, the show starts becoming very fun.
  • For most of the series, I've sided with the haters, but it stands reasonably well in its right, once you get past the Looney Tunes bit

    Don't get me wrong, this isn't a triumph of story-telling, this isn't a good modern interpretation of classic characters.

    But, it has its moments where it's genuinely funny, and as much as I really wish they hadn't chosen this direction, I can't stop myself watching it every week
  • Cartoon Network is a Coward

    For the morons who are saying that if anyone's complaining about this show you're too old to matter I have some things to say.

    1. You're an idiot because you're assuming that because the classic cartoons are old, that automatically makes them boring (this isn't true)

    2. The people complaining are way under 40

    3. The classic cartoons are a billion times funnier and amusing than this unoriginal piece crap

    I'm fifteen and my entire childhood can be summed up by two things: Disney and PBS. As a child, I did see some Looney Tunes cartoons, but not as many to say this show killed my childhood or enough to really know what Looney Tunes is capable of. Anyway, I came across this show when I had off from school. Not even five minutes into the show, I could tell that it wasn't right. But because they weren't in my childhood enough to know what exactly was wrong with this show, I had to go to YouTube and watch the classics. And I'm glad I did, because the classic cartoons are hilarious. Which is why I can't believe Cartoon Network did this. Looney Tunes has become the victim of twisted, cruel, and extremely lazy producers taking lovable characters, and destroying them. Cartoon network basically murdered Looney Tunes, yet no one seems to care. To make it even worse, Cartoon Network knows that they destroyed it. They're cowards because they like to play the game of hiding the classics and putting them on at times when almost no one would be around because of they did put the classics on when most people are around they're crappy little cash cow reboot would be dead in seconds. But besides this show's lack of Looney, there are more problems. The turnoffs are Daffy and Lola. Like Spongebob, Daffy has been so flanderized that he's no longer funny. Lola is annoying and I don't know if Cartoon network told Kristen Wiig to be as annoying as possible or if she naturally is annoying but either way they did a good job of making her voice and personality to be irritating. And before you "hip" and "modern" people thumb me down, I gave this show multiple chances, and even watching the so called "funny moments" of the show, and I didn't even crack a smile. To those of you that like this show, you're either idiots (the ones that keep saying that because the classics are old they're automatically boring), or don't even know what Looney Tunes really is, and should take a look at the classic cartoons for genuine amusement and laughs.
  • A new spin to an old classic

    Well, the old Looney Tunes only show the misadventures between themselves, and some parts just kinda get old already Duck vs. Rabbit season). This one, however, gives the characters a modern "kick" to the classic. They don't chase each other for death anymore (which hurts me a little), but shows that the main characters graduated from high school and are tying to live it through college and get a job (which I don't see).
  • Sheesh

    I kinda like the show, but I don't like how they make Daffy a freakin moron! I use to love Daffy in the old Looney tunes.
  • Haters gonna hate

    It's different from the classics, but it's funny in its own right. There is less comedy? Have you watched the show? Even the first episode is chock full of comedy. For example, Daffy has to guess Bugs' catch phrase and he shows how he says it eating a carrot. Guess what Daffy says? I don't do Mondays! Classic... In another one, Daffy, Porky and Lola lose their driver's licenses. After they do their written tests, Daffy bumps into Porky and their tests switch. Porky fails and Daffy passes. The same happens with Lola, but when the invigilator checks Porky's test it says "I LOVE BUGS". This show really has its moments thanks to Daffy's cluelessness. It's hilarious. I've watched the original ones and this new series and I can honestly say this has more humor. The original one had mainly slapstick humor, like Tom and Jerry. I word based humor. Please name the episodes without humor and explain how it has been derived of humor before randomly hating on a show because you don't like the changes.
  • Worst Looney Tunes Show Ever

    This show might be good for other people but I think it is the worst. One reason is that there is less comedy than the original Looney Tunes. Secondly, why are the characters showing love relationships ( like boyfriend and girlfriend) for like 7 year old kids. This show should be gone.
  • Decent, but the original Looney Tunes cartoons will always be better

    The Looney Tunes are back, but are they better than ever? Maybe, maybe not. The Looney Tunes Show revolves around Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck living together as roommates in the suburbs in modern times along with all the Looney Tunes characters you love.

    The episodes are beautifully animated (the season 2 episodes have WAY to bright colors though) and the character designs look nice and fresh. The most of the episode's stories are good (I REALLY HATED Gribbler's Quest though). The Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote CGI shorts are nicely animated, but why are they in CGI?

    A couple of things in this show really bothered me though, mostly how certain characters are in the show. Of all the characters, I am wondering why is Daffy a complete butthead? Why is Gossamer a child instead of just being a scary adult monster? And most of all, why is Taz a PET!? I also can't help but feel this show is sadistic due to the way Daffy treats Porky Pig and other characters.

    Overall, despite a couple things that bothered me, The Looney Tunes Show is I guess, decent.
  • Should be called "Calm Tunes Sitcom"

    There's nothing Looney about it. It's just the characters solving personal problems. That's all there is to it, no further review needed.

    I'm sorry that so many people think this isn't a smart show, but I grew up watching the old shorts and never was drawn to how smart the comedy was. This show, like those shorts, makes me laugh. I haven't counted but I'd guess I've seen all of the shorts, in fact I have over 100 on my computer. My son loves the show too, he calls it the "house bugs bunny" and our DVR is jammed with all the episodes. I love the format, I laugh through each episode, and I look forward to each new one. I don't think CN pumps this show enough. This is the only show other than Game of Thrones I follow regularly. I wish there was more involvement of Elmer Fudd and Sylvester and Tweety, but other than that I think this show is great. The problem is it's fighting its own past. Disney has managed to keep Mickey Mouse relevant, but the original WB shorts were never really made for children so trying to change these characters would have been difficult. I'm hoping they get 4 or 5 seasons out of it. It will NEVER be iconic like the old ones, but it's funny as hell and you should watch it, you'll laugh, a lot.
  • This is an abomination

    Don't even know what to say
  • A slightly less good spin-off of those classic Looney Tunes shorts.

    I will be completely honest, I do not quite like this as much as the original classic Looney Tunes shorts. It focuses too much on Lola Bunny. She isn't terrible, but I don't really like her. Nowadays, Bugs Bunny lives in a house. A house? What happened to the happy hole? Daffy is his "housemate" and Porky Pig is their good friend. Every other classic character is usually just filler. Except for probably Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote. Where they star in their own CGI shorts. The Merrie Melodies are now less than just cartoons, they're songs. Bugs and Daffy have gotten less funny and more boring. This show is actually really good, but not as good as the classic Looney Tunes shorts that we know and love. I am going to give it an 8, for Great, but not perfect.
  • I hate this show with all of my heart.

    The most complaint about the this show is that it's not like the old one, the biggest counter is.. "it's like Seinfeld" the boring kind of humor. I think the show is either very lazy, or fundamentally the staff decided to try a new way of comedy that's horrible. It's stupid humor that's trying to be clever.. by beating old jokes and stretching it for 30 minutes.

    I don't hate it because it's a new theme, but because the jokes are very mediocre and they treat the audiences as if they're stupid.. then treat their own characters as if they're idiots... It's as if they're giving us the first draft of the screen of fine tuning the jokes to make them enjoyable..

    I'm not comparing this show with the classic looney tune.. I'm comparing this with the better shows from Cartoon Network..

    This show could be better if they decide to work on the jokes and stage better delivers. Or define bugs and daffy better..
  • Liberalism took over our television networks and ruined the Looney Tunes

    There's a reason why Looney Tunes is called The word implies slapstick, how crazy things can get. I don't like the episode where Porky is trying to change the nature of the Chicken Hawk. You cannot change another individual it is not possible because you are creating another version of you. A Chicken Hawk eats chickens just like Mosquito Hawks eat Mosquito's. The term used in the animal, insect, and in the human kingdom means Just like a human would eat another human, so he would be called a Human Hawk. The joke of the Chicken Hawk being the way he is, he gets punished by Foghorn Leghorn for being the way he is. Foghorn outsmarts him all the time.

    Daffy has been turned into a butthole and Bugs is just downright completely dull. First he was a pink bunny and now they've restored his original color. The reason they might end up continuing with the series is because children can't tell the difference between the original series and the new. So as an excuse this new sitcom is viewed as the Looney characters "Day off from being Which doesn't make any sense at all and is highly contradictory to the title Looney Tunes.

    "Looney" meaning crazy and "Tunes" means with music added to it.

    Witch Hazel needs another actress to voice similar to the original. The Liberal idea about the hairy monster(I forget his name) they turned him into a child as an insult to his original character nature just to get children not to be afraid. The monster got punished in a very humorous way back in the old days.

    This new Looney Tunes is really horrible. You all can thumb me down all you want but it's my Constitution. Just think about it and compare the two shows back to back. It doesn't bring back no old memories.