The Looney Tunes Show - Season 2

Cartoon Network (ended 2014)




Episode Guide

  • SuperRabbit
    Episode 26

    Bugs tells the story of SuperRabbit.

  • Best Friends Redux
    Episode 25
    Daffy travels back in time to befriend Bugs to ensure that he is Bugs' oldest friend.
  • Mr. Weiner
    Episode 24

    The fair comes to town! Daffy enters the hot dog-eating contest to try and win the title "Mr. Weiner." Meanwhile, Bugs gets roped into helping Yosemite Sam attempting to jump a school bus over a row of motorcycles. Also, Porky learns how to play it cool by Daffy while Petunia visits him.

  • Here Comes the Pig
    Episode 23

    Daffy convinces Porky that they go on a road trip to Porky’s third grade girlfriend’s wedding in an attempt to win her back after all these years. Meanwhile, Bugs realizes that his life gets very boring pretty quick without Daffy around.

  • Gossamer Is Awesome
    Episode 22

    Daffy becomes the campaign manager in Gossamer's bid for class president. Meanwhile, Porky moves in with Bugs and Daffy. 

  • Year of the Duck
    Episode 21

    Daffy is insulted after he finds out ducks are not in the Chinese Zodiac. Porky thinks it's the Year of the Pig.

  • The Shell Game
    Episode 20

    Cecil has got a new money-making scheme that he uses to try to con Bugs out of his hard-earned money. Meanwhile, Daffy and Lola have to combine forces to find Daffy a new recliner when his beloved old one finally breaks on him.

  • 5/21/13

    Taz, Tweety and Sylvester set out on an epic journey together to return to their happy homes. And along the way, they run into some of the gruesome yet loveable characters that occupied the nightmares of the childhood.

  • 5/14/13

    Daffy insists on taking piano lessons from Granny even though he is incapable of learning, while Bugs discovers that he can block out Daffy's awful piano playing with his newly acquired noise-cancelling earbuds and everything else Daffy does as well.

  • Gribbler's Quest
    Episode 17

    Daffy is learning to deal with the ups and downs of life but is forced to come to the realization that compulsive online shopping may not be the best way for to handle his emotional problems. Meanwhile, Bugs becomes addicted to a video game.

  • Mrs. Porkbunny's
    Episode 16

    Porky and Bugs decide to start a business together selling carrot cake to capitalize on Porky's fine catering skills and Bugs' acute business mind, but friends and business don't always mix as is seen when tensions flare between them.

  • The Black Widow
    Episode 15

    All of this hard work and dedication has convinced Daffy that he needs to go on a Spring Break for some rest, relaxation and fun. But he can't find a friend who is willing to go with him on the trip. So he drags the reluctant Porky along.

  • 2/12/13

    At a self-help seminar, Daffy is inspired to learn how to fly.

  • Daffy Duck Esquire
    Episode 13

    Tina really likes Daffy a lot despite his obvious flaws that drive most of his friends crazy, so when her father comes to visit, Daffy pretends to be a lawyer in order to impress him as a suggestion from Lola.

  • Dear John
    Episode 12

    After each of them mistakenly believes that the other has ended their relationship, Lola has to find solace for her sorrow by joining a monastery while Bugs decides to buy himself a boat so he can sail around the world in it. Meanwhile, Daffy learns that Porky is on the city council and takes advantage of it by being elected to city council.

  • 1/22/13

    Once again, Daffy's tendency to always want to take the easy way out, especially when it involves money, makes him the perfect candidate for a get rich-quick scheme that lands him and his friend Porky in the woods facing a giant bear that is ready to attack. Meanwhile, Bugs watches over Gossamer while Witch Lezah attendsthe Witch's Convention in the 5th Dimension and receives reluctant help from Lola.

  • A Christmas Carol
    Episode 10

    During the Christmas heat wave, Lola tries to get everyone in the spirit of the season by opening up a production of her version of "A Christmas Carol".

  • It's a Handbag
    Episode 9

    Daffy's handbag, which keeps getting mistaken for a purse, went missing during his time at the mall's food court and goes into a state of fear. Meanwhile, Lola mistook Bugs getting Daffy a new handbag as a gift for their anniversary and travels across the globe to find Bugs a present.

  • Daffy competes against Porky in a marathon. But in order to get in shape, he turns to Speedy who he views as a saint. Meanwhile, after Bugs saved Yosemite Sam from a fire at his house, he must figure out a way to get Sam to stop trying to save him just to return the debt.moreless
  • Customer Service
    Episode 7

    When Cecil Turtle begins torturing Bugs starting by purposely cutting off his cable service, Bugs seeks revenge. Meanwhile, Daffy is hired to be the Trans-Visitron customer service supervisor. Also, Tina spends the day with Lola to learn how to be positive and upbeat as her.

  • Father Figures
    Episode 6

    During the father-figure program, Porky is paired with Henery Hawk and Foghorn gets paired up with Daffy, who lied a bit about his age. Meanwhile, Bugs and Walter train for the father-son tennis tournament.

  • Semper Lie
    Episode 5

    In order to get out of going to the Peach Festival with Porky, Bugs tells a lie that snowballs out of hand. Meanwhile, Daffy joins the Marines.

  • 10/23/12

    When Daffy washed all of Bugs' gloves in the waching machineand shrunk, Bugs becomes deeply affected by the loss that causes him to lose sight of his identity. Bugs ends up wearing a pair of black fingerless gloves, which somehow make him start acting like a punk biker. Meanwhile, Daffy changes his name to "Professor Duck" after learning the definition of his first name, and ends up covering for Professor Johnson at Porky's political science class.

  • Itsy Bitsy Gopher
    Episode 3

    Daffy and Lola begin the investigation to learn the whereabouts of Tosh Gopher when Mac becomes very worried about his identical best friend. Meanwhile, Bugs must figure outa way to get rid of the African Sand Spider in his house.

  • 10/9/12

    Daffy accidentally sends an email to everybody about his anger issues. Meanwhile, Bugs is asked to be in Lola's family photo.

  • Bobcats on Three!
    Episode 1

    Gossamer approaches Daffy about him coaching his water polo team. Meanwhile, Bugs assists Porky with his catering by following the recipes of Porky's grandma, which ends up causing Bugs to become hooked on the food since those recipes contained butter.