The Looney Tunes Show

Season 1 Episode 17

Sunday Night Slice

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 13, 2011 on Cartoon Network
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During the flashback, Bugs gets upset when he discovers that his favorite pizza restaurant is going out of business and closing its doors. However,he decides to take it upon himself to buy the restaurant to re-open the pizzeria so he enjoy his pizza on Sundays.

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  • This Episode is just another great one

    It`s great and shows you how hard it is to run a store or a resturant. While at the same time you get the funny jokes about the subject matter. I don`t know why but that Speedy cracks me up. He is really funny. The reason it wasn`t perfect is simple they have stupid shorts that take away from these episdoes so much. It`s just plain stupid these shorts that have nothing to do with the story.moreless
  • This show is starting to get better and better and this episode "Sunday Night Slice" just proved it.

    I have been delivered YET two perfect "The Looney Tunes Show" episodes in a row. It's a new record, two perfect episodes in a row in my opinion. First, last week's perfect episode "That's My Baby" and this week's perfect episode "Sunday Night Slice". The more perfect episodes I see, the more I'm going to reviewing the new episodes but I'm only reviewing if I give it a 9 or above. If I don't review that episode then you know that it's below 9. I honestly think that this show is starting to get better and better. Since this show began, the season has been going on a very weak start but it seems like the episodes get better as this season is still rolling. This is one of my new favorite "The Looney Tunes Show" episodes and it's definitely an episode that I want keep watching over and over again especially because I love plots that deal with pizza and all the other good stuff. The pizza plot in this episode most certainly got my attention. I laughed hard at so many parts such Daffy insulting the baseball players and then the baseball player hitting Daffy with the baseball in the beginning of the episode, Porky Pig being offended that Daffy is eating ribs , Porky Pig eating the "Pork Pepperoni", all Pete Puma's lines and many more including the ending of the episode with Daffy Duck, Pete Puma, and Marvin the Martian delivering the pizza by shooting the pizza out of the tank through a person's house. Speedy Gonzales' part in this episode was amazing and I loved it when he made all of the pizza for Bugs' pizza restaurant business. It was also very nice that Bugs gave Speedy his pizza restaurant called "Pizzariba" since it was never Bugs' dream and most certainly became Speedy's dream. Overall, I love this episode and I definitely want to watch it again when Cartoon Network re-runs this episode. 10/10moreless

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    • Singer: Behold the wizard
      Beware his powers
      Unspeakable powers
      Under the gaze of the necromancer
      A silver staircase starts to rise
      People stand on it and marvel at the power shooting from his eyes
      Cold food becomes hot again,
      When his spell unfolds
      With a mere wave of his hand,
      His hot dog will explode
      In the presence of the wizard,
      Traffic will stop at his whim
      He could cross the street no problem as the cars bow down in front of him
      Channels on the TV change
      He's still in his chair
      Then he pulls his magic wand,
      And reclines in the air

      Daffy: By the dim light of the dream realm's black sun, the Wizard climbs the frozen waterfall of Voldrini in search of Celestia, the guardian of infinite power.
      When suddenly a terrible Garlon appears and attacks with ice, but the wizard is undeterred.
      The Garlon roars and unleashes a most sinister wind, but the wizard is undeterred.
      The Garlon summons the stones of Prophynia, but the wizard is undeterred.
      Calling upon the powers of the ancients, the wizard conjures a sacred fire and casts his foe into the molten maw of an insatiable Gort. Thanks, Gort.
      Ahh, Celestia. I think you're going to enjoy this.
      The Wizard stands on the precipice of ultimate power.
      The gates open to reveal...
      Daffy: Ohh! How long was I asleep?
      Bugs: 3 days. You have a bed, you know.
      Daffy: I'm starving. I gotta get something to eat.
      Singer: Famished from his latest quest, the wizard seeks a snack
      He sets sail for ecstasy at the quesadilla shack
      He is the wizard!
      The mystical wizard…!

    • Speedy: (after the end credits) ¡Hasta luego, amigos!

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