The Looney Tunes Show

Season 1 Episode 13

To Bowl or Not to Bowl

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jul 26, 2011 on Cartoon Network

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  • First bad episode of Looney Tunes

    As much as I love the Looney Tunes show,this episode was just bad. It starts off with Daffy going to a musical session,but he lies and goes bowling with Porky,Marvin and the tiger too. The only funny part was when Daffy was typing in the name and his name says "Poo". However,why does it have to be a fart joke? I thought this was the Looney Tunes,not Fanboy and Chum Chum. Over there,he meets his rival,and he challenges him to a bowling competition. Bugs comes there and finds out that Daffy was lying. It turns out that Bugs it a good bowler,but Daffy sucks. I also enjoyed the "Yellow Bird' Merrie Melodie. However,why wasn't Tweety and Sylvester singing it? During the competition,Bugs gets injured,and Daffy takes his place. When they are about to win,the other team wins,but the other team has a second chance of winning the competition. Bugs ends up being fine,but Daffy still takes his place. And Guess what? They lose. I'm not kidding. They stinkin lose. And I thought it was out of character for the bad guy to say "We're great and you're not". I really want to shoot that idiot. Daffy is frozen solid,but Granny bowls one more time. And the lights turn off. Meanwhile,there is the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote short,and I have to admit,it's funny and great. At the end,Daffy still can't bowl,but he uses Porky for a pin,and it's another funny scene. Now,for this episode. It was just bad. I felt sorry for Daffy,and I wanted to kill that idiot. Overall,besides having funny moments,it's a bad episode.
  • My favorite "The Looney Tunes Show" episode right next to "Devil Dog"

    Okay, well... I was so impressed with this episode that I was even in the reviewing mood to review this episode. Now, I'm not going to review every single "The Looney Tunes Show" episode but I think the only time I'll usually review a new episode is either I'm in the reviewing mood to do that or the episode impressed me so much that I wanted to share my opinion of this episode with all of you. I guess if it's an episode that I really enjoy then I'll review it but if it's an episodes that is either great, decent, okay, or even mediocre... I'm not in the reviewing mood to review those. Maybe once in while it will happen but I guess I'll only review an episode of this show if I really like it and I'm in the reviewing mood to like it. Anyways, this is my favorite episode of "The Looney Tunes Show" right next to the episode "Devil Dog". This is my third time reviewing an episode of this show. First time was "Devil Dog". Second time was "Peel of Fortune". I'm not gonna do that everytime I review an episode of this show because you never how many episodes I'll review in the future. I loved how Daffy Duck and his bowling team were competing against his rivals. There were some funny parts along the way. One of the funny parts was when Granny took forever to bowl and didn't get to bowl until the bowling tournament was over. The other thing I laughed at was Daffy using Porky Pig's wallet... although, that part also bugged me a little at the same time. The bowling team was Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Marvin the Martian, and Pete Puma. Daffy Duck being jealous of Bugs Bunny was also good to see. The scene with Bugs and Daffy talking in the bathroom was also very funny. The bowling tournament scene was good. It was also cute that Bugs faked being injured so Daffy can bowl to finish the game and help his team win but Daffy lost the game and his rivals won. The ending of the episode was funny as well. Overall, my favorite "The Looney Tunes Show" episode right next to "Devil Dog". 10/10