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This is the story of Sam Sullivan, the youngest executive at the corporate headquarters of a major airline. His boss Russ is a lunatic and his coworker Meryl, a 40-something sexpot, is continuously making sexual advances towards him. As Sam tries to find a way to cope with the demands of his career, the social demands of his crazy roommates get in the way. He lives with his brother Sully, his college buddy Piper (who he secretly has a crush on) and Lizzy, the sexy bartender at their local hangout. Through the pressures of work and the craziness of his home life, Sam's life is the subject of a pretty wild sitcom. There were some major changes for the second season, such as the unexplained dropping of Sam's female roommates Piper (Amanda Loncar) and Lizzie (Sarah Wright), and switching the focus of the show so that most of the action took place at Sam's workplace. The Loop only lasted two seasons. In fact, since FOX had already cancelled the show before the second season aired, the second season aired as an episode "burn-off".moreless

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    • What?

      Possibly the worst TV I've ever seen!!!
    • I like this show. Its original and has a funny opening song.

      Okay so I watch this on Sundays in between my favorite comedy animation programs (for all you hicks out there, its: the funny cartoons.) The Loop is about a 20-something year old young adult who works at an Airport business type thing. He doesn't seem to know much about it, but he's getting there... in a slow progress. It is kinda funny, but you have to figure it out first. It isn't like the Simpsons, where the funniness is just out there. Well anyway, the show is also about the guy's family and friends. His best friend is his brother, who in one episode is mistaken for the guy's wife (lol.) There is also the boss, the flirty secutery and the crazy theme song.moreless
    • Had potential but that went down hill

      It had to be one of the best shows i had seen when the first season came out. Then a big hiatus came and then I wasnt really sure if we would really ever see the misadventures of sam and his brother and the who business. I think the last good episode was the "jack it" one. But then they DELETED THE charecters piper and the other girl. So then they killed the show in the seacon season. But anyway the show is gone now so all we have is memories of the ingenius first season. R.I.P. the loop .moreless
    • Alright show, got really crap in the second season though.

      The first season of this show was funny and original. Sam (the main character) trying to balance his work life and his personal life was comical and anyone could have a laugh. The show really got bad in the second season though. Most of the season took place at Sam's office, instead of with his friends. Also, the deletion of characters like Lizzy and Piper was a really bad move, as most of the first season was based around Sam trying to get the girl of his dreams (Piper). If they brought back this show for another season, I probably wouldn't watch it, unless they brought back lizzy and piper, and centred it more around sam's friends and less of the office.moreless
    • This show is an awful mess and the Nielsen ratings prove it.

      After ending the season with ratings in the 1's this nightmare of a show is finally going to end.

      This show consists mostly of cheap sex jokes and is just not funny. Its like all the actors are constipated. Give them all some Ex-Lax.

      I saw a bit of the one where the guy dresses up in a fat suit (to appease some Fat group who thinks the airline doesnt respect them) and the bosses daughter ends up tooting his horn in the airplane restroom. Yeah right - even setting aside the absurd premise of that scene how would the girl not notice the fat suit after he unzipped? Then to top it off when she meets him without the fat suit, fails to recognize him. I did see bits of other episodes and never once made it thru a full episode and drifted off to channel surf.

      Then there are the disgusting episode titles like "Rusty Trombone" - if you dont know what this means, DONT look it up - its sick. All in all this show is a total mess - is it as bad as "Homeboys in Outer Space"? I dunno, its your call.moreless
    • Bret Harrison as Sam Sullivan

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