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Season 1 Episode 2

Jack Air

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Mar 16, 2006 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Sam is given an assignment at work to make a low-cost airline carrier, but he may not be able to deliver his proposal because of a tequila challenge he took part in the night before.

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  • Not really different from the pilot actually...

    ... But the show sure has got speed. Never a dull moment on The Loop, although not every joke is a winner, the freshness and the amount of jokes keeps the bore far (enough) away from me. There is a lot of partying and booze in this episode, I must say that, and the themesong is not gonna be one of my favorite songs of all time, but the show's made by a bunch of enthousiast people, I can tell. It's just that the story's a bit thin, and it's a reprise of the pilot in many ways. That, and the fact that the funny words and explanations on the screen have suddenly disappeared are the only negativities. The lead actor is great (and I'm sure his hairstyle is gonna be a running gag) and his brother and best friend too, just hope the stories are gonna have a bit more meat on them next time.moreless

    This episode is hilarious, I love this show! It's my newest favourite comedy :). This show just keeps getting funner, and Meryl just keeps getting funny, Meryl is so funny!!! I can't get over how funny she is!! "...and you can't be 24 again either. Hey, you're good at math... Wanna see how many times 24 goes into 48?" I mean come on! That's hilarious! This episode was hilarious, and how Sams cholestrol level was 700.. Man, I could not stop laughing about it! I was laughing about that for like the whole episode. This show is hilarious, still enjoying it XD.moreless
  • Outrageously Unfunny,

    I owed this show at least one watching, just to give it a chance. My instincts were right, this show is absolute garbage, not funny at all. The characters are just dumb, Bookman or whatever the old guys name is, his delivery in this show is like the only thing that showed some hope, but I can't imagine him being funny in more than a couple of episodes. As for the rest of the cast, I dont think I need to comment too much, because anyone who has seen this should know that they're worthless. This show will be canned just like the rest foxs' garbage-coms before it.moreless
  • Funny and good follow-up to the pilot.

    I'm really enjoying this show. This episode started out at Sam's job, with a "Jack It" scene that just have to watch in order to find it humorous. Too great.

    The scene's with the sex-crazy woman were funny but not as funny as they were in the pilot. I like the secretary but she doesn't get much screen time at all.

    I'm worried that the show will get too formulaic in the future if it lasts longer than one season...with Sam planning on doing his work and then getting dragged out by his friends to get drunk and make out with girls, and Sam saving himself at the last second.


Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Sam's cholestrol level goes to 700 in this episode because he ate so many boiled eggs for the challenge.

    • As well a "bikini" drawn on his chest, Sam also sports and arrow on his stomach which points down to his groin and is labelled with the text "Micro Ween".

    • On the airplane we see the pedometer in Sam's hand. But, when he gets up to walk in the aisle, the pedometer is now on his belt.

    • Featured Music:
      G. Love & Special Sauce - "Booty Call"
      Here Come the Mummies - "Dirty Minds"
      My Big Cuz & Dangerfeel - "Sexy Thing"
      Urban Delights - "I Won't Let You Down"

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Russ: Your not one of those "trans-operatives" are you? Like my son's friend "Seth Beth"?

    • Russ: Let's go Thesis! Presentation time and you're up!
      Sam: Ohhh... what?
      Russ: Moved it up a day. Don't you read your Outlook Express?
      Sam: Aahhh...
      Russ: It better be good! This low cost airline is the only thing keeping me from sucking on a gas nipple.

    • Piper: So did you at least win the challenge?
      Sam: Yeah, I won a new high-def TV.
      Sully: Awesome! Plasma or LCD?
      Sam: (Shakes head and looks embarrassed) ... LCD...

    • Sam: (wakes up on the beach) Where am I? What the hell happened?
      Jenna: Yoooouuu won the tequila challenge! Welcome to Cabo!

    • Meryl: You're only young once Sam. Live life, drink wine! Eat breakfast off Steve McQueen's ass while Ali McGraw pours wax on herself in the corner.
      Sam: I don't know who they are... but I am pretty sure that I can't do that and still have this job.
      Meryl: ...and you can't be 24 again either. Hey, you're good at math... Wanna see how many times 24 goes into 48?

    • Meryl: What's wrong Thesis? You look like someone stole your sucker.

    • Russ: This is a business, not a homosexual coming of age story!

    • Russ: Thesis! Are you talking during a moment of silence?
      Sam: I'm sorry sir I just...
      Russ: Look at the cold stones on this kid! Every man in this room could drop dead and he wouldn't even bat an eyelash!

    • Piper: Aren't they looking for a new manager here?
      Lizzy: Oooh... I could be a manager. How hard could it be.
      Customer: Can I get a vodka and tonic?
      Lizzy: (hands over a bottle) Just take the bottle!

    • Lizzy: She can party harder that anyone I've ever met... except for Katie Couric... that bitch can drink!

    • Sam: I'm in charge of a new youth oriented low cost airline. I gotta start working on it tonight.
      Sully: I don't know? Kids flying airplanes, that can't end well?

    • Marty: Here are some slogans we have come up with: Chicago to Jamaica, "Jack it to Paradise".
      Sam: snicker
      Marty: Uhm... we'll take out print ads in Parenting Magazine, "Leave the kids with Grandma and Jack it alone".
      Sam: snicker
      We've even got a three way tie in with Caesar's Palace and Bowes: "Jack it to Celine Dion with our new headphones".
      Sam: Laugh out loud

    • Russ: (Referring to other airlines that cater to a younger, hip clientelle) What do they have in common? They're all hip, they're young, and they've got us drunk in the back seat with our prom dress over our head. BUT I am NOT letting some quarterback take my V-Card without getting a little skin under my fingernails.

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