The Loop

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Mar 15, 2006 on FOX
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Sam has difficulties balancing his new job as an airline executive while still saving enough time to keep up with his slacker friends who don't see working as a priority.

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  • A promising start to a show with funny characters and a unique narrative style.

    "The Loop" showed many flashes of promise it this pilot, introducing us to the main character, a young airline executive, his slacker friends, and his corporate co-workers. Bret Harrison is very likable in his first starring role, and plays someone caught on that fine line between college hijinks and the adult business world very well.

    His friends break no ground as far as sitcom archetypes go: among them, the 'hyper-slacker' and the 'girl he's pined for for years' are both present and accounted for. At work is more of the same: 'randy female' (Mimi Rogers), 'bitter co-worker' (his MIT-graduate secretary), and 'hard-nosed boss' (the excellent as always Philip Baker Hall). Still, a show that blends work and friends to this degree is not the norm, which helps set the show apart from others.

    The show introduces a concept of putting tiny descriptors underneath characters as we met them, and hopefully this will stay in the show, as some were very funny, and it's the one truly unique thing about the show. His boss always has a comment that's equal parts snappy and sarcastic, and while some improving the "hit vs. miss" ratio in terms of funniness woudln't hurt, Philip Baker Hall delivers them to perfection, seeming like a more quick-witted version of his turn as Mr. Bookman on "Seinfeld".

    Overall, the show was funny, and feels like it has potential to be a solid 8.5 or 9/10 sitcom. It's certainly worth a watch at least once, and for a pilot episode to be this good is hopefully a sign of great things to come.moreless
  • Pilot Episode.

    This new series is hilarious! I'm a big comedy lover, and this is a fine comedy. I enjoy every bit about this show! Meryle is just the best! She's hilarious! My favourite scene in this episode would be where the boss says to Sam "That thing you've been working on all week, other than that retarded squirrel look, which you've nailed like a two dollar whore." Nothing better than good old funny quotes XD. So far in Australia we've only seen 3 episodes, and I have to tell you, it's still funny XD. This show is awesome! I'm going to continue watching it :).moreless
  • This series will be my life, placed on TV and much more exciting! I feel a lot of people have these problems at our age and this sure seems like a great way to deal with them!moreless

    I so enjoyed Sam\'s display at work and he\'s not bad to look at. As a 23 year old trying to balance work and play I completely relate. I am a female living with 4 guys who are half and half. Some party and some work. I however am on the Piper and Lizzy side, I am still in school and livin it up the way the do. Sam however is my favorite. He tries so hard and his flaws and mistakes make me love him that much more. I mean who wouldn\'t attempt an eating constest with a skinny girl?! Now her job, I\'ll take! Do those really exist? Sully the breath of fresh air, lets you know the world is a diverse and evil place. All that waisted life...great character, love to watch him mess up so your life seems a little better.moreless
  • funny show

    i enjoy good humor. this show has it. i really love the way sam is and who naive he acts. i accualy came upon watching it after american idol. its not every day that a show like this comes around. i also love when sam says "jack rammers" its just a funny way of saying .... well you know.
  • A really enjoyable and entertaining - if flawed - pilot.

    Watching "The Loop" was a pleasant and fun experience. While it's not an outstanding comedy by any means, it's the kind of sitcom I'd like to see around for several seasons. And it's far better, in my humble opinion, than the shows that it and "Free Ride" are replacing (That 70's Show and Malcolm in the Middle).

    I last saw Bret Harrison on "Grounded For Life", and I gotta saw he has a knack for comedy. His characters are very likeable. Or maybe it's just me, because I know someone a lot like him.

    Russ, the boss, wasn't that funny although it's obvious you were supposed to laugh at everything he said. Still, he has a somewhat strong onscreen presence.

    Sarah Mason is a welcome addition to the show. I loved her on "Quintuplets" and she's funny and pretty. I hope her role gets bigger in the future.

    I didn't like Eric Olsen at ALL when he was on "Tru Calling", but he's not bad here. Maybe comedy is more his thing. However, his character seemed somewhat overplayed.

    Meryl was hilarious. She's an unrealistic "sexual predator" but it's still great to see her interact with Sam and try to seduce him.

    The pilot was entertaining with the potential to blossom into a great series. It probably doesn't deserve the 9 I gave it, but I gave it that just because it was better than most FOX comedies, purely enjoyable, with a fantastic cast.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • In the scene where Russ and Sam are about to walk onto the runway at the airport, a boom mike is visible at the top right corner of the screen for a fraction of a second.

    • In the scene where Sully has the mousetraps attached to his clothing, the number of mousetraps change as well as their position, from camera shot to camera shot.

    • In the opening credits Sam changes into a green t-shirt that has the slogan "IDAHO? NO. UDAHO!".

    • While it was claimed that the birthday party was being held at Chicago's New Comiskey Park (which is really named U.S. Cellular Field), the painted-over football hashmarks viewable in the final pullaway shot are a giveaway that it was fimed elsewhere, as that stadium is baseball-only.

    • Becki Newton originally played the part of Piper (lead female role) at the pilot, but was later replaced by Amanda Loncar.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Piper: (massaging Sam's shoulders) Wow, you're so tense.
      Sam: No, no no, that's muscle. I've been doing wall sits in my office, you should feel my butt.

    • (As Darcy and Sam are in the dumpster diving for the lost voucher)
      Sam: Darcy you know you didn't have to come, I just need the number for operations.
      Darcy: No, no, a good assistant is on call 24 hours a day. That level of dedication and unbridled enthusiasm is how you make it to the top. I learned that at MIT, where I graduated fourth in my class... the other three are in space.

    • Russ: (To Sam, who is daydreaming at a meeting) Thesis! What do you got?
      Sam: (Wakes up) Excuse me?
      Russ: That thing you've been working on all week, other than that retarded squirrel look, which you've nailed like a two dollar whore.

    • Meryl: (To Sam) Did you just whistle at me, because sexual harassment has no place in the this office... Count to forty and meet me in the stairwell.

    • Katie: Sully took your car again huh?
      Sam: Katie, can I borrow your bike?
      Katie: Five bucks!
      Sam: Why?
      Katie: Because it's my bike gaylord!
      Sam: Evil little monkey!

    • Russ: We've got a meeting in three bills!
      Sam: But why are we going on the runway?
      Russ: Danger! Put some hair on those main glands, both of them!

    • Russ: (To Sam) I haven't seen a bigger puss since I took my son to see that Garfield Movie.

    • Russ: (To Sam) I can't believe you are the future of this airline! When I was twenty-three I was knee deep in "Krautland", poking "Jerries" with a long knife!

    • Russ: (Giving a speech) We're going to cut costs or everyone's going to be sucking off the government teat... and that is one crusty heifer!

    • Russ: (Looking at Sam's strange pirate hat) What the crap is that?
      Sam: Uhhh, my little nephew is having an operation today... he loves the sea.... I told him I'd wear it so he'd know I was thinking about him.
      Russ: Take it off!
      Sam: But I can't, I promised him, he's only six and I promised him...
      Meryl: Oh Russ, where's your compassion?
      Russ: I have a gay son, he took it all!

    • Russ: Thesis, are you ready for the meeting?
      Sam: Yes, Mr. McDonald!
      Russ: You better be. I didn't hire you to hang out in the bathroom and watch me walk my horse.

    • Piper: Sam, don't you have to work tomorrow?
      Sam: Piper, come-on, there is something you need to understand about me... when I'm at work, I rock! When I am at play, I rock it! I am the mix-master of my two worlds!

    • Lizzy: I thought you worked at Pier One?
      Sully: How much wicker does one man need? I'm a Toys'R'Us kid now!

    • Sam: I know it's late but I am going to need a full distribution on this one, okay?
      Darcy: Done
      Sam: That's it?
      Darcy: They taught me how to send an email at MIT... where I went.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Featured music:
      -"Colder World" by Echobrain.
      -"Honest Mistake" by The Bravery.
      -"Just Got Lucky" by JoBoxers.
      -"Kiss You All Over" by Exile.
      -"Mrs. Edwards" by Kyle McCulloch.
      -"My Kind Of Town" by Charles Power.
      -"Smile And Nod" by Jeff Owens.
      -"Spitting Games" by Snow Patrol.
      -"Walking On Broken Glass" by Annie Lennox.

    • Phillip Baker Hall received the "And" credit.