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  • What?

    Possibly the worst TV I've ever seen!!!
  • I like this show. Its original and has a funny opening song.

    Okay so I watch this on Sundays in between my favorite comedy animation programs (for all you hicks out there, its: the funny cartoons.) The Loop is about a 20-something year old young adult who works at an Airport business type thing. He doesn't seem to know much about it, but he's getting there... in a slow progress. It is kinda funny, but you have to figure it out first. It isn't like the Simpsons, where the funniness is just out there. Well anyway, the show is also about the guy's family and friends. His best friend is his brother, who in one episode is mistaken for the guy's wife (lol.) There is also the boss, the flirty secutery and the crazy theme song.
  • Had potential but that went down hill

    It had to be one of the best shows i had seen when the first season came out. Then a big hiatus came and then I wasnt really sure if we would really ever see the misadventures of sam and his brother and the who business. I think the last good episode was the "jack it" one. But then they DELETED THE charecters piper and the other girl. So then they killed the show in the seacon season. But anyway the show is gone now so all we have is memories of the ingenius first season. R.I.P. the loop .
  • Alright show, got really crap in the second season though.

    The first season of this show was funny and original. Sam (the main character) trying to balance his work life and his personal life was comical and anyone could have a laugh. The show really got bad in the second season though. Most of the season took place at Sam's office, instead of with his friends. Also, the deletion of characters like Lizzy and Piper was a really bad move, as most of the first season was based around Sam trying to get the girl of his dreams (Piper). If they brought back this show for another season, I probably wouldn't watch it, unless they brought back lizzy and piper, and centred it more around sam's friends and less of the office.
  • This show is an awful mess and the Nielsen ratings prove it.

    After ending the season with ratings in the 1's this nightmare of a show is finally going to end.

    This show consists mostly of cheap sex jokes and is just not funny. Its like all the actors are constipated. Give them all some Ex-Lax.

    I saw a bit of the one where the guy dresses up in a fat suit (to appease some Fat group who thinks the airline doesnt respect them) and the bosses daughter ends up tooting his horn in the airplane restroom. Yeah right - even setting aside the absurd premise of that scene how would the girl not notice the fat suit after he unzipped? Then to top it off when she meets him without the fat suit, fails to recognize him. I did see bits of other episodes and never once made it thru a full episode and drifted off to channel surf.

    Then there are the disgusting episode titles like "Rusty Trombone" - if you dont know what this means, DONT look it up - its sick. All in all this show is a total mess - is it as bad as "Homeboys in Outer Space"? I dunno, its your call.
  • One of my fav shows

    At first I thought that this show was gonna be stupid, dumb, and boring. One day my brother kept telling me to watch just one episode, and finally he convinced me to watch it and to my surprise I really liked the show. I thought it was pretty funny, and so I decided to watch another episode, and the next episode was really funny. I don't watch much television now because it's summer time and I usually spend my time outside with friends, but whenever this show is on, I have to watch it. It deals with real life situations and it shows that some people have it worse and it shows that maybe you should be a little bit more optimistic. Overall, it's just funny. It doesn't matter that if this really happened to someone, they'd be pissed. They're just making it funny. So just enjoy this show
  • perhaps the dumbest show I have ever seen in my life, BAD!

    The characters: How many one-dimensional cliches can you fit into a show at once? I know it is a comedy, a dumb comedy, but that is really no excuse for ensuring that there is no depth whatsoever in the characters. I honestly do not care what happens to any of the characters except for maybe Darcy, but then again they haven't given her enough face time to destroy her.

    I honestly don't believe that this show has lasted as long as it has. I have not laughed once. The 'humor' is just so childish. I keep the show on now (because nothing else is on) while I do other things and try to tumne it out. Every so often I drift into paying attention to it and every time I regret it.

    Can this show ASAP!
  • I just don't get why this is funny, it's that kind of comedy were if these situations happened to you you would want to punch someone in the face.

    Why should I watch this when I can watch a show like the office that is actually funny with the same setting. Fox needs to stop letting shows like this get through and cancelling the good show that they have had. I'm glad at least they cancelled the winner, that was horrible too. I have watched a few episodes and maybe it's just not my type of comedy, or maybe I'm not patient enough to wait for it to get good, but it just has kind of annoyed me and I turn the station. They even put in little bits of propaganda, I say to Fox don't turn into ABC, cancel shows like this that just really aren't that great.
  • I can not belive that someone would actually no like this show.

    This show is funny. It is some crude humor but if you dont mind the times at which they might cross the line, then you will fall in love with this show. The loop is the following all mixed up.

    and Family guy.

    Yes I did say family guy for some of the jokes that push the envelope.
  • A good show but seems an awful lot like watching scrubs. It was not that apparent when watching the season 2 premier on tv a couple days ago, but in watching season 1 it seemed to have many similarities.

    The most noticeable character is the Tod (scrubs) a character who seemed allot like him was on the loop (mainly Pilot episode.) Unwanted advances toward women and seemingly ambiguously gay hit on men at times. He high-fived everyone over stupid things and he was obsessed with his own body. The main character is very timid and is sometimes called a girls name. The hot blond is allot like the hot blond from season 4 (i think) of scrubs, the Psychologist. She acts very ditsy like the scrubs girl and they even talk/look similar. The Boss of the company is much like the boss of the scrubs' hospital Dr. Kelso... theres no question there. Then there is the dominating woman that is a carbon copy of Dr.Cox wife from Scrubs. The Secretary isn't like anyone on scrubs but reminds me of the secretary from the show Arlis (SP?). The two characters that seem original are the main characters brother (which seems like JD's brother from Scrubs), and the Girl he likes. The premise of both shows, humor in a ordinarily less than humorous situation (Hospital and the new discomfort of Americans, airports), are similar in the ways that they make you laugh. These shows, show our discomforts in a way that comforts by turning them into jokes which in turn makes us feel less intimidated by making them seem less real and thus laughter ensues. Wait what was i talking about again? Seem real familiar but sadly I think thats why i like it .
  • I don't know what it is about this show....

    I don't know what it is about this show, but it just makes me laugh. The premise isn't all that engaging. The writing isn't particularly good. The acting is nothing to write home about. All of the actors overact and the guy in the elevator shows up out of nowhere and makes no sense. But what can I say? It makes me laugh uncontrollably. The Loop is frenetic, sleazy, and unpredictable, although not necessarily inventive. Russ, the boss, delivers filthy one liners that rarely fail to both offend and amuse. The douchebag brother is more a charicature than a real character, but his antics and the actor's comic instincts are humorously effective. The weak link of the show are its female characters. I think the writing is more to blame than the actresses, although the new love interest doesn't seem to bring much to the table other than...well...a nice set of lungs. This show definitely has room to improve, but overall I am disappointed at its cancellation.
  • This show is absolutely miserable.The only saving grace would be Joy Osmanski. Fox needs to get rid of this sub par show,oh and the guy in the elevator really piss me off.

    This show is absolutely miserable. It should be trashed along with the writers. The only saving grace would be Joy Osmanski. Fox needs to get rid of this sub par show, or sell it to the CW along with all the other trash on the tv. Oh and the guy in the elevator really piss me off. To sum things up get rid of the show and save Joy Osmanski from a horrid show. I really don’t know why its on Sunday nights? Fox is king on Sundays and to show something so bad is just ludicrous. get it off the air.
  • Where have I seen this before...again

    Why cancel Arrested Development and keep this CRAP. This show should have been buried with that other piece of s**t Free Ride.It just goes to show that if you put enough cleavage on the air you are going to get a few ratings points.

    The main problem: Nobody Gets An executive position right out of college. Plus if you are as big a screw up as the main character you'd be out on your ass in short order. Now I am a firm believer in suspention of disbelief, but there has to be something, anything, believable to keep a show like this grounded.

    I watched the entire first season and saw nothing that made me laugh. I hear it's coming to DVD soon. I'm sure it'll be in the Wal-Mart 2 for $11 bin real soon. If you are a fan wait a little while and save some money.
  • I thought this was canned - glad to see that it's not.

    I'm not exactly sure, but I think I saw 4 episodes of the loop back-to-back one night. It was different, the main character is a really likable guy - he's not pretentious, he's (close to) my age, and isn't a total douche. The plots for the 4 episodes I've seen so far have been funny but not too crazy. The jokes are subtle but not the kind of subtle jokes where you barely laugh. It was nice to laugh out loud to a sitcom - a FOX SITCOM no less! The War At Home, Life On A Stick... suckage. I'm surprised that FOX got a winner in the bunch (well, "The Winner" seems like it'll be pretty dang good too).

    Eric Christian Olsen is great comic relief, Amanda Loncar is great female comic relief... Overall I'm looking forward to season two of this show!
  • i need a show to watch on FOX

    what can i say. this show is pretty funny, the OC got cancelled so i need more shows to watch and the Loop is not a bad show at all. im still on the first season but geeze, isn't sarah wright/mason freaken hott, damn. ok im out of here, peace.
  • The Loop is one quirky comedy.

    The Loop is a funny comedy but really needs to work out it's flaws. I like the style of humor, it is a lot like The Office, subtle yet bold at the same time. However, a lot of the time it comes out as a failed effort at humor. Hopefully this will change for season two. Most of the cast is well chosen, except for Bret Harrison. I don't know what it is about him, I just don't think he was right for the roll. Normally, one bad actor wouldn't kill the show but when that actor portrays the main character, thats a different story. If he works harder, I'm sure this show could get much better.
  • The story of Sam Sullivan, who has to learn the how to juggle work and social life at the same time.

    My friend introduced me to this show and from then on, I can't help but watch this show to get away from everyday life. The characters are interesting but the plot gets a little repetitive (Sam wants to do something with his friends but his boss makes him do more work). This show has way too many characters and to shove seven major characters into a twenty minute show is basically cramming everything together really sloppy. It would be better as a forty minute show. And also I don't get why a season has to run for seven episodes. I was a little let down that it had so little. At least I can look foward to the next season. Great entertainment.
  • This show is very horrible to watch. I would rate it lower than i did but it cant seem to rate it lower , It has to be higher than one or something so yea.

    This show really sucks they need to clean up there comedy or something, too many things happen in like one minute that are not funny, there are some good actors on this show, the main character was a guest star on that 70\'s show and he was funny there, they need to write better jokes for them because its not the actors who are bad, its the plots. Also the boss on the show used to be on seinfeld, and was really funny. Im not saying this is a horrible show because of an opinion, because generally the jokes are not even funny, for example in one of the only episodes I saw he\'s trying to get a girl and all of a sudden there having a karaoke session in a baseball stadium and there still no talking between them, the shows not even realistic so there.
  • I really liked this show.

    I really liked this show. What happened to it? I like the main character he did a really good job on Grounded for Life. This was a great new show and I was upset when it dropped off the radar! It is a good show about a kid fresh out of college and getting used to the working world as well as adult life. Obvioiusly he still has some kinks to work out which is what makes the show so funny, and there is a classic love interest. I loved the episode with the dog, where he had to take it to work and it was causing him all kinds of probelms and it was the only way he could show his presentation.
  • Dont know why but I like this show.

    I usually dont like these kind of shows but this show is really good. I could like this show because I like the actors. Ive only watched this show for a little while but from what I saw it is pretty good. I think some of the actors are cute (not hot).
  • Life as we knew it

    I love this show. Its not the type of show I normally watch but it takes place in my home town so I had to watch it. Its funny how someone who just wrote a thesis paper got to be part of a big airline company. The things they come up with for this airline are unique. The main character Sam has the worst luck, not only with women, but with his brother and his job. He needs to find the perfect balance for everything. And he needs to kick his messed up brother Sully out. Something always happens every episode to mess him up. And of course his crush, Piper, doesn't even know how he feels about her. He got close to telling her but chickened out. I think he should man up and tell her how he feels and stop getting his heart stomped on when she talks about her boyfriends. Living life as the youngest executive in the company and being in their early 20's has to make for a good sitcom.
  • I kind of like this show, and I have absolutely no idea why...

    This show is pretty weird, but I wouldn't call it original. It's typical, but somehow it's rare to see a show like this. I don't usually like shows like these, some of the skits aren't even that funny, yet somehow I always keep tuning in for it. It's like a drug! I like it, unreasonably.

    Sam(played by Bret Harrison) is such a character! So is all the rest of his friends. I think I like the fact that the show seems to have a pattern. The pattern is that in each episode, Sam would get into the most insane trouble ever and then use the most insane way to get out of it. It's likable, well, at least to me, while some other people can't stand it.

    I don't know if you'll like this show or not, it's pretty opinionated and depends on what kind of person you are. I guess this show fits perfectly for people who don't give a damn about wasting 30 minutes on something pointlessly fun.
  • This is another fox comedy, and it definitely has its moments.

    There have been a ton of fox shows that seem to stay for a season and go. This may turn out to be one of them, but I have to admit this show is funny. The characters can be down right weird at times but in general the show can produce some laughs. In no means do I think this show is great. Its stupid and irrelevent but then again, hey thts comedies for you!

    I think fox has scored with the loop, it combines odd charaters, a weird plot and occasional big bellie laughs to create a show that many people will enjoy. I haven't seen many episodes, but I feel that this is one of Fox's better comedies.
  • What can I say... I got in the Loop, now it\\\'s in my system...

    What can be said?

    The loop, a show \\\'bout Sam, a 24 yrs. old airline executive - - Some would say a Doogie Howserish kinda show - but it isn\\\'t. This one is all about the fun!

    and it is fun!!!!

    There are only just a couple of shows on TV that are 100% fun like that - (My Name Is Earl and Scrubs, and maybe one or two more). It\\\'s so funny and hilarious, I\\\'d like to scream \\\"Thesis! [how Sam\\\'s boss calls him, because his thesis got him into the airline] get your skinny *ss here! at once!\\\"...

    What can I say... I\\\'m addicted to this funny show. I hope they get the loop going!! :D :D
  • Another laugh out loud comedy!!

    This show is another one of those great family shows that you have to watch every night. This show's countless hiliarous jokes make every episode greater every time. This show never seems to get boring and will be a great resource to Fox. This show is one of the funniest on T.V. hopefully they can keep up the good work!!
  • I love this comedy

    It is about time they have some comedy on television that actually makes me laugh. This show is so good that even my husband watches it. He never watches anything other than sopranos. The loop has a different kind of humor to it. That is why I labeled this one off the wall. But it is absolutely off the wall in a good way. The characters on the show are like no other. And how he always seems to save the day even with all the trouble caused by his brother. Who is also afunny character. I will continue to keep this ultimately funny and different show in my line up.
  • A young man works for an airline straight out of college.

    This show is SOOOOOOOO ridiculous. I watched a few episodes, and now I\\\'m completely over it. It always starts out the same darn way, with that old guy saying \\\"This airline is dying!\\\" and it ends with this loser coming up with a clever solution, but the airline starts dying again. Bret Harrison and Eric Christian Olsen are completely awful. The main character just can\\\'t carry the show. I would not reccomend at all.
  • WOW! I have found a new show

    I really love this new show, but knowing FOX it'll be cancelled pretty soon. I see that new episodes are aired more than once a week. Maybe FOX is trying to find a new night/time slot. But anyway, the show is super funny and would be appreciated by most people who know how to laugh. I doubt anyone can go an entire episode without laughing...
  • Its okay

    It is an okay show. The jokes are pretty good expicaly almost anything the old guy says "I lost all feeling in my arm when I took a gernade in the pickle basket"[I think thats the quote]. Could be able to be on for a while with better writers I enjoyed it.
  • The Loop is a great comedy that I watch every Thursday night.

    There's this guy named Sam, who's got this great job working at an airline company, helping develop ideas to improve the company. You think, oh whatever, that's not funny, wouldn't you? Well if you're thinking that, you're wrong. Also, Sam lives with his brother and two other friends, and they always end up doing crazy things, and Sam never tells the truth to his boss, but always manages to save his butt from getting fired. Sam's boss is pretty funny, he's always making some kind of reference statement that makes me laugh a lot. All in all, The Loop is a great show, and I highly recommend it for any comedy loveer.
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