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Season 1 Episode 3

Tiger Express

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Mar 23, 2006 on FOX
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At the bar, Sam bumps into Jolie, a girl he previously ditched on their third date. Sam's plan to reconnect with Jolie is hampered by a series of curve balls thrown by his boss.

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  • Funny

    This episode was funny, Sully\'s an idiot and nothing ever goes right for Sam, he should learn never to make plans lol. It\'s like the worlds against him :P. I personally, find Sam\'s boss hilarious! Sam\'s pretty good at thinking on his feet eh? I mean at the end with the tigers.. That was some pretty full on stupid Lol. This show is an awesome comedy and I can\'t wait until next thursday for the next episode, Meryl\'s still the best! XD. Anyway, thats about it i\'ve got for this episode, so yeah, just wasting the word count down lol.moreless
  • I like this show, and I liked the part where he sends the girl to Hong Kong. This is pretty funny.

    I like this show, and I liked the part where he sends the girl to Hong Kong. This is pretty funny.

    The part at the end where the Tigers come out and eat the cold cut dummy was pretty lame.

    I do like the bar dancing scenes. But, who wouldn't?

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • It is ironic that in this episode Russ (the boss) wields a Japanese samarai sword in order to promote a new air route to Hong Kong... which is not in Japan.

    • Sully's sandwich company was called SNARDS, which, according to Sully stands for "Sully's Non-Soggy Really Delicious Sandwiches"

    • Featured Music:
      2BMF - "Shake That Thang (TSP Remix)"
      BC Camplight - "Blood & Peanut Butter"
      Kyle McCulloch - "Dead Dream"
      Kyle McCulloch & Fuzzbee - "I Wished I Were A Moleman Too"
      Plantlife - "Luv Me Till It Hurts"

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Sam: I've got a date tonight.
      Meryl: Male or female?
      Sam: What?
      Meryl: What?

    • Russ: If you should happen to see a State of Missouri miniature spoon, pick it up for my son Keith. It's the only one he's missing!

    • Lizzy: (To bar customer) What can I get you?
      Customer: Vodka and tonic.
      Lizzy: Oh no you didn't!
      (Turns around rings bell and then climbs up on bar and begins to dance)

    • Sam: (On the Phone) Darcy, it's Sam. I need you to call Russ and tell him that a personal matter came up I'm not going to make the Tiger Express this afternoon.
      Darcy: Oh great, now you'll get fired and I will be able to fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a crystal meth hooker. Watch for me on HBO.

    • Russ: I want you to get a hold of Francis up in design, get him pounding on this right away. I want him to copy these planes right down to the layout in to the cockpit.
      Sam: Francis... Pounding... Cockpit... I should write this down, let me go over to that kiosk and buy a notepad and a novelty pen.

    • Sam: I saved us six grand!
      Russ: You crafty little ferret! I haven't seen this type of fiscal responsibility since Nixon told Ethiopia to "suck it up"!

    • Sully: (Referring to the number one complaint about delivered sandwiches) They're soggy! They're made in the store and by the time they get to you they're soggier than a Frenchman's jelly bag.
      Lizzy: That's soggy!

    • Sam: (Referring to Virgin Atlantic) From what I hear they kind of have a sexy vibe going on...
      Russ: The last time I was beaten by a sexy vibe Angie Dickenson had me bent over a tub at The Plaza wearing a Nazi Uniform.

    • Russ: (Referring to Richard Branson) That bungy jumping British beefeater has got us by our tea biscuits.

    • Russ: This airline is dying! Our planes are emptier than a Hollywood studio on Yom Kippur!

    • Sam: Good morning Darcy, any messages?
      Darcy: Yes, the adoption agency called. They've narrowed it down to three places I may be from. One of them is Asia.
      Sam: Great.
      Darcy: Yeah, I'm thinking of doing a fly by and seeing if anyone looks like me.

    • Sully: What was the real reason you bailed?
      Sam: Pooped my pants!

    • Sam: (Explaining to an ex-girlfriend why he ditched her) I didn't dissapear I had to go very suddenly... I said goodbye!
      Jolie: Right in the middle of foolin' around, huh huh, how do you think that makes a girl feel? What did you see down there, a goblin?

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