The Loop

Season 1 Episode 5

Year of the Dog

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Apr 06, 2006 on FOX
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Meryl seeks Sam's expertise to assist with a vital presentation she's giving to the Chinese Department of Transportation.

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  • getting there

    last week i asked the question, what is mimi rodgers doing on this show

    this week the answer is given, in what must have caused doglovers to go potty she rescues sam from losing his flash drive to a dog (you have to see to believe, it realy is funny)

    anyway, the show seems to find the right place for the characters which is what any show needs to have a future

    oke, still easy shots (hot blond dances on table) but even sams assistent gets more than a one liner

  • Meryl asks for Sam to help her with a vital presentation.

    I think that this episode was very odd. The entire show in my opinion is just too repetitive. The thing with Meryl and the dog was just odd. Also, I thought that Sully is just annoying and should just leave the show.I would not watch this episode again if you paid me. It is a completely pointless episode.
  • This is a weird show and this is the best episode yet.

    This is a weird show and this is the best episode yet. This episode goes into areas that have never before been seen on TV, such as the part where Meryl takes the dog into the washroom to retrieve the swallowed flash drive. I laughed very hard over the howling dog sounds coming from the washroom.

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • A scene in the kitchen where Piper complains to Sam about the "dog situation" was cut out of this episode.

    • In the scene where the dog is biting Russ, the shots where Russ is shown speaking features an obvious stuffed dog that is doing the "biting".

    • Featured Music:
      Hot Hot Heat - "Middle of Nowhere"
      Plantlife - "Luv Me Till It Hurts"
      Katrina And The Waves - "Walking on Sunshine"
      The Dandelions - "On The 54"

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Meryl: Are you ready Sam?
      Sam: Yeah...
      Meryl: Are you scared?
      Sam: No, no...
      Meryl: You should be. When Russ gave me my shot I couldn't eat, drink, sleep, snort, shoot, smoke or sit down. Do you know what I did? My doorman! Then I prepared like hell!

    • Russ: (Referring to Tuffy the Dog) Look at this little guy, he reminds me of a certain Rita Hayworth... she played rough... man did we get weeeiiird together!

    • Russ: Years ago we tangled over the merger of a regional carrier in Chen Dung Province. By regional carrier I mean whore... and by whore I mean my wife Barbara!

    • Russ: Do you hear them, cup your ears everyone! Cup them! Thesis what do you hear?
      Sam: Ahh... just like a buzzing... could be the lights...
      Russ: NOOO! It's the death moan of a dying airline and it's getting louder. Now everyone uncup your ears and bend over and kiss your ham holes goodbye. Because if we don't get some cash in a hurry we're going to be down on the docks spanking sailors for Dinty Moore.

    • (Talking about a flash drive that had been swallowed by Tuffy the dog)
      Meryl: I'm going to fix this for you. This is your one free pass, never again!
      Sam: Absolutely!
      Meryl: Wait here! ... (To Tuffy the dog) COME!
      (Meryl and Tuffy the dog go into the men's room)
      Tuffy the Dog: Wooooooooooo! Wooooooooooooo ooooooooo ooooooooooo! Wooooooooooooo! ....Yipe!
      Meryl: (Comes out of the washroom with the flash drive in her hand) Lee Majors taught me a thing or two about lost objects.

    • Sam: Tuffy's totally different since you poked around his "Rec Room".
      Meryl: They all are Sam, they all are...

    • Sam: (Seeing the dog bite his boss) Doesn't that hurt sir!
      Russ: No ma'am... I severed every nerve in this arm when I took a grenade in the jelly basket on the frozen Chosan... (Looks at the dog muzzle) You know what, I think I am going to keep this and give it to my son Keith and his partner. They collect masks!

    • Sam: Hi Darcy, can you get me a cup of coffee... I was up all night working on the China thing.
      Darcy: I was up all night working on the China thing too. Are you buying it, or should I do an accent?
      Sam: No... you're good.

    • Sully: Check it out buddy I am making 30 bucks a day per dog. Do you know how much money I am going to make?
      Sam: 30 bucks a day?
      Sully: Per dog!

  • NOTES (0)


    • Russ: Are you ready? It's red dawn, and I don't mean a "Wake and Snake" with Ann Margaret!

      A "Wake and Snake" is a reference to smoking a hookah first thing in the morning. The snake term comes from the appearance of a hookah which has hoses resembling snakes.