The Lost Islands

Network Ten (ended 1976)


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The Lost Islands

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In the Pacific Ocean, a group of 5 school children on a trip find themselves separated from the others and eventually trapped on an island and their boat wrecked. The children find that the Island is inhabited, but the people don't live the way of 20th Century people, rather they live to the ways, means and customs of people from the 18th Century. The children find that the people are descended from a group of convicts that were sailing from Portsmouth to New Holland (Australia) 200 years ago. They have been completely shut off from the outside world ever since due to the remote location, the reef and magnetic band that surrounds the islands making them inaccessible for large ships. They are still dressing and living like their ancestors and know nothing of modern technology. They are ruled by one man the Q who they believe was on the original ship and claims to have discovered the secret of eternal life in a blue seaweed that grows on the neighboring island of Malo. Countries represented: Mark was from England Su Ying was from China David was from America Tony was from Australia Anna was from Germany Also Known As: L'île perdue (France) Theme Song: There once was a wealthy man who had a wonderful idea To bring children from all places with all kinds of faces Together into a sailing ship There were 40 boys and girls They would sail the ship around the globe So they called it The United World The ship was just three weeks from shore When a hurricane poured down The waves were big as mountains They felt they would surely drown They jumped into the lifeboats And rowed away from the wreck They didn't count them, they hadn't time Five children were left behind The children fought the storm all night then finally fell asleep They didn't realize the ship had blown across the reef Into the Lost Islands Hiding in the bushes was a watchful pair of eyes And living in the valley were people lost in time Ruled over by a tyrant whose face was in a mask The children must defeat him so they can escape at last From the lost islands The lost islands So Tony, Mark and David, Anna and Su Ying Are left there on the island Who knows what could begin? Adventure lies before them Danger lies behind And as they go on searching What new troubles... will they find?moreless