The Lost Room

Season 1 Episode 2

The Comb and the Box

Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Dec 12, 2006 on Syfy

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  • I thoroughly enjoyed and was completely intrigued by Part 1 and found Part 2 equally compelling. I highly recommend this unusual and original show. Spoilers.

    Where would we go after Part 1? More of the same? No!

    There was some character changes, and new objects - Weasel did not get a look in and instead we went to the original site of the Motel.

    Still more questions than answers, and part of me almost hopes the whole mysery is not completely resolved in Part 3 - maybe left not knowing all of it would be the right way to go.

    All the scenes at the original motel were creepy, and certainly freaked me out - I just don't know what's round the corner with this show and that is so unusual.

    I know this is a bit vague - but watch it, that's better than any review!
  • What is the Prime Object? What is the Order? Learn about the Comb and other objects and these questions.

    After being framed for murder by Martin Ruber, Detective Joe Miller is on the run. Later, after being almost killed by Karl Kreutzfeld's guys, Joe returns the Clock to him and the two exchange information about the Objects and the motel. An event that occurred in 1961 at the Sunshine Motel is what caused the Objects to come into being. Later, Joe teams up with Jennifer Bloom to find the Comb, which is in the possession of Harold Stritzke. Ruber searches for an Object so he can join the Order of the Reunification, a weird religious group that wish to find the Objects for their own crazy agenda. Joe learns from Wally Jabrowski that the motel seen from the Room is located near Gallup, New Mexico. Near where the Bus Ticket sends people. The events that happened at the motel are shrouded in mystery at the nearby town. The Objects are said to make people crazy. That may be true. Joe and Jennifer grow closer. There is not much info given about the Legion.
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