The Lost Room

Season 1 Episode 3

The Eye and the Occupant

Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Dec 13, 2006 on Syfy
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The Eye and the Occupant
After discovering the existence of the Occupant of Room 10, Joe attempts to find another object that will allow him to access the Collectors' Vault. Kreutzfeld hatches a plan that could destroy the world. Ruber has a vision while in the desert.

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  • Best mini series I've ever seen

    I really like sy fy movies or shows. The lost room was one of the best I've ever seen. I've seen it all couple of times. The only thing that it's not finished at all and I bet the intention was to have another couple of episode. I rated it as 10. I wish there could be more episodes to see the end.
  • truly truly clever story writing.

    This was a great mini series to watch, and I hope that there will be more to come. I love the Prophet development, which is a great storyline for a series. I had questions about Joe and why he was remembered by Anna and did he really take the occupants place. I found this on the Scifi forum:

    "Then the question is where is the Occupant and why Anna was brought back? We know from the Occupant that there are more than one room. So I supposed the Occupant must have been there - "OTHER ROOMS" and it maybe his power to travel different rooms. Therefore, just after Miller shot (or maybe not) the Occupant and left room, the room was reset then the occupant should be restored. It was one possibility that Anna was brought back by the Occupant because during the Reset the Occupant could travel different rooms to save back Anna."


    This was a terrific explanation... I want to see more of this show.moreless
  • A great mini series, which I hope we'll see again.

    This was a refreshing change from 24, lost and others. Not to say that 24 and Lost aren't great shows, but this just makes you realise that there is more to life. Great mini series I hope we get to see a full season. There were plenty of loose ends left at the end, but not enough that you found yourself throwing the remote at the TV.
  • I had certain expectations and hopes when I came to watch this final episode, and I was not disappointed. Don't come to this show expecting answers ... only more questions. And that is exactly what I wanted. Spoilers here.moreless

    It was with a certain nervousness that I came to watch this final episode of The Lost Room. I have stated previously that I hoped they wouldn't reveal everything, and I was pleased to see they didn't! I did not need to know the reason for the Lost Room, and all the objects - in fact, in its reveal it would more likely seem mundane and ultimately unsatisfying. So by leaving it a mystery still, I was satisfied by the conclusion.

    I liked that Joe got his daughter back, and that she still knew who he was.

    I liked the Occupant angle. Well played.

    I liked (though was thoroughly creeped out by) the quarter.

    And great move with the ticket.

    Favourite characters? Apart from Joe? I liked Wally (never really did anyone any harm) and the Weasel (though he did kill in very unpleasant ways with that pen).

    This show was full of great characters, and could have legs for another series. Though I'm not sure I want that. It might retain its power better without a follow up.

    I'm prepared to be proved wrong.moreless
  • Well this Mini Series had its conclusion episode last night and I was very pleased at the outcome and for this show in general.

    This show wasn't long enough, being a miniseries and all, and you get to the point where you figure out what is going on and the series winds down and ends. Sure it, heres hoping, might come back as a full time show, I doubt it, but it won't be the same as these 3 episodes were(different storyline,characters, and completly different atmosphere when watching it). This episode had a few disturbing scenes with Karl taking out is own eye to use the destructively useful glass eye(power to destroy or heal all human flesh) to bring back his son who has been dead for 9 or 10 years. The other disturbing scene came at the end when Joe had to kill the "occupant" in the hotel room being the only way to bring back his daughter.

    This episode was all about locating the vault and finding the Occupant or known as the 'prime object'.

    The combination for gaining entry to the vault is The Scissors

    The Clock

    The Key

    Objects used in this episode were(may not be all of them but the ones I could think of)

    The Flask - absorbs oxygen

    The Glass Eye - destroyes or heals human flesh

    The Scissors - rotates objects

    The Clock - turns solids into gas and gas into solids

    The Poloroid Picture - showed who the Occupant was

    There are other objects that are used and mentioned but thier powers aren't made known.

    Well the show was a huge success and someone out there is going to win 5 million dollars if thier code is correct or something, but sadly it isnt going to be me.

    I enjoyed this MiniSeries and I rate this episode a very hight 9.7/10 for it being the last episode, the fast pace scenes, and the overall story layout. Thanks to my DVR The Lost Room will live on forever, or unless I grow tired of it.moreless

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    • Joe: Wally, you can't send teenage girls to hell.
      Wally: Are you kidding me? Teenage girls deserve it the most.

    • Jennifer: What are you doing?
      Joe: Trying to put an end to this.

    • Eddie: There's a price for everything, Joe. This is the price. This is the price to get your daughter back.

    • Joe: Will my daughter remember me?
      Eddie: I don't know.

    • Eddie: Outside this room the objects all sense each other. Always. Like pain, electricity, noise. For a conscious mind, it's torture.

    • Eddie: I feel like myself again in here. Outside, in the real world, there's so much...noise in my head. It's quiet in here.
      Joe: Who are you?
      Eddie: I used to be a man named Eddie McCleister.
      Joe: Used to be? And now you're...what? The prime object?
      Eddie: No, no. There's no prime object. I'm just an object like the rest. I have a will. That's the only thing that makes me different.
      Joe: Except you're alive.
      Eddie: Ha. Yeah. Unfortunately.

    • Eddie: (after shooting himself in the mouth) Damn.

    • Karl Kreutzfeld: Thank you for coming to me with this. I'll of course pay whatever it is you're asking, whatever price you think is fair. And I shall accept your word that it's genuine. But if at some point I should find out that it's fake, that you tried to con me in any way, or that I hear you've made copies and someone else has one...then I'll have to come back here and hurt you.
      The Sood: Mr. Kreutzfeld. My friend. I am the Sood. I deal in Science. No fakes, no forgeries, no duplicates. I stake my life on it.

    • Weasel: Well, well. Took me a while, Detective. You're a difficult man to track down. But every riddle has an answer--
      Joe: I don't have it.

    • Joe: How do you find a man who doesn't exist?

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