The Lost Room

Season 1 Episode 1

The Key and the Clock

Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Dec 11, 2006 on Syfy
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Episode Summary

Detective Joe Miller finds himself on a case involving two men that are found burned to death in a pawn shop, apparently involving a mysterious key and a deal gone bad. After receiving the key, Joe discovers that it is just one of nearly one hundred objects with supernatural powers and a link to a hidden motel room.moreless

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  • Everyone wants the key

    I like mini series because is like a perfect combination of a movie and a great series and Lost Room proves it, we got three episodes to develop a great story and built a mitologhy.

    The first episode of The Lost Room was the perfect example of how a start a mini serie it began show us the main character, the situation and an antricipation of what we will see in the future.

    Like most of the suspense series we have an unexplained events, question without answer and a big mistery we want to know. Joe has a key, a key that can open a misterious room that can carry him whenever he wants but he doesnt know is that with that power came a lot of problem.

    Great casting, well directed and writting and wonderfull acting.moreless
  • Interesting plot, great acting, very suspenseful ... a great mini-series.

    This show just made my top favorite list. It's original with a interesting and creative plot, great acting, and overall keeps you excited for more. This episode jumps you started and make you want for more. A very lengthy and interesting introduction about the room while establishing character profiles and etc. It's pretty similar to Friday the 13th: The Series, but nevertheless still gets me going - so I'm not complaining.

    Overall I liked the episode, very witty and different, although I thought the pacing was a bit slow for the first half. Bringing the doorknob with him was a fun move, and Weasel is a hilarious character.moreless
  • The Lost Room first episode.

    Many great sci-fi greats have come before like quantum leap, sliders well for me this can fit along side of them quite snuggley. Its a classic sci-fi format, with the main protagonist aquiring a key that unlocks any door. With great power comes great responsibility (as a famous film once said) something the main protagonist has none of whatsoever! Pretty soon he is knee-deep in a whole world of trouble and needs to correct the things that he has done wrong. The actors and actress's produce convincing characters and by the end of the first episode I was really interested to see what happened next. The Lost Room for now looks like a fresh exciting sci-fi classic in the making, but needs to be careful not to become to "carrot and stick" in the delivery, the pitfall of similar sci-fi shows that i have already named (Imo).moreless
  • A sci-fi mini series revolving around a magical key that opens a door onto a series of mysteries... and obviously you'll need patience and nerves if you want to get answers...moreless

    Just watched the first part of this mini-series... and I just couldn't get my eyes off it. Really well written... and there's an unexpected twist that makes you want to know more... Now I'm looking forward to watching the second part... but I gotta wait.. i don't have it yet... it's gonna be hard waiting...

    If you've not watched it yet... give it a try... i'm sure you won't regret it...
  • When I came to watch this episode I knew nothing other than the review scores and the fact I like Sci Fi. I was surprised and intrigued. This show was unlike any I had seen before. I am looking forward to watching the final two parts. Spoilers here.moreless

    I am always on the look out for good SciFi/Fantasy - I like Firefly, Farscape, Doctor Who, Angel, Buffy, and so when I saw high review scores for this, I wanted to give it a try.

    I was not disappointed. I knew nothing about this episode when I started - and I still didn\'t know what was going on by the end!

    I was intrigued - the objects are items of power, and surely this episode showed how, as ever, that power could corrupt.

    For me, I have never seen this concept before, and while it wasn\'t action packed it had likeable characters (even the weasel was funny at times!), and a child actor who wans\'t instantly annoying.

    Touches I liked:

    * The door knob - inspired!

    * Opening the safe - just as he did it, I realised what would happen (just before the weasel).

    I\'m staying out of the Forum until I have watched all 3, don\'t want to have anything given away.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • While Joe is in the hospital, Drs. Sonny Gupta and Traff are paged over the intercom. These are both characters from Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital. Craig R. Baxley worked on this series, as well. When Dr. Gupta is paged, his name is pronounced the way Dr. Stegman mispronounced it on Kingdom Hospital.

    • Room Objects revealed in the first episode

      Powerful Objects - Key: Can open any door
      - Glass Eye: Power not revealed


      - Bus ticket: Can send people to a spot outside Gallup, NM
      - Wrist Watch: Can hard boil an egg when placed in the center of the watch. - Knife: Unknown - Nail File: Can put people to sleep.
      - Umbrella: Can make people think they know you. - Radio: Can make you grow 3 inches.
      - Pencil: Tapping the pencil will make pennies.
      - Pen: Cooks people like a microwave.

      Dormant Objects – Unknown Powers

      - Tooth Brush:
      - Cigarettes:
      - Bible:
      - Pick Axe
      - Clock

      Combined Powers

      Wrist Watch + Knife grants user telepathy

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Joe: What about the bus ticket?
      Wally: Not that useful. Unless you want to get to a little spot outside Gallup, New Mexico in a jiffy, which I don't.
      Joe: Why Gallup?
      Wally: Why not?
      Joe: What happened in that motel room? Wally.
      Wally: Something terrible. Look...Detective Miller, do you ever feel that there's something wrong with the universe?
      Joe: Yeah, sure.
      Wally: Well, you're right. Things like this shouldn't happen. But in that motel room, they did.

    • Wally: For your crimes against decency, and politeness, and common courtesy, I condemn you to hell!

    • Joe: According to the money transfer, someone tried to buy this key for two million bucks.
      Lou: I'd pay three.
      Joe: Well, we can't keep it. Three people are dead because of it.
      Lou: I know. But let's enjoy it now. While we can. Okay?
      (Joe laughs)
      Lou: Who knows if we're gonna get another chance like this.
      Joe: Yeah.

    • Lou: We can go anywhere?
      Joe: Anywhere with a door, I think.
      Lou: Penn State's playing.

    • Matt: What does the gun do?
      Joe: It shoots bullets really fast.

    • Anna: Stuff keeps disappearing in the room
      Joe: What room?
      Anna: The magic room.

  • NOTES (0)


    • Joe: So what do you want to watch tonight?
      Anna: Nemo.
      Anna is referring to the 2003 Disney and Pixar computer-animated film, Finding Nemo.