The Lost Room

Season 1 Episode 1

The Key and the Clock

Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Dec 11, 2006 on Syfy

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  • Everyone wants the key

    I like mini series because is like a perfect combination of a movie and a great series and Lost Room proves it, we got three episodes to develop a great story and built a mitologhy.

    The first episode of The Lost Room was the perfect example of how a start a mini serie it began show us the main character, the situation and an antricipation of what we will see in the future.

    Like most of the suspense series we have an unexplained events, question without answer and a big mistery we want to know. Joe has a key, a key that can open a misterious room that can carry him whenever he wants but he doesnt know is that with that power came a lot of problem.

    Great casting, well directed and writting and wonderfull acting.
  • Interesting plot, great acting, very suspenseful ... a great mini-series.

    This show just made my top favorite list. It's original with a interesting and creative plot, great acting, and overall keeps you excited for more. This episode jumps you started and make you want for more. A very lengthy and interesting introduction about the room while establishing character profiles and etc. It's pretty similar to Friday the 13th: The Series, but nevertheless still gets me going - so I'm not complaining.
    Overall I liked the episode, very witty and different, although I thought the pacing was a bit slow for the first half. Bringing the doorknob with him was a fun move, and Weasel is a hilarious character.
  • The Lost Room first episode.

    Many great sci-fi greats have come before like quantum leap, sliders well for me this can fit along side of them quite snuggley. Its a classic sci-fi format, with the main protagonist aquiring a key that unlocks any door. With great power comes great responsibility (as a famous film once said) something the main protagonist has none of whatsoever! Pretty soon he is knee-deep in a whole world of trouble and needs to correct the things that he has done wrong. The actors and actress's produce convincing characters and by the end of the first episode I was really interested to see what happened next. The Lost Room for now looks like a fresh exciting sci-fi classic in the making, but needs to be careful not to become to "carrot and stick" in the delivery, the pitfall of similar sci-fi shows that i have already named (Imo).
  • A sci-fi mini series revolving around a magical key that opens a door onto a series of mysteries... and obviously you'll need patience and nerves if you want to get answers...

    Just watched the first part of this mini-series... and I just couldn't get my eyes off it. Really well written... and there's an unexpected twist that makes you want to know more... Now I'm looking forward to watching the second part... but I gotta wait.. i don't have it yet... it's gonna be hard waiting...
    If you've not watched it yet... give it a try... i'm sure you won't regret it...
  • When I came to watch this episode I knew nothing other than the review scores and the fact I like Sci Fi. I was surprised and intrigued. This show was unlike any I had seen before. I am looking forward to watching the final two parts. Spoilers here.

    I am always on the look out for good SciFi/Fantasy - I like Firefly, Farscape, Doctor Who, Angel, Buffy, and so when I saw high review scores for this, I wanted to give it a try.

    I was not disappointed. I knew nothing about this episode when I started - and I still didn\'t know what was going on by the end!

    I was intrigued - the objects are items of power, and surely this episode showed how, as ever, that power could corrupt.

    For me, I have never seen this concept before, and while it wasn\'t action packed it had likeable characters (even the weasel was funny at times!), and a child actor who wans\'t instantly annoying.

    Touches I liked:
    * The door knob - inspired!
    * Opening the safe - just as he did it, I realised what would happen (just before the weasel).

    I\'m staying out of the Forum until I have watched all 3, don\'t want to have anything given away.
  • Sunshine Motel, Room 10

    There are 100 Objects from Room 10. If put them all back together or in some sort of calculated order in Room 10, they are believed to lead to something extraordinary. Some believe the Objects are God while others are set out to destroy them, which seems like an illogical solution to rid the world of them. The Objects are said to be industructable. The Key can open any door that has a keyhole and leads to Room 10. The Clock is believed (by Weasel) to be the Prime Object and it might bring Anna back if it is used with the Key.

    Ever since the key entered Joe Miller's life, a series of bad events happened, kind of like a downward spiral, and they are all connected to each other. His daughter, Anna, was pushed into the room and never she never came out. So Miller is on a weird quest to track down different ways to back her back. Meanwhile, the cops are after him because they think he kidnapped Anna and killed Lou, his partner.

    The Order is a group of people in a cult that worship the Objects, and they already have a collection of them. They are after the key.

    Weasel also wants the Key. He has mapped out all the possible Objects that could lead him to the Prime Object. Don't know his specific reasons for killing to get to the Key.

    The Legion is another group of people going after the key, but for different reasons. They said they are out to destroy the Objects and that they're good people, but somehow I doubt that. We'll just have to see how this plays out.

    Kreutzfeld is another collector who have been experimenting objects working with each other to produce whatever is it that he's looking for. He believes that the key might be his missing link.

    So far this series is good, enthralling even, and exciting at other times. At first, it was difficult for me to keep up with the drama because it was boring, but after the first half was over, I was sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the annoying commercials to end. As for character development, it could use some touching up because the cast is pretty good at what they do but they need some material to work off of. The storyline is interesting, but I found myself more interested in what happened in Room 10 a few decades ago than getting Anna back. Anna's a sweet kid, but enough of that already, back to the mystery of the Key.
  • This is an exelected start to the mini-series and I hope it becomes a regulor series, as it is an very entating show.

    This is an excellent start to the mini-series and I hope it, does becomes a regular series, nor I should say it should become a regular series, as it is a very entertaining show. The acting is not bad at all, the writing is dead on, it knows what to do with its charters. The only problem that I can see is that the story is not really original as a cartoon called Xiaolin Showdown already do that type of magically object are hidden thought the world and it is up to the hero or heroes to find them all.
  • Keys,clocks,comb,pen,pencil, and even a glass eye: what do these objects have in common until this show nothing but now they each old unique abilities.

    I was hooked on the concept of this show ever since I heard of its premiere with a great storyline, deep and emotional characters, and everyday ordinary objects seen in a whole new light. The Lost Room is a sci-fi mini series consisting of 3(2 hour episodes) revolving around Detective John Miller solving a very bizarre case but instead of getting answers he gets involved in a world of "object" hunters who want the Motel Key, but Miller needs it to save his daughter who disappeared with the room reset itself.

    In this episode we learn that there are two groups of object collectors who want to get thier hands on the objects and they are the Order(believeing it will bring back God) and the Legion(trying to get rid of the objects)

    The Objects

    The Objects are nothing more than ordinary objects that have very unique abilities. In this episode we learned of

    The Key - opens a portal to the motel room and can work with any door(one of the prime objects)

    The Pen - instant burn when touched to human flesh

    The Bus Ticket - One way trip to the middle of nowhere(not hell)

    The Pencil - Tap the end and pennies appear

    There are references to many more of the close to 100 objects but the powers aren't made clear as of yet(the glass eye,comb,bible,glasses,clock, and many more)

    I really enjoyed this show and I can't wait until the next part to see if Miller gets his daughter back at the end or if she is gone for good. I give this episode a 9.4/10 because it was a good show but a little slow at times and some of the concepts weren't made very clear.

    WOW! SCIFI actually having a show worth watching it must be the end of the world....Just Kidding.
  • There are these strange objects in the world that have very weird powers. This first episode was pretty cool. Good starting episode.

    After a botched trade-off for a motel key with supernatural powers at a pawn shop, Detective Joe Miller investigates the odd circumstances of two deaths that occurred there. With the help of Iggy Llosa, Joe comes into possession of the motel key, which opens up any door and takes the person who has it into a mysterious motel room which in turn takes the person anyplace with a door. Joe and his partner, Lou Destefano, use the key to catch a ballgame and get some Cuban cigars. Obviously they have fun with this kind of thing. Later, Joe meets Wally Jabrowski, who has a bus ticket that can be used to send people to a spot outside of Gallup, New Mexico. Wally tells Joe of other objects and how one pays a price for using them. Through a series of problems, Howard "The Weasel" Montague being one of them, Joe's daughter Anna is lost in the room and Joe has Montague help him find the object that will bring her back. Montague tells Joe of a prime object that with the key will allow him to find Anna. This show deals with other dimensions, religion, supernatural powers and human nature. This miniseries is another win for the Scifi Channel.
  • This was a good start to what I think will be a good mini-series.

    I was not so thrilled for the first 15 minutes of the pilot and I was even thinking of turning the channel but I decided to watch 15 more minutes just to see if it would improve. The show in fact did improve and I find myself wanting more. I wish this series would last more than 3 2-hour episodes. I also really enjoy seeing Peter Krause again on screen. I have not seen him in anything since Six Feet Under. The thing I love about this series is how cool these objects are. I mean how cool would it be to haver a key to take you anywhere in the world. I really hope the rest of this show lives up to the first episode. I think I am hooked. Too bad I can not be hooked for longer.