The Lost Room

Syfy (Mini-Series 2006)





  • Season 1 Episode 3: The Eye and the Occupant

  • Twelve Objects, including the Dress Shirt, the Left Shoe, the Iron, the Shoe Polish, the Drinking Glass, the Foot Powder, and what appears to be the Binoculars, are viewed in passing when Miller and Kreutzfeld walk through the Vault.

  • The Conroy Experiment Objects include:
    -The Ashtray
    -The Pack of Cigarettes
    -The Toothbrush
    -The Watchbox
    -The Clock
    -The Nail Clippers
    -The Motel Key

  • The Wedding Photo: A portrait of Eddie McCleister and Mabel Smith. The back of the photo bears the legend "Summer 1959" in Mabel Smith's handwriting. Properties unknown.

  • The Glass Eye: Can restore or destroy all flesh.

  • The cartoon Isaac is watching in the beginning of this episode is To Build a Better Mousetrap, an animated short by series co-creator Christopher Leone.

  • -The Occupant's name is Eddie McCleister.

  • -The Clock sublimates brass.

  • -The quarter brings memories to life.

  • -The cufflink lowers blood pressure.
    -The scissors rotate things.
    -The flask makes a person unable to breathe.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: The Comb and the Box

  • -Objects:

    -The Comb stops time for up to 10 seconds.

    The Glass Eye has the ability to heal any flesh(locked away in the vault).

    -The Glasses inhibit combustion.

    -The Watch Box dampens entropy within a small radius(stops things from decaying).

    -The Picture shows Room 10 at the moment before the Event on May 4, 1961.

    -Deck of Cards has the ability to disorientate a person with visions.

    -Jacket/Coat (unknown but saves Joe's life because of its indestructability)

  • Season 1 Episode 1: The Key and the Clock

  • While Joe is in the hospital, Drs. Sonny Gupta and Traff are paged over the intercom. These are both characters from Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital. Craig R. Baxley worked on this series, as well. When Dr. Gupta is paged, his name is pronounced the way Dr. Stegman mispronounced it on Kingdom Hospital.

  • Room Objects revealed in the first episode

    Powerful Objects - Key: Can open any door
    - Glass Eye: Power not revealed


    - Bus ticket: Can send people to a spot outside Gallup, NM
    - Wrist Watch: Can hard boil an egg when placed in the center of the watch. - Knife: Unknown - Nail File: Can put people to sleep.
    - Umbrella: Can make people think they know you. - Radio: Can make you grow 3 inches.
    - Pencil: Tapping the pencil will make pennies.
    - Pen: Cooks people like a microwave.

    Dormant Objects – Unknown Powers

    - Tooth Brush:
    - Cigarettes:
    - Bible:
    - Pick Axe
    - Clock

    Combined Powers

    Wrist Watch + Knife grants user telepathy

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