The Lost Saucer

ABC (ended 1976)


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  • even as a young child, i thought this was dumb. and i was five.

    It's something when you are a 5 or six year old child, and realize something is stupid. i also realized at a very early age, that Ruth Buzzi drove me crazy. i remember thinking wow, she is a robot and her name is buzzi. buzzes and buzzing is annoying, maybe she is supposed to be really annoying, and why is gomer pyle a robot too, isnt he in that army show, and that show with oapey and his sheriff dad? wwhy is he a robot? and ok, why do i care. when does scooby doo come on, because i'm bored with this show. i do hope those kids get back home, because for robots, those two are quite dumb.... they should watch that crazy woody allen sleeper movie, or heartbeeps, then get a life.