The Lost World

Season 3 Episode 10

Brothers in Arms

Aired Unknown Jan 19, 2002 on
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Brothers in Arms
When Keeran Raiders attack, a deadly poison dart forces Malone to relive a long-suppressed memory-his baptism of fire as a battlefield correspondent in World War I. Caught up in this nightmarish hallucination, Malone is once again an untried reporter cut off from Allied lines when an enemy advance pushes deep into No Man's Land. When the three battle-weary British soldiers who've been assigned to escort him are picked off by enemy action, the young reporter who's never fired a gun must take up arms to save his own life and the life of a wounded sergeant.moreless

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  • As so many have so eloquently expressed, this was a great episode: real, touching, graphic, meaningful.

    What did you go in the Great War, daddy?

    The time period directly before the expedition left for the plateau, a truly traumatic era in human history. It made sense that the show dealt with it directly as opposed to the hints and allusions we've heard before. The Official Secrets Act, Major Lord John Roxton, Marguerite's hints of involvement and the traumatic event that haunted Ned Malone.

    I'll cover you; you cover me.

    A warm development of the relationship between Roxton and Marguerite: their barely-suppressed enjoyment of their treehouse banter, the easy way they plan strategy in the face of danger, the little hints of her past met with mock horror by Roxton. They have reached the point where their love for each other overwhelms their common sense. After they agree to a cross-fire, Roxton heads for her as soon as they're under attack. Later, Marguerite escapes but runs back for him at the first gunshot. Both of them take on the hordes in defense of their loved one. Marguerite's fear, first that he was dead, then that she might be the one to kill him (as she administers the antidote "Please let this be all right.")

    I miss her too

    Veronica's absence remains a constant shadow on the members of the expedition. Of all people Marguerite cuts through all the awkward man and scientist speak R-"Veronica would likely know all about them." C-"Revealing how we've come to rely on her information." Marguerite acknowledges what they are all really feeling. Ironic in the face of how Veronica just rips her upon returning to the plateau in 'The End Game'

    The Meaning of War/The Meaning of Life

    To their credit, the writers chose an ambiguous line between 'war is hell' and war is glorious. There is no nobility in death -bodies sprawl awkwardly covered in blood, dirt and mud. Yet the nobility of sacrifice is stressed, the questions asked "Why would he give his life for me?" "Why am I here?" Many answers offered -from meaningless loss of life, to doing a job, winning freedom for others, to remembering the sacrifice itself. The debate about whether one should think of the enemy as real people brings back Roxton's advice in Tribute "they have no mothers, no lovers,no children. They are not men. They are the enemy." Haskell's reasoning as to the meaning of war is questionable. In the trenches perhaps 'killing to save yourself and me' is war(survival actually), but at the level of command it is something very different. The sergeant's advice though is meaningful "Live your life as if it means something."

    Why do I feel like I'm always looking in the wrong direction?

    Malone's opening words summarize the crisis of faith he's been having for years. Is he merely an observer of other people's experiences instead of looking for the answers in himself? Is he right in assuming Veronica wanted a man of action? Can you find yourself by walking away from your community? Just like his last spirit quest, once again it was his friends that brought him back to reality.

    Flashbacks & Foreshadowing

    Ned's last words rework the title of the first episode "The Journey Begins"

    "We all played a part in that war, Malone" & "They have a lot more in common than they think." "They're not the only ones." Tapestry

    "I swear if this exodus doesn't end, I'll be alone here." The End Game

    "That's it, my love." Trapped

    Defining Moment

    The tears in Ned's eyes when Roxton asks him where he is right now. "I don't know. I'm lost." From then until he breaks down on "Do you know how that feels?" So sad and lost.

  • Poor Neddie.

    Oh, Poor Ned, i just wanted to jump in to the TV and give him a big hug at the end of the episode. he sounded so sad when he was still in the hallusination and he was talking to Roxton. I was sad that he left at the end, he was my favorite character. I wish he had done more, he always seemed to be a backup character instead of a main charachter. I miss this show, it was a good show, very fun to watch and it had some pretty good looking guys in it, like Neddie and Roxton.moreless

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