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Ground Rules: Forum Posting and Contributing

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    Hi everyone!  My name is Kas, and I am your editor.  I hope that by now, you all have found me to be fair, helpful, and fun.

    I wanted to go ahead and lay out a couple of forum and contribution rules.  As always, remember that I'm always available for questions, suggestions or comments. 

    **First and foremost--everyone is expected to respect everyone else on this board.  If there is a problem or a disagreement, please bring it to my attention, and I will deal with it swiftly.  No fighting or flaming, please!!!!! 

    **After alot of thought, I have decided that fanfiction will not be allowed...at least not right now.  If you get several writers with several stories going at once, it can make the board pretty messy.  Blogs are a great place to post your fics, or there are several sites made especially for that purpose.  If you don't know where to find any such sites, PM me and I will direct you to some.

    **Everyone is expected to follow TV.com guidelines about profanity and inappropriate forum posts.  Please don't make me come after you for it--I will, but I don't want to have to.

    **Games are allowed on this forum, but only four at a time.  I also reserve the right to shut any or all of them down if I feel they are becoming one of the following:  too rowdy, too distracting to other forum visitors, or off-topic.

    **Which brings me to my next point--Off-Topic posts.  Trust me, I know how easy it is to get off on a tangent without even realizing it.  I do it too.  But let us all try to have respect for the other posters, and stay on the topic at hand.  There are Off-Topic forums on this site, and simply chatting about anything and everything isn't allowed here.  That being said, I will not be an ogre.  I will not punish people for forgetting once in a while, but I will come and try to point the discussion back where it belongs.  If the discussion continues to veer off-course...I will lock the thread.


    First off, let me say this...I WELCOME any help to the guide, so please contribute!  But...follow these few hints and rules, and you'll find that your submissions will not only be processed faster, but they will have a better chance of being accepted.

    1.  Please check to make sure the submission you are about to make is not already in the guide.  It doesn't take but a couple of seconds to do so.

    2.  Please make sure that there are not spelling or grammar mistakes in your submission.  Those mistakes can warrant a rejection, and it's easy to click the spell check button before you submit to make sure that doesn't happen.  I'm not saying I won't fix one mistake here or there, but I may not have time, so just don't take a chance, okay?

    3.  Absolutely NO profanity is allowed in any submission.  Even if the character said it, I will not accept it.

    4.  If you do not know how to format a quote...ASK someone.  I or several of the more experienced posters around here would be happy to help.

    5.  Episode Notes are something that did NOT happen on-screen.  It, for the most part, is some sort of production note.

    6.  Trivia is ANYTHING that happened during the episode.  This includes: Music, opening numbers, goofs, etc.

    7.  I try to check my queue every day, but I can't always do that.  Please be patient.  I'm going as fast as I can.

    8.  If you are submitting a new episode, you MUST put a source in your comments box, or it will be rejected.  (NOTE--spoilerfix.com is not an acceptable source.  They are often unreliable)

    9.  Lastly, make sure that any submissions (except quotes, of course) are in your own words.  Submissions that are wholly or partially taken from another site will be rejected.

    I hope you all know that these rules are for the betterment of this site and especially this guide.  If we will all follow these few simple ground rules, I know we can all enjoy each other's company, as we discuss the greatest show on earth!

    Your Editor and Friend,


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