The Lost World

Season 3 Episode 22

Heart of the Storm

Aired Unknown May 13, 2002 on
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Heart of the Storm
Two days before Challenger's latest attempt to leave the Plateau by balloon, Veronica and Finn encounter a strange phenomenon and are briefly transported into the post-apocalyptic future of New Amazonia. Soon after, Roxton finds himself being chased by 17th-century Conquistadors while Marguerite is captured by Druids determined to sacrifice her in order to avert a mysterious storm which is fast approaching. As different planes of reality continue to collide, Veronica at last realizes the time has come for her to fulfill her destiny as Protector and wield her mother's pendant-the Trion. But even as she prepares to sacrifice her life to save her friends, she does not know if she's made the right decision-for once the power of the Trion is unleashed, will it save the Plateau, or destroy it… ?moreless

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  • What A Cliff Hanger

    Sadly this was the last episode. The show production was on hold due to labor union issues down under and they weren't sure if it would be returning. Sadly it did not. This show deserved a better closing than the ultimate cliff hanger and the void of nothingness/
  • It ends with Veronica holding up her Mothers' pendant shouting for guidance as the various 'time ripples' that have separated the group; an objection to Finns' presence, (from the future) converge on the tree-house, resulting in an A-bomb style explosion.moreless

    An exciting episode. Time ripples are occurring on the plateau, giving the group glimpses of other time periods. One such ripple deposits Maple White, the original discoverer of the plateau, at the tree-house. Challenger had, originally, encountered White just after he'd been mortally wounded by a T-Rex, obtaining, on his death, his journals, detailing the existence of the Lost World. White concludes that the phenomenon is occurring because Finn, being from the future, should not be there. He, later, leaves them to return to his own 'time slot', and original demise. Marguerite is about to be sacrificed by some druid-type characters, in an effort to appease the gods, and avert the impending 'storm'. Roxtons' fate lies in the hands of a group of Spaniards, who have mistaken him for a, thieving, ancestor. Challenger, it seems, has been abducted by aliens or future scientists, who are about to remove his brain, and Finn has been sucked back into the future to be pursued by slave traders. You are left to conclude that all have perished. I e-mailed the Sci-fi website, and had a response from NBC Universal, who informed me that this was the final episode made by Park Entertainment; the Production Company. No explanation was given as to why no more are being/were made. According to the official website for the show, this episode was first aired in May 2002.moreless
  • I have not actually seen this episode,b ut my friend has told me about it. She wouldn't tell me the end though which really ticked me off.

    The fact that I have not seen Malone and Veronica kiss makes her thoughts of sacrificing herself, in my opinion, well let's just say I don't think she should do it. I am really one of those kinds of people that care only about the relationships and the progress people make with each other. I am glad that Veronica has finally figured out what her destiny is. Imean it is about time that she figured it out. I don't like it when a character dwells on one topic for too long. It sort of gets boring. What I want to know is why those people think they need a sacrafice to advert a storm.moreless
  • I just don\'t know how to respond to this episode. It\'s a little painful. It\'s good to know, however, that there will be some resolution, if not the one we had hoped for.moreless

    Do you guys know how good you\'ve got it here?

    There is love, both romantic and filial, new-found family and friendship in this world, not to mention stirring adventure around every ever-shifting corner. And they have stuff! They are so overburdened with possessions that they have a junk heap in their front yard and a microwave tower by the power plant. The electric fence is now six strands high and strong enough to electrocute the unwary, not to mention the new mine field Finn is going to create. I can see why both Roxton and Finn feel a lot of regret to leave their \'paradise\'. They recognize what they have \'here and now\'.

    Well, on a day like today, it could be just about anywhere.

    Marguerite sounds like Alice in Wonderland and she and Roxton are running as fast as they can to stay in the same place (unsuccessfully). It\'s as if everyone is flung into an episode to somehow make it right? by making a sacrifice.

    Marguerite into Out of Time, about to lose her heart to stop the storm, John into The Pirate\'s Curse because his ancestor made his lordly reputation by lowly acts of piracy. Challenger has The Journey Begins come to him in the form of Maple White, then he is transported into the future where his brain will be sacrificed to technology. Finn is forced to return to her horrible future, defenceless to resist the slavers, and Veronica revisits the end of Legacy where she may end up sacrificing the whole plateau.

    It\'s the origin... it\'s the source that fuels them all.

    I\'ve posted a bit on my conjectures about how the centre of the vortex has some important meaning. I\'ve looked at Mathematics and Atlantis, myth and physics -mostly on the \'22 clues\' thread. Needless to say, at the end of the day, I haven\'t the foggiest clue about Arthur\'s weight/mass gain, the role of the protector or whether Morrigan is Marguerite, but it has been fun speculating.

    Like tugging on a loose thread

    That image of unravelling is kind of the opposite of the Tapestry theme of everything being knit together. But if Veronica is right, it is not a matter of everything falling apart as Dr White suggests, but rather a coming together, a sucking in to the \"whirlpool, vortex, maelstrom\" as Challenger said. Or as he would put it \"the two elemental forces of creation: gravity and electro-magnetism.

    He\'s here to settle a debt.

    One more mystery. Did Maple White double-cross Xan, coming to the plateau to seek out the lines of energy rather than the ouroboros? Does that mean this secret is more important than the \"ability to control time and space\" (which always makes me wonder what Xan got out of his trade with Mordren to make it worthwhile -it looked like a gizmo to me)

    No matter where our journeys take us, I know we\'ll always be together.

    If only that were true. My heart aches for how all alone each one of them was at the end of the last scene we will ever see them in. Far better that they should crash into a cliff with everyone\'s hand on the wheel of the dirigible.

    I like to tell myself that Veronica and George were right, that somehow instead of being flung away into a distant past or future, they were drawing those times toward themselves and that after all the \'possible realities -past, present and future -- are drawn to\' and merge into that single stream of light, that the \'right\' reality will come about, one in which our explorers find each other, where Finn goes back to a more pleasant future, where George is feted as the \'greatest mind of the 20th century\', where Ned emerges from the time warp at the place Maple White left, where Marguerite and Roxton are together sharing their \'complicated\' lives, where Arthur hatches into his true \'Summerlee-ness\' and where Veronica sits down for a nice mother-daughter chat with Abigail. What loose ends?

    Some good memories of this episode?

    -the warm moment between Veronica and Challenger

    -how blue Marguerite\'s eyes are while she\'s avoiding eye contact with Roxton

    -the humorous exchanges

    -Marguerite and John\'s last kiss

    But mostly it makes me sad.

  • truth

    good season finale, worst series finale. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .um there is not really much more that i can say im mean the series ended becasue of an 'owners dispute' i mean if you want to make the viewers never watch anything you right then do what they did. if the show had continued and we had figured out what happend then things would be better but they arnt!!!!moreless
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