The Lost World

Season 3 Episode 8

Hollow Victory

Aired Unknown Dec 08, 2001 on
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Hollow Victory
Challenger develops a new way to create lift in the balloon. All go along for a test flight, but the balloon is drawn into violent turbulence then crash-lands inside the vast caldera of an extinct volcano where our heroes find themselves trapped in a world beneath the earth's surface. With the balloon damaged and the supply of iron lost, our heroes can only survive for a matter of days in this hot and hostile environment.moreless

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  • Truly, a hollow victory. It started out as a sight-seeing trip, turned into a \'real adventure for everyone\', but by the end, all were suffering loss.

    A parallel universe

    I had a sense that the hollow earth was almost a mirror image of their life on the plateau, lots of dialogue that had been said in previous episodes, but sometimes slightly different.

    The scene at the beginning where Ned is once again surprised and disappointed that Veronica won\'t come to London -scenes that took place in \'Stranded\',\'The Source \'BATG\', \'London Calling\' among others.

    \"Trust the men to fall for a pretty face\" almost identical to lines from \'Prophecy\' and \'Voodoo Queen\'.

    \"You will make it fly\" Identical to Drakul\'s words in BATG. The difference however is that Arjax wanted them all dead, Drakul wanted them alive.

    The balloon flight -very similar to \'The Journey Begins\'

    The funniest line of the episode, Challenger trying to bring the balloon down by adjusting his \'hydrogen evolver\' shouts out \"I\'m de-evolving as fast as I can\" shades of his goat-self in \'Mark of the Beast\'

    The scene with Veronica and Arjax in the balloon and her alone are reminiscent of \'Out of the Blue\'

    But things are different here. The pteradactyls are white, the water burns, Veronica and Marguerite are friends, Ned and Veronica are ready to go their separate ways. Everything is a little \'off\'.

    True Love Conquers All

    Since it\'s really all about Ned and Veronica, I guess I\'ll throw in my two cents worth. I\'m not sure whether his stay in the spirit world has made Ned re-evaluate his relationship with Veronica, but it seemed to me that he almost sounded happy that she was going to break it off and he would be free to pursue something with Aleece. Poor Veronica, imprinted with the need to search for her parents. She can no more give herself completely to Malone than fly off the plateau alone.(oops, bad analogy)

    There\'s never been such good friends

    Marguerite has turned into such a chatterbox -and they are all such gems for our eager ears. And the moments under the lean-to; both actresses did a marvellous job of defining a friendship that the viewers hadn\'t seen much of to this point.

    Nature is Nature

    Now Roxton and Veronica have joined Challenger in giving us (and Marguerite) science lessons - evolutionary adaptation, food chain, chemical reactions when hydrogen meets air, meteorology. I\'m with Marguerite \"I\'ve heard about enough of the wonders of nature for one day.\"

    Great lines

    As the pterodactyl attacks the gas bag \"Well, that\'s torn it.\"

    \"I once followed a man from Monaco to Shanghai\"

    \"There, the Challenger Hydro-Aerosphere Mark II\"

    \"Or I will make your flesh quench my blade\"

    \"The poor boy\'s been in love with you since the day you two first met.\"


    They could only live two days in that atmosphere?

    Did the iron mine remind anyone of Buffy\'s trip to the underworld -Season 3 premiere \'Anne\"; the whole set-up was so similar.

    Weren\'t you glad to see that sap gathering was such a mucky mess -it looked very authentic.

    Wooden staffs? no trees, iron mine, duh!

    At the surface, the balloon is hijacked by Arjax -could Marguerite be any more useless? gun, bad guy trying to kill Veronica. Shoot, don\'t scream and run about.

    Marguerite can\'t read the runes?

    Visually, a wonderful episode - a pleasure to watch: the balloon, the location, the descent through the \'caldera\'.


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