The Lost World

Season 2 Episode 7

London Calling

Aired Unknown Nov 18, 2000 on
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London Calling
Our adventurers recover an ancient map showing the escape route from the Lost World. Knowing they will face sceptics in the scientific world to which they shall return, Challenger and Malone capture a T-Rex egg to take with them. Veronica cannot share their joy, however, for she must continue her search for her long lost parents. Malone's dreams of successfully returning to his beautiful fiancée in London appear to come true. But is this what he really wants?moreless

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  • This is a very clever episode, well-written and acted. It would have been even more effective if the episodes that preceded it had been a little more consistent.

    Who could dream such a complex sound? Anyone could; it's a dream.

    The dream part of the episode is a fantastic depiction of a dream-state. The dreamer is the main character; time, space, purpose and logic are jumbled and disjointed. And like many dreams, it spirals into a nightmare.

    At first the changes are subtle - Marguerite is dressed a little different, Challenger has a little self-doubt, Roxton a little more open with his feelings. And Ned, of course, is a little more the master of his world. But as the adventures become more outrageous, the non-sequiturs pile up. Earlier posters wondered about people's behaviours, but as Veronica answers when Ned searches for a logical explanation for the nightmare "In the real world , yes, but... (not in a dream)"

    Undoubtedly Ned's assumptions colour the behaviour of the others, but he may not really see Roxton as a drunk or Marguerite as a scheming pauper. In dreams, often people act bizarrely. Just cuz.

    A great example of dream behaviour is the scene when the T-rex egg is knocked from the stand. Roxton and Malone stare at it and creep toward it in slow-motion. In the jungle a new-born T-rex would not paralyse them with fear. Then the 'bad guys' approach, guns in hand, and all of them stare in helpless horror as the T-rex speeds through the growth process and chomps on a helpless fearful Roxton.

    Later in the park when Ned and Veronica flee, no matter which way they go the T-rex is right in front of them. There is a real sense of dream helplessness even as Ned's logical mind tries to shake off the twisted logic of his dream-state.

    Other non-sequiturs that only make sense in a dream-world:

    1. No explanation is given as to how the gems got into Ned's backpack.

    2. Marguerite being stupid enough to jump into a whirlpool with her gems in those ridiculous open pockets? No way.

    3. The egg survived that wild ride? and Ned's journals were unharmed?

    4. Where was the HMS Gloucester? It should have been on the horizon.

    5. Why did the nomads never notice Roxton and Malone perched on the rock shooting at them?

    You'll wake up beside her and everything you've done here and everyone you've known will seem like nothing more than a bad dream.

    It's fun looking back at the episode and noticing all the 'clues' that one realizes were pointing the way. Right off the bat, Veronica brings up the idea that the plateau experience will soon be just a bad dream for all the explorers, something to be forgotten when they wake up to their real lives.

    Later the colonel becomes the voice of doom within the dream. Just as the explorers are told that when the sun rises in an hour Ned will be lost forever, the colonel informs Ned that Challenger will be 'dead by dawn' Ned is dumbfounded "How can this be happening so fast?" The answer "It's a nightmare, a bloody nightmare."

    There is much discussion as to how a dream can show a person's 'heart's true desire'.

    Marguerite figures Ned's desire is merely to get off the plateau; the shaman says that he's dreaming of leaving Veronica. Gladys assures him that they can start their lives again. Challenger is more attuned to his friend and tells Ned that "you are the only one still trying to decide what you really want." Malone realizes at the end what his heart's true desire is. Not, as one might hope, to stay on the plateau with Veronica but "to be free of the past." We learn later in Brothers in Arms that Ned has to deal with his past before he can ever be free of it.

    You know the deal - no egg, no money.

    The t-rex egg has star billing in this episode and generates a lot of amusing scenes. Challenger is willing to sacrifice himself as long as Malone rescues the egg 'for the sake of science'. The egg makes its way through the whirlpool to freedom. After that it destroys Challenger, Roxton and Marguerite and most of London. I can't keep from chuckling though at the exasperated Fitzsimmons talking to Marguerite in the car. "There-is-no-egg!" He is so furious he plugs Marguerite full of holes.

    Here's to the hero of the day!

    This is a great episode for toasts. There's one at the beginning that Veronica refuses to take part in. Challenger toasts Ned, Roxton drinks to Challenger opening the bottle of champagne, Marguerite raises a glass to civilization. "The sooner we get out of this hellhole the better." (Ned's dream-Marguerite doesn't mince words)

    At the end Ned raises a glass to Gladys. All respond but Marguerite who is fuming as she reads Ned's journal. (How did he manage to get that long story written before Challenger even had a chance to tend to Veronica's cut hand?)

    We're friends; good friends, but that's all we are.

    Sigh. Veronica knew she was speaking to a dream-Gladys and could say anything she wanted to. Presumably that is what Veronica really thought about their relationship since there was no good reason to lie.

    She puts up with a lot when she comes to London. To be greeted as the 'little jungle girl' by Gladys, to have Ned mock her when she tries to explain the danger, to have George 'cover her up' and then to be bundled away by Gladys to be dressed - what an embarassing response to her rescue attempt.

    There was little attempt to make Gladys a worthy rival to Veronica. From her first words "you'll never remember you were ever lost in that horrid jungle again.", she aggravates any viewer who likes Veronica. She uses 'horrid' four more times in the episode, not to mention her constant use of 'Neddy'.

    Favourite moments

    Marguerite's scowling reaction to Roxton's admission that he was bringing something of value back to London - her.

    The by-play with Marguerite and Roxton in the background by the staircase and its sad conclusion.

    Marguerite is the one who takes care of the unconscious Veronica.

    The giddy excitement of Roxton, Ned and Challenger when they find themselves in salt-water (and off the plateau). In counterpoint you can see Marguerite in mute misery in the background.

    Challenger and Ned in a doomed tag-team act risking their lives to save an egg.

    This is a bright light of an episode. It holds up well to repeat viewing because you can see what's coming and enjoy it before it gets there.


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