The Lost World

(ended 2002)


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  • The best (old) show ever!!!

    This show is my personal favourite, and why? I really don't know :D
    There is something in the show that is catch me and never let me go :)
    The carachters, the story, the locations, the adventures...oh yes, the adventure :)
    Escape from the the T-Rex :D or any evil people or creature :)
    The tomber house was the best :D
    I loved the episodes, that in Roxton and Margaruite jape each other, but they are fall in love each other :)
    I was really sorry that Malone is go away in the third season(?), but I liked the new girl, Finn :)
    And the season finale was the best :-O the different time levelels was awsome
    I really don't understand why had it been cancelled :(
    The best (old) show ever :D

    This was my first rewiev :D