The Lost World

Season 2 Episode 6

Skin Deep

Aired Unknown Nov 11, 2000 on
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Skin Deep
When Marguerite starts being nice to everyone, they wonder what she's up to. Even when pushed to find out why she's acting this way, she maintains her uncharacteristic serenity. In the jungle, Roxton and Veronica are attacked by a dinosaur that after giving them a huge scare, starts to move very clumsily, giving them a chance to escape. We learn that an alien invader, who could not control the dinosaur's huge body, occupied it. We also learn that Marguerite's body has been possessed when she drops her spoon into a vat of boiling water and plunges her arm in to retrieve it - with no ill effect. We discover that the Alien Invaders are skeletons that our heroes have to fight.moreless

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  • Lots of fun watching Marguerite and Roxton with \'alternate personalities\' but truly this has one of the worst plots of any Lost World episode.

    Stay out of the purple light!

    Now let me see. There is a shining cave. If you go in there you die. Zanga children are told that their entire childhood. Suddenly every Zanga warrior rushes into the cave (perhaps in some dreadful stag party stunt) and all are overcome. Meanwhile Marguerite and a passing raptor also wander in. Why was the light having such an active week? And why did it want a bunch of skeletons anyway?

    Not the brightest things are they?

    Malone\'s observation is very true. Both he and Veronica reduced their sword-swinging attackers into a pile of bones. Later in the cave, it takes fifteen minutes for the skeletons to notice that dangerous intruders had arrived and all their hosts were being released. These are not the fearsome adversaries that will make the plateau quiver. No the real threats are the clones.

    Any one of us could get infected - if you\'re not already.

    So what is the nature of the clones? Apparently their goal is to recruit more \'victims\' (which makes me wonder - why didn\'t the purple light just make hundreds of clones of one person). The accepted method of luring people to the cave is the ingenious \'picnic invitation\'.

    In Marguerite we see that the clone has her memories (except that she forgets Assai\'s wedding), her quick-thinking and ruthlessness, but not her personality. This creature is open about her affection for all her housemates. To Ned \"Of course, I am. (going to miss them)\" To Roxton and Challenger \"I want to spend the day with the two men I admire most.\" And of course to Roxton \"You\'re the man I love.\" She is kind, homey -enjoying the smell of fresh-baked bread, funny, silly, willing to take ridiculous risks (that vine didn\'t look very sturdy). On one hand she is ruthless and quick-thinking (when she kills the raptor when it looked like it might give away the game). But she\'s dumb enough to fall for the old \'but have you got enough food for five people?\' trick. She and Roxton had just come back from a picnic and now she\'s trying to convince the others to go now too?

    Roxton\'s clone is a better man than the grumpy creature that spends the early part of the episode insulting and mocking Marguerite. His heartfelt \"Marguerite, don\'t leave me.\" is the emotional keystone of the episode.

    You\'re such a darling!

    The clone romance is funny and silly. I got a huge kick when Marguerite says to a sarcastic Roxton \"Don\'t be such a sourpuss. Good food, sunshine - it\'ll be fun.\" Later when she\'s luring Roxton to the cave, he can\'t resist her declarations of love and intimations of more to be attained \"It\'s lovely when you get inside.\" even though he knows she could be infected by a disease that killed the only other known victim. Marguerite maintains a sunny smile throughout and after Roxton returns from the cave he\'s as jolly as she is. One might hope that the clones are somehow expressing the deeper feelings of our star-crossed pair but it is unlikely.

    Other things

    Things that make you go huh?

    -if Marguerite was a clone made of human stem-cells why didn\'t the boiling water harm her?

    -why did Jarl\'s clothes and knife also turn into jelly?

    -why did the clones\' eyes turn black (except as a device to tell us they were inhuman)?

    -dead Marguerite had a very noticeable heartbeat

    I don\'t mean to be gruesome, but...

    I struggle with the scene where George puts away his little scalpel and gets out his honking big hunting knife. When he has qualms about deboning Marguerite, Ned kindly encourages him to keep going. Yuck! Thank heavens for x-rays.

    Evil spirits and demons have been defeated often by science.

    This from the man who insists every episode that there is no such thing as demons. I love the scenes in the lab. You can read over Ned\'s shoulder on the blackboard E = mc2. Why would Challenger need the formula for relativity close at hand?

    Seems like the least I could do.

    Marguerite leaves and returns on this theme. Those are the words that drove her away at the beginning and that is what she says when she \'frees\' the raptor to attack the skeletons in the cave at the end.


    \"She did say that it was a place where people were trapped between the spirit world and this one.\" Shades of True Spirit.

    Challenger: This magnificent home of yours has to be preserved at all costs.

    Veronica: The Assai can do it.

    Challenger: No, it has to be you, Veronica.

    A foreshadowing of Veronica\'s role as the protector.

    Great epilogue. Rachel Blakely can even make having her pulse taken an action full of grace and impatience.

    This episode is lots of fun. But it doesn\'t make a lot of sense.moreless

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    • Revealing Mistakes: How did the skeletons clone Roxton and Marguerite's clothes and their weapons as well and why would they if the clones are just used to grow skeletons?

    • Continuity: When Marguerite is fleeing the treehouse from Challenger, Veronica and Malone, Ned pulls off a piece of Marguerite's skin from her bare left shoulder blade. We immediately see Marguerite running through the jungle, but no skin is gone from her left shoulder blade.

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