The Lost World

Season 1 Episode 2

Stranded (2)

Aired Unknown Apr 03, 1999 on
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Stranded (2)
Marguerite makes a deal with a local chieftain to get off the Plateau. The deal is to hand over Veronica to the chief for marriage, something she wants no part of. Like all such schemes, things don't work out as planned and the team must fight a variety of threats in order to save the chiefs daughter, Veronica's virtue, and their own necks.moreless

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  • The second half of the pilot episode brings the explorers within inches of escaping The Lost World. Somehow they each seem to be happy to have lost that opportunity.

    I need that egg.

    The opening scene certainly shows Challenger and Veronica at their worst. The good professor seems willing to sacrifice Roxton to the pterodactyl as long as he keeps his egg. He determinedly yanks at the bag. Roxton seems to realize that he’d better hold on to the egg if he expects to get any help from the scientist. Meanwhile Veronica has nothing to contribute but gasps of fear and horror through the whole endeavour.

    Having watched The Lost World so many times, I have reached the point where the mere mention of the stupid egg starts me giggling. There is the part in this episode when they are running for their life from a cave-in and Challenger can hardly make himself leave. “Oh my God, my egg!” he shouts. But my favourite ‘egg’ line is the encounter between Marguerite and Fitzsimmons in London Calling where a frustrated Fitz growls “There-is-no-egg.” before shooting her five or six times for asking such an annoying question. Your freedom for my body?

    What was Marguerite thinking? Considering that Veronica was supposed to be in good health and Assai with them when Jacoba showed up, I’m not sure how she expected to keep her scam going long enough to get them through the caves. Presumably Assai and Veronica could put the kibosh on the wedding, but how would a frustrated Jacoba react? Marguerite was in a pickle when Veronica was laid low and Assai kidnapped, but I must admit she did not cover herself in glory in the aftermath. She did volunteer to accompany Veronica but did nothing to postpone the wedding. Maybe after she heard that ‘no-one escapes the apemen, she figured she was on her own and all bets were off. Anyway she was totally busted. Both Roxton and Veronica made the connection and blamed her for the ‘mix-up’. You don’t think very much of me, do you? Less than you’ll ever know.

    That’s not exactly true. As disgusted as Roxton is by Marguerite’s greed and self-serving nature, he is also attracted to her. He saves her life in the apeman attack (as she does his) and in the cave-in. As sure as he is that she’s there for no good purpose, he can’t help but ask her why she did what she did.

    He’s not the only one who has a bad first impression of the ‘heiress’ There is a harsh but funny little encounter as Veronica and Marguerite run from the cave-in and get off track

    Veronica: I think we took a wrong turn.

    Marguerite: Brilliant. You figure that out all by yourself?

    Veronica: No wonder no-one likes you.

    Marguerite: Who doesn’t like me?

    I said thank you. That’s what you wanted to hear all along.

    Poor Roxton. I think he did want to hear those words. But he was too distracted by approaching apemen noises to enjoy his victory. He had also learned that there was no just telling Miss Krux to be quiet so he took the liberty of clapping his hand across her mouth and holding her tight against him. Cozy. And she put up with it. Guess she’s learned sometimes there are dangers out there.

    Little things

    I guess there are some … positive aspects to staying here.

    Veronica and Malone have a cute little romance starting up. For the first time of many he debates if maybe he should stay in The Lost World – this time to protect her from Jacoba. She assures him Assai will protect her.

    Hey you, big fella!

    Malone’s brilliant idea to save the others is a bit hard to swallow. I’m glad they never outwitted a T-rex by running between its legs ever again in the series. They also chose an unusual visual effect. As the phony dinosaur chased them it sprayed water up on the camera lens, a camera that shouldn’t exist since we’re supposed to be watching reality.

    I see what you mean about simians, Roxton

    This of course refers to Roxton’s comments in the pilot movie about hating the whole simian family (the lead-in to the loss of his brother) which is cut out of this version. Actually with so many cuts, it’s amazing there weren’t a lot more references that didn’t make sense.

    A day’s journey through the caves

    Assai tells them it’s a day’s journey and it does seem to take them some time to wander through the underground tunnels. However when the cave-in happens, they’re outside in a heartbeat accompanied by the dust of the cave-in.

    Give it a rest

    The pilot begins with two feuding pairs: Summerlee vs. Challenger and Marguerite vs. Roxton. Roxton and Marguerite are still at loggerheads at the end (even though they had saved each other’s lives more than once). Summerlee and Challenger on the other hand have come to an understanding. “I must admit, Challenger, that I found this expedition exhilarating.” Challenger gets the last word. “Until then we’ve got the greatest grounds for research a scientist could dream of – a whole lost world.”moreless

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