The Lost World

Season 2 Episode 18


Aired Unknown Apr 28, 2001 on
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Challenger and Marguerite discover an ancient Temple. Its entrance is guarded by a carving of three armed warriors. When Marguerite falls into a pit of spikes, Challenger must leave her to get help. As he leaves, the Guardians come to life. While Marguerite lies bleeding, she hallucinates. As Challenger is returning with the others, the Guardians attack them with invincible strength, but stop suddenly when they see Malone bleeding from a chest wound. While Veronica takes Malone home, the others hurry to the temple. When Roxton and Challenger reach her, Marguerite is baffled when they can see her hallucination, Adrienne. Following Adrienne's claims there is an exit from the plateau via the Temple, Challenger follows her map to the Temple's altar where he is confronted by William Maple White, a dead colleague whose journals led him to the Lost World.moreless

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  • Survivors is a special episode - well-plotted, action and relationship-rich, fantastic scenes, a pivotal moment for one of the characters and an intriguing back-story. The most resilient character laid low. And the sweet bedside scene. A winner.moreless

    You follow your dreams, professor, I'll follow mine Two marvellous scenes between Marguerite and Challenger bookend this episode. Both of them are superb. The beginning establishes the pair as equals when it comes to archaeology. Challenger is impressed with Marguerite's knowledge and isn't afraid to compliment her. Marguerite loves the flattery but she is equally filled with scientific curiosity maybe not for 'the betterment of humanity by the pursuit of knowledge' but rather for the valuable thing that this expensive road must lead to. Challenger asks her "What passions drove you to learn?" Marguerite is so flattered that she abandons her usual caution and pays a terrible price - a hard fall onto sharpened stakes. At the end she ends up in a different kind of conversation with Challenger - about what becomes of the soul after death. Both seem comfortable and open. Marguerite whispers a secret in his ear - presumably that her plateau experience hasn't been entirely a nightmare. Challenger immediately asks "Are you going to tell the others?" But Marguerite is not yet ready for that step. It's nice to finally tell someone the truth As tight-mouthed as Marguerite has been with her friends on the plateau, she is the opposite with her hallucinatory friend. It appears obvious that they were good friends - reminiscing about old times and shared adventures. Marguerite gets a chance to do something she never had in life - to apologize to Adrienne for not saving her.

    And so we find out so many tantalizing details about Miss Krux's past - a singing career, a jewel theft, the death of an old friend, running from criminals, an unhappy marriage to a millionaire, Shanghai, and the hint of some ulterior motive behind funding the Challenger expedition. Don't rush on my account - I'm not going anywhere The queen of self-preservation rarely get herself hurt, but I gained new-found respect for the woman. She responds well to an awful situation. When she recovers her senses she is angry not wimpy then follows it up with stoic courage when Challenger says he needs to get help, dark humour when she thanks the skeleton for saving her life and displays self-deprecation. 'You've really done it this time.' Single-handedly she frees herself from the stakes, and uses the torch to start a fire.

    She even cleverly hallucinates a character who can help her turn her blouse into bandages, bind her bleeding wounds and keep her awake so that she doesn't slip into a coma. She can joke when she meets a ghost 'It's been a long time.' 'I'll say. You've been dead for twelve years!' Deep down though, she knows her situation is serious. The look on her face when she says to Adrienne 'I can easily explain you - I'm hallucinating, maybe dying.' speaks volumes.

    I'm not sure I could leave this place without you Roxton has no reservations about sharing his feelings with an unconscious Marguerite. It is as if her importance to him is just dawning on him. He certainly didn't seem upset when Marguerite admitted that she had heard what he said. After all she was likely to die, her soul trapped for eternity; it was probably comforting to know she was aware of his feelings for her. But after she survived, I wonder if Roxton regretted being so open or was glad he did it.

    True or not, it's what you feel I think this episode is a key moment for Marguerite to confront her real demons. She has believed for years that she was responsible for the death of her best friend. When the evil spirit says 'Fair is fair Madge. You stole mine [her jewels] when you betrayed me.' Marguerite stands up for herself 'That's not true.' I think that this could be an important part of Marguerite's healing. Instead of feeling 'fear and guilt and self-loathing' maybe she can put some of her horrible past behind her. Perhaps there is good reason that she might be able to open up to Challenger and to open her heart to Roxton.

    Little things Just a scrape

    Veronica comes from the tough love school of nursing. Adrienne (who comes from Marguerite's head) thinks that she might have concussion or internal injuries. Veronica describes flesh being pierced by a large stake as a 'scrape'. She was equally chirpy when Challenger is knocked unconscious by Callum in The Secret 'the bruises aren't anything serious' What about the open wounds and that nasty unconsciousness thing?

    Odd that she never told us about you. Veronica, really! Marguerite hasn't told any of you about anything. You're always giving her a bad time about being secretive.

    Then there is no reason to stay, is there?

    I find that Maple White-demon is the most annoying fellow. Adrienne at least manages to create a certain amount of menace. I only wish that Veronica had taken a few minutes on her way back to the tree-house to beat the crap out of him. Does anyone ever wonder what would have happened if he had succeeded in becoming truly alive? Would he have died because he had a big stake-hole in his heart? Would he continue to bleed copiously for eternity?

    Great encounter between Challenger and Adrienne

    C: I know what you are.

    A: You couldn't even begin to imagine what I am.

    C: I don't need to imagine; blood brought you forth.

    A: Lucky guess!

    Great lines

    There are lots of great ones.

    Challenger before entering the cave: I can't ask you to risk eternity for me.

    Marguerite to Challenger at the end: Can I let you in on a guilty little secret?

    Challenger when Marguerite asks what will happen if his Farraday cage doesn't work: Then we will have all the time in the world to figure out what went wrong.

    Marguerite just before her rescue: And after all we have been through, they'd feel betrayed. And I owe them more than that.

    Adrienne trying to poison Roxton's mind: [Marguerite] knows you and she will never have a future.

    Roxton: Because if you weren't with us - with me- I'm not sure I could leave this place.

    Marguerite: I wasn't sleeping the whole time.

    Absolutely one of my favourites.moreless
Robert Coleby

Robert Coleby

William Maple White

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Frederique Fouche

Adrienne Montclaire

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