The Lost World

Season 3 Episode 16


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When a lost archaeological expedition discovers a mysterious burial urn, the young student who opens it suddenly collapses in convulsions. Though she quickly recovers, Professor Hamilton, the expedition's leader, suspects she's contracted a disease from the urn's skeletal remains. He believes that's the only rational explanation for the inscription on the urn, warning that an evil demon is imprisoned within. But the next day, Roxton and Marguerite discover the expedition's camp has been torn apart, and that of all the archaeologists only two survive-Hamilton and his rival, Professor Campbell. In a tense standoff, the two men claim the other is possessed by the demon. Roxton's and Marguerite's intervention only succeeds in making the archaeologists suspect the demon has jumped into one of the two explorers.moreless

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  • Suspicion - a tale of caves, demons, wilful murder, proto-Phoenician, doubt and treachery -on this plateau, it's never just raptors!

    One cave is much like another

    There's a million caves in the naked plateau. At first sight, this one resembled the one in Survivors and it too was filled with trapped demons. But as Miss Harper picks up the skull, it brought visions to me of Lady Cassandra Yorkton, holding the contaminated skull of her husband murdered in the Cave of Fear.

    Suspicion always haunts the guilty mind -Shakespeare

    Campbell and Hamilton, rivals in everything, find it so easy to distrust each other, to the point of cold-blooded murder. Marguerite, no stranger to distrust herself, is aware immediately that John could be infected and it leaves her deep in thought. Only Roxton is sure of himself and sure of her.

    Love is too prone to trust -Ovid

    You've got to admire Marguerite. For such a distrustful woman to take the risk to reach out and touch Roxton when her sense of self-preservation must have been screaming 'No'.

    He's the one who's possessed.

    "Superstitious claptrap" It takes a single night of horror to convince the archeologists that demons are real. After three years on the plateau, Marguerite isn't about to 'dismiss the idea out of hand'. Unexpectedly, even Challenger admits that 'on this plateau, the supernatural and the scientific are often two sides of the same coin.' The nature of the demons is revealed in the numbers: 1 nasty leader + 8 located by the metal detector + '657 to go' = 666 demons -a number fraught with meaning.

    Perhaps even the raptors can sense the evil in the area. Poor Roxton and Marguerite can't sleep at night because they're serenaded by the growling stomachs of 30 hungry raptors. Meanwhile, a troupe of archeologists has torn up the earth a short distance away with no glimpse of a dinosaur (Hamilton jeers at Challenger,'the madman of Edinburgh' for his expedition to find them.)

    Two scientists, and it's the hunter who comes up with the theory.

    Roxton show great insight into the nature of the beast. He thinks about what the demon is searching for and realizes it is jumping from person to person,searching for something 'more valuable'.

    Marguerite and Roxton work well to figure out that why the demon wasn't in Campbell, the fact that it was in Challenger and its plan to dig up a few old friends. They seemed almost too clever. It felt like the writers realized this plot needed a few clues.

    Through the Looking-glass

    I hate to correct Challenger but Alice ended up in the mirror-world in the story Finn was reading. That theme continued as the episode seemed like a mirror-image of Survivors or Cave of Fear. Just like the distorted parallel between the Marguerite who, in Cave of Fear, couldn't be bothered taking a risk to see if Challenger were really dead and Finn here who said she was willing to kill Challenger in a heartbeat.

    Short snappers

    Hamilton is a terrible dresser. Explorer-wear has never looked so droopy.

    Descending from the branches -what a delightful scene. How Ms Blakely manages the dialogue, the gestures, the nuances as she navigates a treacherous tree trunk is pretty amazing in itself. Marguerite and Roxton follow it up with some moments of true warmth before the ever-dreaded interruption.

    Once burned. It doesn't take Roxton long to get into a temper about Marguerite's doubt. But it doesn't take him long to get out of it either.

    Two wonderful handholding moments. The first -a tender reaching out of blind faith over rational judgement. The second -a defiant response to the paranoid archeologists as Roxton helps Marguerite to her feet to enter the cavern in search of Summerlee's hat.

    Stern measures -Whoa, Roxton! If you don't put your guns down at the count of 3, we'll kill you both? Even Marguerite was stunned at that one. But it sure looked like she'd have gone through with it.

    Hamilton to Marguerite "Otherwise a single shot would kill both of us" The recurring image of how Roxton killed his brother.

    Finn to Challenger "We protect the rest of the people on this plateau and they pay us protection money?" Not a bad guess,Finn, but think non-profit.

    Campbell "The power of language is the demon's power." Poor Marguerite -is that her dark centre? Nah, couldn't be.

    Hamilton:I've made a terrible mess of things, haven't I?

    Marguerite: One way or another, we all have."

    Always regrets. The more Marguerite's long-dormant feelings of love and belonging are awakened, the more she feels guilt and sadness for the things she has done.

    "When you first arrived, you might have been able to do that. But not today." Marguerite, the self-centred realist, was horrified when Finn was threatening Challenger with the crossbow. She no longer was considering the fate of the world or of herself, but rather of the family she cares for. No wonder there was a faint smile of recognition of a life long-past as she watched Finn walk away at the end.

    Some great dialogue. Fine acting by the three principle players.

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Ian Bliss (I)

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