The Lost World

Season 1 Episode 1

The Journey Begins (1)

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The Journey Begins (1)
A band of adventures sets off to prove the existence of dinosaurs deep in the forest of the Amazon. After an unfortunate accident leaves them stranded, they must put their trust in a jungle girl to save them from the dangerous predators on the plateau.

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  • A band of adventurers, each searching for their own selfish ends, join George Challenger to see if he is a visionary or a crackpot. Do dinosaurs still live deep in South America? They discover many things in The Lost World, dinosaurs among them.moreless

    When we get back to London, you can kill each other then.

    For whatever reason, the two-part pilot paints our heroes in a very unflattering light.

    Why you miserable miscreant!

    Challenger is completely arrogant and self-absorbed. Brilliant, obviously, but without the social skills to lead such a head-strong group. In Into the Fire, George and Veronica talk about how difficult the first few months of the expedition had been for him. At this point, however, it would seem that his scientific curiosity totally outweighed any concern about the well-being of his expedition members. He spends most of his time bickering with Summerlee. Obviously long-time rivals in academia, there are no holds barred. He ambushes Summerlee into accompanying him on the expedition in the mistaken belief that then the Royal Zoological Society would fund his travels. He would have to have known that Arthur was not physically able to endure the kind of dangers that he believed existed on the plateau. He is careless of Roxton’s health as well. When Veronica urges John to be careful when getting the pterodactyl egg, Challenger brusquely cuts her off “Oh, don’t worry. He’ll be fine.”

    What have I gotten myself into?

    Summerlee is forced by honour to join the expedition, thinking all the time it would never get off the ground because there was no funding. When it went ahead he was grumpy and querulous. Everything that Challenger says, Summerlee pooh-poohs or he adds some depressing observation. “If we ever get back to London.” I’m as far from being a gentleman as you are from being a lady.

    Roxton comes across as a jaded rich man, obsessed with getting the biggest trophies for his manor-house. He is rarely seen without a cigar in his mouth and a glass of brandy in his hand. He seems desperate to shoot something – anything. Challenger stops him from shooting the first dinosaur they encounter – a brontosaur and Veronica asks him to please not kill her friends as he drew a bead on Assai outside the treehouse.

    Though attracted to Miss Krux he appears to have little respect for her, frequently badgering her with his suspicions about her motives. He is brave in his rescue of her from the caiman but when she isn’t thankful, he has no compunction about dropping her in the underbrush.


    Our first introduction to Miss Krux is when she walks through the streets of London, a picture of class and grace. But the man following her has designs on her life and without a flinch she kills him and walks on to the Royal Zoological Society to meet her destiny with The Lost World. She never loses that aura of hidden menace throughout the pilot though we learn a) that she is brave, witty and speaks a lot of languages and b) she likes to be clean. Two of the best scenes are the caiman in the river scene and the washing clothes in the clearing scene. Oh and did I mention she really enjoys gems?

    Forgit your science. Forget your ambition.

    Veronica may be a survivor but she certainly comes across as a little bit odd. She explains that her parents won’t be back for supper because they had gone to collect samples. When Malone asks how long they’ve been gone, she answers “Eleven years.” Yes they left lots of room for our heroes to discover the error of their ways and find redemption. And it did give lots of scope for conflict and edgy dialogue for Season 1.

    Edward Malone, sir. International Herald Tribune.

    Ned is by far the most admirable of the group. Confident and experienced. Clearly he was far too good. The Ned that shows up in the post-pilot episode has far more issues than this fellow.

    Be flattered, Professor, you are the main course.

    As flawed as our characters are in the beginning there are many mainstays that showed promise for the program we grew to love.

    This was the first example of the endearing discussion that took place so often about which explorer the cannibals would choose to eat first. More importantly there was the introduction of the other day-to-day menaces of the lost world – apemen and raptors, T-rexes and pterodactyls. In the pilot were a few dangers never seen again –the sneaky mimic plant and the sulphuric acid grub. And of course, we meet Assai and the Zangas for the first time.

    Most important of all were the examples of the amazing dialogue that were to be found in almost every episode of the series. I especially liked the washstand chat where Roxton boasted of his encounter with the dinosaurs while Marguerite mocked him and the not-to-be-forgotten scene in the lab where Roxton explains the voice that told him that he would only meet a woman of fire and steel once in a blue moon. Little things

    Rachel Blakely does work toward an American accent in the pilot. I much prefer the ‘continental’ unidentifiable accent she uses in later episodes.

    I don’t think Veronica’s last name is used in the episode. Throughout the series, when one of them does introductions they usually leave her last name out.

    William de Vry certainly had a different approach to the Ned Malone character. Sure is a shame they left out the ‘Challenger’s study’ scene in the version they used for the TV series. It’s a good one. On the other hand I really like the Marguerite followed down the street scene. It gives her that ruthlessness and hidden past that added such verve to the series.moreless

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