The Lost World

Season 3 Episode 5

The Knife

Aired Unknown Nov 17, 2001 on
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The Knife
When Malone finds a knife, he is transported back to the East End of London in 1888, the scene of Jack the Ripper's brutal murders. In present time, Jack the Ripper is on the plateau, but can the others figure out who he is before he starts his murderous cycle on the peaceful plateau?moreless

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  • Another episode which is excellent in the larger sense and great in the details.

    Eeww, ick, yuck

    The campsite, what a mess, what a stomach-turning sight. And they keep returning to it, creeping out each of our intrepid explorers. Why a few raptors hadn\'t devoured the carcass, I\'ll never know, but maybe they were disgusted as well.

    By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea

    Such an idyllic scene. The fake palm, the tropical drink melting in her hand, the sand castle (why he spent the hours required to build that while his lady-love was close at hand, I can\'t imagine). But it has caused me to rethink my opinion on the famous scene in Trapped. If R&M get interrupted from a skinny dip by Jack the Ripper, then it is plain to me that our heroes were never meant to truly be together. I\'m now convinced that, as they were about to reach consummation in that cave in Trapped, Marguerite succumbed to the effects of the coal gas and passed out. No two people can be as unlucky as they. It obviously was never meant to be.

    These jungle gals ain\'t like the girls back home

    Maybe the old boys were losing their touch but Veronica whups the doctor single-handedly, his pistol barely catching her attention, Marguerite polishes off the Inspector even though she has other pressing matters on her mind. Then Veronica slices and dices both of the evil partners.

    That\'s a shootin\' offense, pardner

    Now we know what would cause Marguerite to shoot you dead. Just tell her that you poisoned Roxton and he\'s been washed out to sea. Imagine her disappointment when she was without bullets and had to beat the inspector to a pulp instead.

    Creepy old men

    What a great pair of villains. So mild and polite even in their sadism. \"Shall we begin the operation?\" \"Ready whenever you are, doctor.\" Interesting the line from Milton\'s \'Paradise Lost\' where they quote Satan\'s rationalization of his fall from heaven. \"Better to rule in hell than serve in heaven\" If I remember my old university prof, that debate in Paradise Lost is all about free will, an ongoing theme of The Lost World. Roxton as the early Inspector does not capture the eerie mildness achieved by the real inspector; his tone of affable politeness while poisoning and dragging off our hero was quite magnificent. Will Snow\'s Roxton, on the other hand, is far too alive, too animal-real in his moments with Mary Jane Kelley. Peter McCauley as Challenger, however, does a great job of capturing the essence of Dr Gull.

    Rescue me and hold me in your arms

    Ms Blakely does a great job in the rescue scene: running aimlessly through the tidal flats, with that panicky edge to her voice. Her whispered words to Roxton as she holds him almost sound like the promises she might have made to herself or to a higher power as she ran back hoping against hope to find him alive. I do believe she could have yelled \'John\' instead of \'Roxton\' I think they are at that stage in their relationship.

    The evil men do

    The disposal of the knife into \'The Angry Place\' at the end was just one of the strong visual images left by this rather dark story. The disembowelled raptor, the quantities of blood in many scenes, the dingy streets of London contrast with that brief wonderful scene of two people just having fun on a beach.

  • Not as cool as I expected, but engaging.

    I'll be the first to admit that I watch this show mostly for the Marguerite/Roxton action, so I was a bit disappointed with this episode. Otherwise, it was pretty good. The plot was intriguing- Malone finds a knife and whenever he touches it he experiences flashbacks to 19th century London, to the many scenes of Jack the Ripper's horrific crimes.

    This being in Malone's mind, the character's faces are those of his friends on the plateau, and the stories are watered down, but the idea is interesting. Challenger figures out what Malone is seeing, but they begin to wonder how the knife got on the island.

    Veronica encounters a suspicious person, as do Marguerite and Roxton, and they all manage to solve a crime that has been plaguing the greatest minds of the world for more than a century. Granted, the killer(s) show up on their doorstep, making it considerably easier, but the episode was somewhat anticlimactic for me. However, the actors get to play with accents, which is fun, especially since Veronica's cockney ups about three octaves for some reason. Overall, a pretty decent ep.moreless
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Nick Tate

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John Noble

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