The Lost World

Season 2 Episode 8

The Prisoner

Aired Unknown Nov 25, 2000 on
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The Prisoner
A mysterious old woman, a shape-shifter, appears to Veronica, convincing her that her lost parents are safe in El Dorado. The woman gives her the directions to its entrance in a rock wall, and warns that she must tell no one and can never return. When Veronica unwittingly releases a savage giant from captivity, Marguerite and the others must use all their talents to subdue him again.moreless

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  • Lots of fun in its way, a little insight into the personalities of Veronica and Marguerite ('You're a lot more fun than the other one.), but not quite as memorable as many other episodes.moreless

    I've waited eleven years for this.

    Poor misguided Veronica. Despite the storm of indications that her messenger and the prince weren't quite on the up and up, she forged ahead, ignoring the warnings of her friends and ended up with a nasty surprise. The first clue? In her box of treasures she has a lock of her baby hair wrapped in a blue ribbon. As proof that she had seen Veronica's parents, the crone offers her baby hair. She gets back, opens her box and her hair is gone - only the ribbon remains. Next the old lady turns out to be a shape-shifter and he knocks poor Ned unconscious. The cave is not the opening to El Dorado but leads to a handsome fellow who wants her to be his queen. I smell trouble! But not Veronica; she blithely bids everyone a fond farewell (including a hug for Marguerite - who'd a thunk it?) and is carried off to bed by the prince. Only then did she see that she'd been duped.

    She is also not at her jungle-expert best in this episode. Keenak and mate sneak up and overpower her, a raptor gets the jump on her, she badly misjudges Apep's intentions, and she gets cold-cocked by the giant's kneecap. During this adventure her jungle-trained woman's intuition took a day off.

    Her single-mindedness is certainly at the fore in this episode. Her strong affection for her friends dimmed to nothing when she was promised that she would be reunited with her parents. To be once again frustrated in her quest made her vengeful and sad looking at her pictures likely no closer to finding her mum and dad than before.

    A lost world within a lost world. How horrible.

    The legend of El Dorado spurred much of the exploration of South America. First the Spaniards pillaging and murdering in their search for a lost city of gold, then others including Sir Walter Raleigh -lost their lives in the quest. There are various versions of the legend but the one that seems closest to the plot of this story is the tale of the tribal queen whose spirit was captured by a demon and bound in the waters of a lake. Modern interpretation now has the city as a kind of Utopia, a perfect place that people go to and never return - a fitting place for Veronica's parents. One wonders if El Dorado was just another name for Avalon.

    Before she hit me... she kissed me.

    Ned has a tough time this episode. His instincts are good but his follow-through is atrocious. He immediately recognizes there's something off-kilter with Veronica's behaviour and refuses to let her leave alone. Revelling in an unexpected kiss he is wide-open to her sucker-punch. He has to put up with Marguerite's teasing, insists that the group follow Veronica, does a great job of convincing a defensive Veronica to rethink her position when wham-o he is head-butted into a second blackout. He as much as promises Veronica that he'd stay on the plateau for her (she was too caught up in going to see her parents to even react) and at the climax chooses to follow her after the shape-shifter when he saw that Roxton and Challenger could manage the giant . Again he is foiled by his own honour, incapable of killing an old woman. It is Veronica who has to do the dirty deed. At the end he is with the others and she is alone in her misery. Despite his valiant efforts Ned was unable to make the connection with the jungle beauty that he so clearly desired. Poor guy.

    Well hello Prince Charming!

    Marguerite has an interesting time with the evil Prince. She clearly finds Apep attractive at first sight and perhaps projects her own interest on Veronica. She could easily see how a woman could find him attractive 'Ah a prince and a city of gold. Where did I go wrong?' She assures the men "(Veronica) has fallen in love." even though that was far from the truth. Her admiration for Apep's physical appearance even fueled her seduction scene "I saw you the other day you looked so handsome. I thought to myself, some girls get all the luck - such strength, such beauty." Even at the end when it was all over she challenged Roxton when he said 'So much for Prince Charming.' She answered "He was quite charming when he wanted to be."

    Whatever her attraction to the prince, she was unquestioning in her acceptance of Veronica's judgement of Apep's behaviour. Later, in his boudoir, despite her confident charming words and actions her seduction had the feel of desperation to me. She was once again buying time for a rescue that she knew might not get there in time. She understood right away that her main challenge was to get the giant to return to 'perfectly normal proportions'. After that she was just playing it by ear and that pressure was starting to show. The contrast between her off-hand 'Oh it was nothing'( in response to Challenger's unbelieving 'You seduced a giant?') followed by her shuddering 'grrr' as she left to change her clothes shows the fear behind the smooth front she had put on.

    Three hundred years ago a giant and his minion were sealed inside the great mountain.

    Here's a whole bunch of nit-picks and questions.

    The minion was obviously not trapped in the mountain. The little sneak was searching the plateau for golden-haired virgins, up in the treehouse pawing through Veronica's belongings, hanging out as an old woman, a horse and Ali Baba.

    The picture/reflection on the mountain that released the door - Veronica or her mother Abigail? At one point it did not seem to reflect Veronica's actions at all.

    The giant. I found his changes of height/scale quite disconcerting. The scene at the treehouse where he's looking in at eye level but later is climbing and falls quite a distance. Bullet holes in the giant appeared the same size even when he shrunk down to normal. Little things.

    I found the guardians of El Dorado remarkable ineffective. Surely a city that managed to keep itself hidden for so long would have better protectors. Poor Keenak squished like a bug like that - what a way to go.

    And my final question. Keenak tells Veronica "El Dorado was moved to a secret place. Not even the giant knows where it is." Apep says "I will rule El Dorado for eternity." Question - where was Apep taking Veronica? - just to a cave with more headroom? or had the shapeshifter been out sussing out the new location of the city of gold?

    Scenes and lines

    Marguerite and Roxton at breakfast - who says if you don't have lines you can't steal the scene. The silent demand for tea, the handing of the dish to be washed (and his responses) - good stuff.

    Roxton when he realizes the dead woman was not Marguerite "Thank god.' Interesting that when Challenger says they have to go back to the treehouse to extract the poison, Roxton meekly follows. Compare that to when the bad guys in Ice Age take Marguerite off. It took a lot more convincing then to keep Roxton from running off on a fool's errand to rescue his love.

    Apep: Are you as wicked as you pretend to be?

    Marguerite: Oh far more than you ever could imagine.

    Great line in the context of the scene and even better when taken over all.

    I enjoyed The Prisoner. I thought the actor who played the Prince was quite good in his role. However it won't make a top ten list of mine.

Christopher Kirby

Christopher Kirby

Prince Apep

Guest Star

Lani Tupu

Lani Tupu

Shape-Shifter/Prince Apep's Slave

Guest Star

Natasha Beaumont

Natasha Beaumont


Guest Star

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