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The Lost World

Season 3 Episode 14

The Secret

Aired Unknown Feb 16, 2002 on
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The Secret
A mysterious visitor attacks Veronica, leaving an enigmatic ivory tile as his calling card. But when Marguerite finds the tile, she hides it from the others because only she knows what it means… one of the deepest secrets of her past has finally caught up with her, and now endangers her life and those of her friends.moreless

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  • A riveting episode from beginning to end; though sometimes the rift between Marguerite and Roxton made it painful to watch.

    This may be the last chance we have for a very long time

    It truly was the last chance. The dance before the heartbreak. The unkept promise to not laugh followed by unrepressed hilarity. "Yours is the first move." but Marguerite has to prod the frozen Roxton into motion.The dance is like their relationship: 1 -stepping on each others toes but having a lot of fun, 2- a joyous coming together, 3- a quiet, loving togetherness. I treasure the wonder in her voice when she says "John?" just before he shows her that he can dance.

    I don't know what happened.

    Then begin the lies. The sight of the ivory tile reeled Marguerite back into the web of deception she had lived in for so long. The change in her manner seemed to instantly trigger Roxton's unease -he was suspicious of her almost immediately. And Veronica was convinced the attack had something to do with Marguerite.

    Could this day get any better?

    Marguerite ought not to use this expression. When she does, things invariably get much worse. I suspect that she might rank this day in amongst the worst in her life. Mauled and threatened by Cal-lum, spurned by her lover, responsible for attacks on her friends - a very bad day, indeed.

    I am so sorry.

    There have been a lot of heart-felt apologies offered by expedition members to the air around them - Challenger to both Roxton and Marguerite when he thought he was going to blow them to bits in Ice Age, Roxton to all three friends roasting in hellfire when he feared he would lose the duel in The End Game, now Marguerite to Challenger as she finds his abandoned possessions. Her misery as she looked at Challenger's battered face brought back to me the words the Adrienne-thing said in Survivors -that Marguerite was filled with fear, guilt and self-loathing. "It's all my fault. It's always my fault." The bitter moment as she talks to herself aloud "I can't hide this from them any longer." as if Roxton wasn't even there. You're right, Roxton. I do know what my price is.

    "We all have a price." As she said in Under Pressure, Marguerite knows what her price is; she has already sold her soul (kind of -by stealing the ouroboros, she didn't exactly make the deal). Her intent was to return it to Xan -even if it might give the evil warlord the power to control time and space. When they show this flashback, I wondered if she actually said that aloud to Roxton. Obviously she begins telling him the story and ends as well because he repeats Maple White's name. You would think that she had said too much considering she then proceeds to lie endlessly to Roxton about the ouroboros. Perhaps she thought Cal-lum might be overhearing their conversation.

    Everything you've ever told me was just a lie. Not everything, John.

    Ouch. Just most things? One angry hurt man. One desperate unhappy woman. And the sweet voice of reason and understanding -Veronica? Obviously having fallen in love with a homicidal madman last episode has given her compassion. Her capacity for always seeing the worst in Marguerite actually seems to help her to be accepting. Roxton who expected so much more was bitterly disappointed.

    Give it back

    The scene where Marguerite defends her medallion with a brandished knife is like the dark side of The Pirate's Curse where Veronica and Roxton gang up on her to make her 'give it back' I felt kind of sick for Marguerite as, after she pitifully pleads "You have to trust me.", the others play a heartwrenching game of keepaway with the symbol that means so much to her. Then to realize that her secrecy had kept her from discovering the hiding place of the other half years ago - the day was truly getting worse and worse.

    You always hurt the one you love

    Poor Roxton. He's so angry with Marguerite he punishes her with harsh, hurtful words, but still he can't keep his hands off her. He allays her fear about the dinosaurs' graveyard, he gives her a hand up the steep trail, he steadies her when the tremor shakes them, he's there for her when she slips on the bridge, his voice is kind and he meets her eyes. Before he even realizes it, he has half forgiven her.

    If you don't trust me this time, then we're both dead.

    What a wonderful rescue scene. Undying declarations of love (You're infuriating/You're insufferable). And the actors make it all seem real. When Marguerite scrambles off the bone bridge, it looks difficult, like only an athletic person could manage it. It made the one-handed rescue on the bridge almost plausible.

    Did anyone hear a tone of bitterness in Marguerite's voice when she said that because Roxton was born to dance the devil just leaves him alone? Unlike herself. "Once you start dancing with the devil, you can't stop." She realizes how great a price she may yet have to pay if she loses John's love as well.

    It's over, Marguerite, It's over.

    It will take Marguerite a long time to recover from this one. She almost whimpers when she realizes what she has lost and is in a daze as they leave the cavern. It was a very very bad day.

    In the treehouse, she looks as if she has shed a lot of tears before the scene even begins and it doesn't get any better. Roxton's quiet declaration just seems to set her off again. I noticed that a lot of folks had hoped for a kiss of one kind or another but I kind of wished that John could just hold her in his arms while she cried out her loss. But maybe he knows she's the kind who grieves alone.

    Questions and quarrels

    Why were Roxton and Veronica so darned suspicious? Marguerite just can't get a break with these guys (of course they were right, but still)

    Did it seem as if Marguerite almost seemed red-eyed in the Shanghai scenes. Just my imagination? the different lighting? Or possibly they were filmed after the sad little balcony scene.

    That bug doesn't look at all like Summerlee. It looked more like Balar (Divine Right) or Mordren (Legacy).

    I can understand that Xan knows Marguerite doesn't have a name. But how does he know she would want her name that desperately? All the close-ups on hands. One with Marguerite picking up the tile, then the ouroboros. One thing I've always noticed is how beautiful the heroines' nails are (probably the manicure set the Laytons packed along with the pipe wrench Roxton was using). But the hand holding the ouroboros had no nails at all. A nervous moment of nail-chewing by the actress or the character? Or a hand model?

    I felt like I did in The Travellers. Shoot him! Shoot him now!! Why did Roxton hesitate so long when he had his gun drawn, Cal-lum in his sights and the object that his love wanted most in the world in the balance? He is far too gallant to make the selfish choice. At least the director could have made Cal-lum faster so that Roxton didn't have him dead to rights. Oh well. I suspect that a season 4 might have given us more insight as to why the ouroboros was in that cavern, whether there was a tie-in to the Laytons and more.

    Be that as it may,it will be easy for me to watch this episode again and again. As a real fan of Marguerite and the actress who portrays her, this was a wonderful episode.moreless

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