The Lost World

Season 2 Episode 3

Tourist Season

Aired Unknown Oct 21, 2000 on
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Tourist Season
Challenger is trying to harness the energy of lightning when a gigantic bolt splits the sky. In a blinding flash, the ground is scorched, and by some miracle, no one is injured. In the silence after the thunder, the sputtering sound of a small engine is heard, and a small plane appears in the distant sky. It drops from view, crashing into the jungle. All survive: four modern day tourists - a couple, a middle-aged man and a gorgeous young woman. The group are set upon by a hostile tribe and taken prisoner. Our explorers arrive to find only the disabled plane, which Challenger and Malone set about trying to repair. Kenner, the leader of the hostile tribe, is fascinated by his captives but keeps them in a dungeon. Roxton and Veronica devise a plan to save them.moreless

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  • Tourist Season is an important episode, a reflection of the past and a springboard to the future - both to the year 2000 and the Season 3 season-ender and the proposed HOTS II. Unfortunately it also has a very annoying future family and a bad case of mulimoreless

    It's what Professor Einstein would call a tear in the space-time continuum.

    Challenger gets to talk science in this episode - Einstein, da Vinci, Edward Hale, Igor Sikorski and then there are gyroplanes, satellites, computers, men on the moon and ... Allen wrenches. The man seems to be in his element - but is he? " it is possible my destiny lies in the future." Prophetic words when you see where he ends up when the shimmers take him away in HOTS.

    The other key revelation in this episode is the surprising news that the Challenger expedition has not been heard of in the 21st century. That seems to have inspired the Reeves-Stevens' to consider some ramifications of temporal anomalies when they wrote their wrap-up.

    This episode uses the image of the vortex and the storm being created by actions on the plateau - in this instance, creating electricity by building the windmill. This image is a major one in HOTS - even the trion is a vortex.

    Roxton, don't shoot it!

    It is easy to notice Marguerite's changed behaviour in this episode. Not only was she willing to leave the plateau and her own time "Tell Roxton not to worry." but she obviously spent the time between Amazons and this episode taking in all her blouses and removing some of the buttons.

    Roxton however is equally as weird. Early on he and Ned are armed with rifles protecting 3 people brand new to the plateau. He retreats without noticing he's left the brain-dead son to the raptors. Later Phil sneaks away from the great tracker without him noticing a thing. Throughout the episode he's quite obnoxious to Marguerite (not that she's much nicer to him). But the most amazingly strange behaviour is when he shoots at the descending helicopter. What was he thinking?

    In my mind there is only one scene (and two words) where their normal relationship resurfaces. That's when Roxton and Veronica take the Dillons to rescue Rob. Marguerite says 'Be careful.' in a way that makes you think she really cares. That's it for the whole episode.

    Hey, over here! Nice dino.

    On rewatching this episode for this review I was struck for the first time with its similarities to the pilot (more than just the fact that Roxton and Marguerite act quite uncharacteristically in both). Personalities are reversed and relationships bent. Challenger is willing to abandon the people for whom he's responsible for fame in the future. Ned is the wisest and sanest character just like the 'other' Ned in the pilot. Veronica once again describes how her parents just up and left one day. The council of war where Marguerite tries to convince them to take the helicopter to civilization instead of the future (and gets ridiculed by Roxton) is quite similar to the scene in the pilot where they choose to go home over her objections. Marguerite has the same scowling reaction in both. After a tumble, for once it was Roxton on the bottom (with Mrs D on top instead of Marguerite breaking Roxton's fall). The pool scene too when Roxton is admiring a woman's unmentionables while she swims naked as he 'stands watch' reprises the pilot's caiman scene. Sigh, unfortunately once again the woman was Barb and not Marguerite. The final similarity is the old 'lure the dinosaur and have the beastie attack your numerous enemies' trick executed this time by Roxton rather than Malone.

    Other stuff

    What a world you live in!

    Challenger sounds like Xan in The Secret "What an age we live in!"

    Oh I've seen the future. More than that I can't imagine.

    This is Roxton's comeback when Mrs Dillon teases him about not joining her for a swim. What does he mean?

    Camera, action

    I am usually so caught up in the story that I don't often pay much attention to the production values in TLW. But this one I did. Once more I have a piece of music - Mozart - with no title. Anyone know what it is? They must have had a cold rainy day on set. You can actually see their breath occasionally in the scene where the tourists first arrive. The person who stunts for Veronica did not look at all like our heroine when she walked out on the limb to get a good look at who was spying on them. On the other hand Ms O'Dell landed the 'vine swing' bit very gracefully. The new slim, sinuous raptors were very slinky in their pivotal role of slaver-killers. And the one that always gets me - the final scene. I don't mind the ringing phone; it's a cute idea if impossible. But what's that T rex doing wandering around outside the treehouse when Roxton and Challenger have just come up the elevator? He certainly didn't have any trouble with their electric fence.

    All in all, an episode that could have more interesting. I guess the family had to be that irritating, but the concept that Marguerite believed she was heading to the future and was willing to go is just too much to bear. I'm sticking to my earlier posts. Either she didn't think they were going to the future or she was bewitched!


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