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The Lost World

Season 3 Episode 21


Aired Unknown May 06, 2002 on
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A peaceful day of exploration turns deadly when a sudden explosion traps Marguerite and Roxton in an underground chamber. Their only hope for escape is Challenger, but the same explosion has left him with no memory of who he is, or what has happened to his friends. Meanwhile, a contest of friendly rivalry between Veronica and Finn leads to an enigmatic discovery at the Treehouse, as another memory from Veronica's childhood is literally uncovered. Faced with certain death, Roxton and Marguerite reveal emotions best left buried, so that even if they do survive their ordeal, there's a chance their relationship will not.moreless

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  • The episode that everyone looked forward to for so long. Flawed yes, but a powerful and emotional episode.


    The part that was most surprising to me was that I found the Challenger part of the episode so captivating. Usually the humour vs angst can be quite jarring, But Peter McCauley was just so funny! It was better when he was by himself because the girls were awfully cavalier about his condition. But the 'girls' and 'half-dressed' comments were unexpected and fabulous.

    The fight scene: Roxton's words were intended to hurt not to reflect his true feelings -he has never seen her as 'empty' rather too full- of the past, of tricks and of secrets. She took it a little calmly for my taste but it rather fit in with the passive, defeatist attitude she kept falling into. I blame it on the gas.

    The words: Personally I found Marguerite's expression of love a little terse, rushed and tight. Having heard her speech from Eye for an Eye (thanks to CatsEye's video), I would have wished her the kind of eloquence shown there or like Roxton's recent declarations of love both in this episode and in Legacy. But it certainly fit in context, her reluctance (refusal) to commit and to have her adding a 'Yes, but' to the end of it is so her.

    The love scene(or not). I go for the 40's movies analogy. Of course unobservant me never noticed the hair down/ dressed/dishevelled clues but I did notice the look on her face when she told him he was winning. And really, it was an odd time to just take a nap.

    Fascinating continuation of fate/destiny/free will philosophical argument that they have carried on throughout the series.

    And who cares what secrets Marguerite or Roxton had, just to have seen them explore the future and their relationship would have made the journey worthwhile.

    The scene at the end -as expressive a face as Ms Blakely has, I have never seen exactly that expression before -more relaxed somehow, and maybe a little older or maybe a little younger. Somehow, it just lifts your spirits and pulls on your heartstrings. Who knew a 'peck on the cheek' could bring tears to my eyes.


    A follow-up Crux review. I talked about all the good stuff in the first one. Just to look at some of the 'other stuff' (as if you could pay attention to it with Ms Blakely, Mr Snow and Mr McAuley acting their little hearts out.)

    Careful she doesn't pull you in and devour you, George.

    Just as in Tapestry, the spider weaves her (or his) web. Again Marguerite avers 'there is no such thing as mere coincidence. Different episodes are mentioned or there is parallel dialogue that reminds me of the past.

    M "We are who we choose to be. At least I am." Prophecy "I make my own destiny."

    R "No, Challenger would never abandon us, Marguerite" Death -The End Game "Eventually (Challenger) will disappoint or abandon you."

    R (moving rocks) "Come on, on your feet -let's get back to work." Marguerite to Malone -Creatures of the Dark (moving rocks) "Now get off your ass and help me with this"

    M "Die here ....never knowing who I really am." The Secret - Roxton "You don't know who you really..."

    R "Would you care to elaborate? Marguerite in Tribute to Summerlee "Care to elaborate, professor?"

    M "That's very pretty." about Roxton's discovery the gas is going up vent. Roxton in Survivors "Hmm, very pretty, now where's Marguerite?" about Challenger's 'guardians' at the cave.

    Egyptian? Celtic?

    The door to the tomb is covered in 'Celtic runes' but the most obvious shape to me is that of the Egyptian ankh. Marguerite refers to the Egyptian-style 'escape route' for the spirit so maybe there is some Egyptian connection here. Anyway the ankh is the symbol of life, of eternal life, of life in the 'spirit world' It is often shown coming from the sun's rays (like the sun carving on the altar/tomb). And its also symbolized by water. In Egyptian myth, a pool of water is the source of all life and the source of the afterlife.

    Symbolically and plot-wise the pool of water plays a pivotal role in the story. And if I remember correctly, the camera spends some time panning the pool in the very similar cave/tomb in Heart of the Storm. I wonder what's in there?

    Here there be monsters

    The only theme that shows up in both parts of the story is the sea serpent -the monster beneath the water's surface. Challenger's adventure and his memories are filled with sea monsters - his 'big catch' fishing, the great white whale, the emerging memory of the plesiosaur from All or Nothing. Both of the trapped protagonists are plenty leery of the still pool in the centre of the cave, particularly Marguerite, who may have some innate 'past lives' intuition that some evil lies within, says - "You don't suppose there are any creatures down there, do you?". I did some research to find that the greatest sea monster of myth is "The primeval serpent that was once believed to lie in the deepest part of the ocean, its tail in its mouth, completely encircling the earth." Hmm, now that's a familiar image! In Norse myth, he is called Jormungandr and at the Twilight of the Gods (the final cataclysm that destroys man and gods alike), it is this dragon that rises from the depths and destroys mankind. A foreshadowing of HOTS?

    A fish is still a fish

    And Challenger by any other name (Chaucer, Caruso) is still an arrogant, optimistic, resourceful, imaginative fellow (and way funnier than when he's a scientist). The careers he chooses for himself -fisherman was pure deduction, but singer, pugilist, writer ..."See, I am amazing."

    Only calculated responses and poor imitations of feelings I once knew how to express

    We get a real insight into the depth of the loneliness and self-loathing within Marguerite. In response to Roxton's frustrated "You are on your own." she replies bitterly "The way I have always been." Not only does she believe that but for the longest time including her childhood, it must have been true. She believes that nobody really knows her but Roxton points out once in anger and once in love what he sees so clearly just below the surface. Though she firmly believes that Roxton "deserves much more than me.", he flatly refuses to accept her judgement and finally wins her trust, at least for a little while.


    What a demonstration of Marguerite and Roxton at their best and at their worst. And what a pair they are. As they review whose fault it was that got them into their predicament, they found that it had been a real team effort. The gamut of emotions was wide, raw and very real: regret, blame, anger, despair, hope, apology and wow, a whole lot of sarcarm and harsh words.

    Talking about harsh words, could somebody gag Finn. "Lost your brain, more like it." (to an amnesiac Challenger) (as Roxton & Marguerite struggle out of the hole "Maybe they were playing hide-and-seek with Challenger" . As Challenger regains consciousness "Did you hear the one about the fish that got away." Grr

    So after hundreds of years trapped underground, Morrigan's spirit is free to go to wherever spirits go. What does that mean for the future? Does it help to precipitate HOTS?

    Does anyone worry about Challenger becoming the designated unconscious boy since Malone has left. Knocked out in The Secret, slugged by a rifle butt in Suspicion, knocked out twice in Tapestry, amnesia for most of Trapped. This is no way to treat the finest scientific mind of the 20th century! If concussions aren't good for hockey players, they can't be good for scientists.

    "I think you're winning." sigh

    The tear on her cheek when she nestles against him -sigh.

    "Don't pretend you can't hear me." sigh

    The little snuggle at the end. sigh

    Oh yeah, I wasn't going to talk about the Marguerite and Roxton bits. Oh well.


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