The Lost World

Season 3 Episode 4

True Spirit

Aired Unknown Nov 10, 2001 on
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True Spirit
An unsettling dream and a ghostly encounter convince Veronica that Malone is trapped in the spirit realm and needs her help to escape. At the same time, Assai and Challenger investigate a mysterious symbol burned into a field of grass, which Assai identifies as the mark of Saros, a bloodthirsty warlord who was overthrown by the Zanga and died swearing to return from the grave to wreak vengeance on the living.moreless

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  • Welcome back, Ned

    Just when you think you know someone

    Whew, did they add a whole lot of history to our explorer's lives or what? I can see Marguerite having a successful if shady business, but Challenger debunking charlatans (and not being aware of Marguerite's presence in the field? hmmm). And you'd think Roxton would have noticed the crop circles at Avebury while out on his pony as a child.

    Breakfast with the Happy Gang

    Lucky I enjoy broad comedy because Challenger's inventions are definitely being played for laughs.Veronica's sense of humour, limited at the best of times, has quite deserted her in her time of trial. Interesting how her superstitious thinking (that saying Ned is dead will somehow make it so) influences how everyone in the treehouse talks.


    Veronica sure doesn't mince words when she's upset. Marguerite must really care for her to persevere when her uncharacteristic openness was completely rebuffed by her friend. You could see her debating then making up her mind and carrying on despite Veronica's best efforts to shut her up.

    Here and Now

    That one sentence acknowledgement by Marguerite of what her time with John has meant to her was one of the sweetest moments ever between the two.

    Nice follow-up from the here and now moment in Man of Vision and even Ned and Veronica's toast at the end of ??? "Here's to what we have here and now" "And to where life takes us in the future"

    The Circle is Unbroken

    I laughed at the difficulty everyone (except Challenger) was having to keep their eyes closed during the seance. Nice moment when Marguerite reassured Veronica that it would be okay. Roxton and Veronica were often looking around wide-eyed; Marguerite compromised by keeping one eye closed. I enjoyed the totally Roxton moment when he was willing to take on the other-world to rescue his love. And the aftermath was very well-done: the crumpled bodies, the swirling mists and a regretful Malone giving up his chance for life to save his friends.

    Seances and Spiritualists

    In my never-ending pursuit to tie Atlantis into the plateau mysteries, I came across the name of Edgar Cayce, apparently one of America's great spititualists and a believer that Atlantis has sunk to the bottom of the Bermuda triangle. My research tells me that Cayce was investigated by professors from Harvard university in 1912 and that he was invited to speak in Chicago by W.R. Hearst's Chicago Examinerin 1911. I wonder if that's who Houdini and Challenger were debunking? Hmmm

    The Centre of the Circle

    Is Avebury the centre of it all: the standing stones, the crop circles, Marguerite and Roxton's childhoods?

    Cave Etiquette

    Did you notice that almost invariably as the explorers approach a cave (or a pyramid), someone says "After you."? The answer and the order of procession does vary -age before beauty was probably the least popular choice.

    Welcome back, Ned

    Well, I'm certainly glad to see his return. Veronica, however, needs therapy on how to express relief and love. By the way, did I read more into the reminiscence of their moments by the riverside than I should have?

    Anyone notice, I got through the whole review without mentioning coffee?

    I really like Season 3.


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