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  • Pilot was ok, but...

    I was intrigued enough by the pilot to DVR the next few episodes. Too bad that it's filled with unlikely scenarios of unlikable people doing unbelievable things to further an unsustainabe plot.

    Equals Unwatchable.
  • Wasted concept

    It was a very interesting concept, just like the movie Children of Men (2006), but that ended there, the show was so filled with clichs, complete stereotypes, not to mention very unrealistic stories just to create suspense and more drama. I couldn't stomach anymore after just two episodes, it isn't awful, just plain bad...
  • I liked the pilot enough to give it a try, but...

    I agree with everything that cherold01 said in the post 'So, so stupid'. But I was still going to try and see if it worked itself out. That lasted only 6.5 minutes into episode 2. My final straw was the water-boarding. Not the fact that they used it, but that they did it so horribly wrong! These guys are supposed to be they evil government villains so they should know how to water-board their victim. They had about 2 gallons of water in a plastic jug in a room that did not appear to have a water source (2 gallons not nearly enough). They put the cloth over the victims mouth only ( it should cover the entire face). They carefully and slowly poured the water onto the cloth over victims mouth (I guess this is so it would not go up actresses nose or mess her make-up). Last but not least, the victim had eyes wide open so could see exactly what was actually happening which would cancel out most of the mental part of the torture (drowning, not knowing).

    To me this is on par with other TV/Film peeves I just can't stand. Cars that peel out on grass but the sound is of a car on asphalt. Normal vehicles that blow up more than once without plausible reason. Buildings that blow up where they shouldn't, ie. the top of a tower blowing when bomb planted at base.

    Back to topic, it was just the final straw. I give it a rating of 3 due to an interesting premise. Rant over.moreless
  • So, so stupid (spoilers)

    I understand that the government makes a good villain, but when you have those in the government do terrible things, you need to show why they think it's necessary. Especially if the things they do seem hugely counterproductive. Nothing in the draggy series pilot plays out in a realistic way. For example:

    The lead scientist whose breakthrough leads to viable human embryos is fired on the day of her discovery. Seriously? Both a PR disaster and a risk in terms of future progress.

    The lead scientist then steals an egg so she can give it to the egg donor. What?

    The egg donor is killed because she's threatening to sue the government. Even though she's signed a waiver. Are they also going to kill the lawyers she talked to? And any donors the lawyers talked to?

    The government takes away one of the last six children from his dad. Once again, PR nightmare in the real world. He would be a bit of a celebrity, as would his son, and this would be a huge deal.

    Many of the actions of the big heavy, Martin Donovan, only seem to make sense if he wants to ensure the end of the human race. It's hard to imagine what his goal is, but I'm certain it will be as ridiculous as everything else in this show.moreless
  • Just might be a good one

    I enjoyed this pilot. This just might be good and worth watching. I see a lot of potential for this show. I will watch a few episodes and see how it goes. I like the subject matter and hope it will be a good show to watch, since most new show are just awful. Lets all hope this is not going to be just another crappy show.

    Lifetime Cancels Dystopian Drama The Lottery After One Season

    So much for Lifetime's foray into scripted sci-fi storytelling.


    Hey,, Should I Watch Lifetime's Sci-fi Drama The Lottery?

    Is The Lottery worth watching, or is it a bad bet? Read on to find out.

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