The Love Boat: The Next Wave

UPN (ended 1999)


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  • Season 2
    • Cuba
      Episode 19
      A hurricane blows the ship off course and into Cuban waters, where Cuban gunboats attack it. Jim must go before the minister of maritime affairs, who conducts an inspection. She tries to balance her loyalty to her country with her attraction to Jim. John and Paolo sneak off to a Havana nightclub and fall for a beautiful singer. They try to help her defect. A Russian man now involved with the Cuban military boards the ship and takes a liking to Nicole. Danny seeks his help in smuggling Cuban cigars back to the U.S. Camille fills in as security officer and becomes completely paranoid. She starts a barroom brawl when the crew goes to the club to retrieve John and Paolo.moreless
    • Prom Queen
      Prom Queen
      Episode 18
      Camille and Nicole help a woman gain revenge on the man she insists stood her up on prom night, but it's the wrong guy. Two men drug their philandering buddy to stop him from straying the day before his wedding. They believe they have killed him, and fear murder charges because one of the guys is in love with the bride-to-be. Jim romances an alcoholic attorney. He and Danny (also a recovering alcoholic) must convince her to seek help when she falls off the wagon.moreless
    • About Face
      About Face
      Episode 17
      During the makeover cruise, the president of a video game company changes her look in the hopes of convincing her handsome employee to finally make a move. A man in the witness protection program falls for the daughter of the mobster who could be put away by his testimony. He dons a dress and wig to escape her father, but the man becomes attracted to him. Will assumes a variety of identities to impress an old flame who considers him "boring and stable." Jim requests a makeover in an attempt to make the cover of the cruise line's magazine, but doesn't get much help from Camille.moreless
    • Trances of a Lifetime
      Danny annoys his father by revealing that he wants to photograph nude women for a living. Nicole's niece, whose parents recently divorced, joins her for the cruise. She hasn't spoken for a month, so John lends her his ALF doll to keep her company. A hypnotist places a spell on passengers and crew members that causes them to fulfill their fondest desires. Danny pictures everyone naked, while Will transforms into "The Terminator." An insecure passenger sees himself as the most handsome man on the ship and becomes suave and charming. Jim imagines himself as a performer; he constantly quotes Shakespeare, imitates famous stars, and sings. (He also kisses Camille.) The hypnotist prompts ALF to come to life and befriend Emily. She reveals that her refusal to talk stems from her mother's potential cross-country move.moreless
    • Such Sweet Dreams
      Such Sweet Dreams
      Episode 15
      John begins a romance with a friend from his medical school days, but she reveals that she has an incurable disease. Camille bristles at a visit from her estranged father, whom she has not seen for eight years. She tries to stop her friends from investing money with him. Will tricks Paolo into spending time with a beautiful but irritating woman from Will's old neighborhood. Paolo is afraid to dump her because he thinks her father is a mobster. Nicole helps a man plan the perfect marriage proposal, but the engagement ring (hidden in a dessert) is accidentally delivered to Paolo's date. Danny rents costumes to the passengers for the masquerade ball.moreless
    • Divorce, Downbeat and Distemper
      A depressed country-western star falls for Nicole. He immediately loses his touch and begins writing awful songs about his new happiness. Nicole must break his heart to save his career. ("Just treat him like you treat Doc," Camille suggests.) A girl convinces Danny to care for a stowaway dog, but it's Jim who becomes attached to the animal. A judge forces a divorcing couple to take a cruise together.moreless
    • Three Stages of Love
      Nicole's philandering ex-husband wants to get back together. She uses John as a "buffer" to prevent her from succumbing to Nick's advances. Danny loses his virginity, but comes to regret it. A woman discovers that her husband is secretly taking Viagra. Jim must wear braces for a week because Camille hit him in the face with a volleyball.moreless
    • Love Floats: The St. Valentine's Day Massacre
      As part of the Valentine's cruise, Jim must marry 250 couples--including his ex-wife and her new beau. Pat shares a passionate kiss with Jim and considers calling off her wedding. A woman who has difficulty talking to men tries to connect with a painter through her writing... but he's illiterate. The passengers are issued pagers that beep when they pass someone with a similar interest (relationship, sex or karaoke). A couple in search of sex reluctantly falls for each other. John mistakenly receives a same-sex pager and must dodge a throng of male admirers.moreless
    • Other People's Business
      Jack Campbell, a man known for his successful series of motivational tapes, holds a seminar on the ship. The crew takes his words to heart--especially Jim, who takes up bungee jumping and scuba diving at the behest of an adventurous young woman. Camille helps an architect scout locations for his dream house, and winds up considering a marriage proposal. Jack exposes himself to Nicole, who fights back by publicly discrediting him. John tries to keep his mind off Nicole by dating a hypochondriac. Danny looks to cash in on the seminar by developing his own line of motivational tapes.moreless
    • Blind Love
      Blind Love
      Episode 10
      A blind woman begins to regain her sight. She and her husband are wary, as they fear their relationship is based solely on need. Danny encourages his stodgy tutor to loosen up. He develops a crush on her, and is heartbroken when she dates Paolo. Camille and Nicole must co-produce a daily television program. They get into a heated on-air argument in front of the passengers. Nicole threatens to quit, but Jim tries to arrange a truce.moreless
    • Don't Judge a Book by Its Lover
      An author is pursued by a man who claims to be the vampire from one of her books. Will meets a seemingly perfect woman, but rejects her after discovering that she is a former prostitute. A clumsy young man fears that he has passed along his bad luck to his new girlfriend.moreless
    • Dust, Lust, Destiny
      Camille becomes insanely jealous when her old friend puts the moves on Jim. Will tries to force his visiting brother Greg to enjoy himself, but he is still grieving over the loss of his wife a few years earlier. Will discovers that a nosy but helpful passenger received a transplanted heart from Greg's wife. Paolo is attracted to his toughest challenger for the cocktail championship. Danny tricks Jim into letting him buy a Jet Ski, which he hopes to rent to passengers.moreless
    • Affairs to Remember
      Jim reunites with a long-lost flame. Danny bristles when he realizes that the couple first got together while the captain was separated from--but still married to--Danny's mother. A soap opera films an episode aboard the ship. The head writer must tell the domineering star (also his girlfriend) that the network is ousting her, but she refuses to go gracefully. A woman learns that her "married" boyfriend actually invented a wife and family to avoid committing to her.moreless
    • Bermuda Triangle Episode
      The ship is caught in the Bermuda Triangle, which has a bizarre effect on the crew and passengers. Nicole suddenly cannot keep her hands off John, while Danny gains the ability to read minds. Will is literally split into three different people, and Paolo learns amazing bar tricks. The crew rescues a 1940s flier (from the same unit as Jim's father) whose plane has been downed. He romances Camille. Jim has a conversation with his dead father, and receives some closure.moreless
    • All That Glitters
      An heiress brings some rare jewels from her family's collection to display on the ship. Donald must guard the gems after the family's security chief takes ill. A jewel thief plans a heist and asks his son to distract the heiress. Problems arise when he falls in love with her. John is disgusted when Nicole fawns over a handsome astronaut/marathon runner/former pro baseball player who cannot stop talking about himself. Danny falls head over heels for an 18-year-old passenger, then proposes marriage after learning that she is pregnant.moreless
    • Reunion
      Episode 4
      The crew of the Pacific Princess (from the original Love Boat) reunites for Vicki's wedding. Capt. Stubing's constant interference makes Jim nervous, until he stands up to him. Capt. Stubing must choose between a job as president of the cruise line and a return to life at sea. Julie creates a love interest to keep her friends from worrying about her. Vicki nearly calls off the wedding because she fears that she cannot live up to her future husband's expectations. Julie overhears Doc confess his feelings for her as he advises John about Nicole. Paolo tries to set up Isaac with a passenger, but Isaac believes that his years on the ship have left him incapable of a long-term relationship. Danny pleads for the chance to sing at the wedding, and is allowed to perform "Sea of Love."moreless
    • Captains Courageous
      Nicole must pose as the captain (and John's wife) to cover up a lie to her visiting grandmother. A pro wrestler's honeymoon is disrupted by the arrival of his tag team partner. Donald constantly pleads with the wrestlers to inflict bodily harm on him. A man desperately searches for a wife. He finds a taker, but fails to disclose the fact that he must marry by his birthday (Thursday) or forfeit a ten-million-dollar inheritance.moreless
    • It Takes Two to Tango
      John has a fling with identical twins without realizing that he is seeing two women. They leave him completely exhausted. A passenger neglects his wife to conduct business deals over the phone. She becomes infatuated with Paolo while attending his tango class. A woman falls for a handsome man who won't reveal what he does for a living. Jim hopes to inspire Danny by taking a midterm about The Great Gatsby with him.moreless
    • All Aboard
      All Aboard
      Episode 1
      Camille believes that she is the new cruise director, but then learns she must share the position with newcomer Nicole Jordan. Camille immediately dislikes Nicole, but John is smitten with her. The crew receives word that an inspector from the cruise line is on board. Jim mistakes an irritable passenger for the inspector and tries to win her favor. A lingerie show is jeopardized when one of the models attracts both Will and Paolo. A married couple brings the wife's brother along as a babysitter, but he uses the infant to meet women. Danny becomes the resident towel boy after his father cuts short his career as a casino greeter.moreless
  • Season 1